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Bream Habits
Bream Habits

Video: Bream Habits

Video: Bream Habits
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Fishing tales

Today I have gone headlong into the accumulated urgent affairs and for a long time could not get out on a fishing trip. For a real angler, such breaks usually affect well-being.

Dreams begin to dream, in which, for example, I cannot get a huge bream into the boat, because the landing net has disappeared somewhere. Of course, in my sleep I begin to react violently to this: shouts in the middle of the night, incoherent muttering and all that …


- You are not sick? the wife asks. - Ill, - I answer.

Indeed, I fell ill with fishing from early childhood and for life.

And so, after waiting for hot days, I finally went to the Gulf of Finland. On the first ridge, which is four kilometers from Zelenogorsk (400-450 meters from the coast). Finding the ridge by the sound of a load I lowered (a stone in a net), after ten minutes I pulled out the first small roach. Then came the medium and small perches. Having lowered the float 15 meters from the boat, I pulled the visor of the baseball cap up to my eyes and began to work on a winter (short) fishing rod sticking out in a rubber boot and going directly under the boat on the other side of the feeder. Then he transplanted the gnawed worms onto a second float rod. Looking around, I did not immediately, but noticed that on the first fishing rod, the float disappeared, and the line was very tight. In an instant, all relaxation disappeared in the body, all movements were verified and at the same time brought to automatism, like any experienced angler. Experience shows: there is a large fish on the hook. Fear of her coming off forces you to make a light undercut with the calculation of the strength of the leash (0.2 mm thick).

And the game began. "Shit!" - a thought flashed as I pulled the fish closer to the boat. Then she surfaced, and I really saw a small goose about five meters from the boat. But what a surprise it was when I took out a huge ruff weighing 300-350 grams from the netting net.

At first I was disappointed, but remembering that the ruff is in no way inferior to zander in its taste, I calmed down. It has been a long time since such ruffs have been caught.

Fishing went well. In the few hours I spent in the boat over the ridge, I caught about five kilograms of various fish. Even my companions on the shore at first took the big ruff for a goose, too much similarity.

But the real gossip comes when the water warms up, towards the end of June. But bream can be caught from the beginning of June and even in May.

Any angler will add the caught bream to his lucky list. But the bream is very shy, careful and fastidious. For him, on a fishing rod, you must have leads from 0.17-0.2 mm thick and at least 25 cm long. On the lower leash of the float rod I have a hook number 7 or 8, and on the upper one, tied to a ring on the main line, I have a jig. I would recommend a small white pellet. But my ide has chosen a jig in the form of a small rectangle (silver).

By a certain elasticity and heaviness, felt when playing, an experienced angler will immediately understand that he has caught a bream. In addition, when taking a bite, he often puts the float on its side, but in all other respects he behaves when playing, like other fish.

When fishing for bream, try not to do three things. First, as shown in the fishing movies, do not slowly bring the net under the bream. Press the net to the side of the boat and at the right moment, with a quick movement, pick up the prey. And the bream shies away from the moving net.

Second, you don't need to bring bream close to the boat. He, like other fish species (especially the pike), has this instinctive manner. He hits the side of the boat with his tail and, actively working with his mouth, tries to spit out the bait (spoon). Several times in this way, he left me.

And third, do not try to compete with the fish in tug the line. This is not a tug of war. Always keep in mind the thickness of the leash. With sharp jerks of the fish, I set off the line, passing it through my fingers.

On the current, you can fish on the admission (podgushku) - a fishing rod up to a meter in length, with a reel. This is a kind of fishing in the wiring. Only not from the shore, but from the boat. Release the line with three leads from the rings downstream (the interval between the leads can be made up to a meter). A small load (the size of a seal) will hold the line with leads at the very bottom. Release the line with leashes, releasing it from the reel 15 meters from the boat, and start choosing it with the reel, pulling it to the boat. Before that, shake the top dressing (feeder) on the bottom. Moving bait plus bread crumbs attract fish. In one moment, the tip of your fishing rod will bend sharply, and you will feel the blows and bites of the fish.

On the shore, together with the fish soup, I put a smokehouse on the taganok, and in 20-30 minutes the smoked fish is ready. Do not place pots or smoker directly on fire. Smokehouses burn out quickly and pots become very black. Take a collapsible taganka with you. Try to constantly improve something in your equipment and tackle. It's funny, but, having lived most of my life, I did not know that wet rags hung next to the evening fire attract gnats and mosquitoes so that they almost do not remain near those sitting by the fire.

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