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How To Catch Walleye? Places You Need To Know
How To Catch Walleye? Places You Need To Know

Video: How To Catch Walleye? Places You Need To Know

Video: How To Catch Walleye? Places You Need To Know
Video: The Most EFFECTIVE Way To Catch WALLEYE. (EASY How To!!) 2023, March

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Our man is so arranged that over the years he is drawn to analysis and everyday philosophy. Yesterday, I was looking out the window of an electric train carrying me away, and my thoughts were about something else. Why do many people take recreational fishing lightly? As soon as the fisherman begins to tell how many fish he caught yesterday and show its size with his hands, then he will not hide anywhere from jokes and smiles. How can I prove to people that I am really a master of my craft and yesterday I caught a fish of this size? Unlike many others, I do not hide my luck, I do not hide my catch. I cover the bucket with bream and large perches only with a large mesh net. And what, let them look, who is interested, let them envy … Everyone has their own merits. Some have medals and orders on their chests, some just have golden chains and muscles, and I have a full bucket of fresh fish. And it was here that, seeing my bucket,people forget about jokes. Ahi and sighs are pouring in from everywhere. There is no end to annoying questions, and I look at them with a proud look, like a professor at my foolish students, and I say only three mysterious words: "You need to know the places …"


Well, I poured out my soul, and now you can again return to our fishing secrets and secrets, to our pikes, perches, walleyes and ides. Today I will talk about how you can catch a decent walleye.

First, we'll talk about the passive fishing method. Fans of catching pike perch on donks, a variety of zakidushki, undershoots, lines, I would advise you to first buy a net-malyavochny. A "spider" measuring 1.5x1.5 meters with a fine mesh will come in handy. Letting go of it with a guy (weight in the center) and feeding from any bridges, you will very soon catch a lot of fry. These will mainly be small perches and roach. Run them into water taken from the same reservoir. Remember that fry can quickly die in a metal container. The fact is that in summer any metal heats up faster than plastic or glass.

Dead fish (or pieces of it) can also be put on the hooks of donoks and bridges. The perch rarely takes a dead fish, the pike is in solidarity with the perch, but it will not disdain the gossip. As far as I remember, when fishing for zander in different water bodies of Russia, there was no better bait than pieces of smelt or smelt.

On the course, it is better to place the bait on a fishing rod on large jig or small spoon baits, and wiggle them, slightly twitching the shanks of the fishing rods.

True, surprises also happen. You catch a pike perch, but you pull out not at all what you expected. I remember a few years ago I went to the Gulf of Finland for pike perch. He pulled, as usual, a string of 50 hooks with a nozzle made of pieces of smelt (bought near his market). And what do you think I got by pulling out the liner early in the morning? From each hook I removed one medium-sized flounder.

I myself catch zander in the old proven way, but this will already be an active method of fishing. From the boat, I release the line 25-30 meters long (line 0.35-0.4 mm), and at the end of the line I have a spoon, a wobbler or any synthetic bait. The second rod is released from the boat by 6-7 meters, but with a sinker that goes down to the bottom. And from this sinker comes a wobbler or tackle with a small natural fish.

I have a leash from a lead to a tackle 1-1.5 m long. I drag all this across the reservoir, reaching a certain boat speed. It must be remembered that the bites of zander with this method of fishing largely depend on the speed of the bait (on the speed of the boat). I have been convinced of this from my own experience. Try to make boat turns in a large arc, avoiding sharp corners, so as not to lose the speed of the drive.

The second active way to catch pike perch is to catch a pike perch. It's almost the same as I catch perch in the winter, and the spoons are the same. I prefer to fish for walleye with white lures (chrome, nickel). With this kind of fishing, you can attach any synthetic bait to the lure hook.

Of course, it is very good if there is a small current on the river (reservoir). Many experienced anglers have noticed that pike perch and perch are drawn to those places in the reservoir where there is some noise, as well as where there is turbidity caused by some kind of work. Maybe this dredger is deepening the channel or water is draining from some pipe with noise. Even divers say that quite often they usually see perches and pike-perches near the places where piles are driven into the water.

I already wrote that pike perch is very similar to burbot in some habits. Both are good at night. But in their character there is some kind of harshness, rudeness, they are deprived of the caution inherent in the same bream. This is constantly felt in their bites (grips). When playing the pike-perch goes like a stick caught on a spoon. Perhaps only the flounder in this is similar to the pike perch.

And now, going up to the fire, I will try pike perch soup and ruff (for broth), mushroom hodgepodge and blueberry compote. How wonderful that nature generously shares its gifts with man, but it is a pity that a man does not always know how to appreciate this and does not preserve its purity and integrity. I hope, however, that such holidays of life in nature will continue for a long time. And I'm also sorry that summer, alas, is leaving again.

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