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Red Cabbage Salads
Red Cabbage Salads

Video: Red Cabbage Salads

Video: Red Cabbage Salads
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Red cabbage salad with garden herbs

red cabbage
red cabbage

Disassemble the head of cabbage into separate leaves, cutting off the stems at the stump. Cut the stems off each leaf. Fold the thin parts of the leaves in a pile and chop finely.

Squeeze by hand, mix with finely chopped leaves of garden herbs, cut the cabbage trunks into circles, stew in a little water and add to the salad. Powder with finely chopped ginger if desired. Add vegetable oil to taste.

Cabbage - 300 g, garden herbs (cilantro, dill, delicate celery leaves, parsley, mint leaves), vegetable oil, ginger - 1/4 teaspoon.

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Red cabbage with stewed vegetables

Finely chop celery, parsley and onion and simmer in a minimum amount of water. Simmer for no more than 5 minutes, then introduce the trunks of cabbage leaves cut into pennies, cut out when preparing them for shredding. Chop the cabbage leaves finely and mix with the stewed vegetables. The parsley, celery and onion roots should be slightly crispy. Sprinkle with herbs before serving.

Cabbage - 500 g, celery roots - 100 g, parsley roots - 100 g, onions - 100 g, allspice, ginger, a sprig of herbs.

Fresh red cabbage salad

The head of cabbage is cut into quarters, the stump is cut out and finely chopped. Shredded cabbage is put in a saucepan, poured over with boiling water, covered with a lid and kept in this form for 20-30 minutes. Then the cabbage is thrown into a colander, put in a salad bowl, poured with vinegar and sugar, salt, and vegetable oil if desired, are added to taste. You can not scald cabbage, but sprinkle with salt and rub thoroughly with your hands. Mix everything thoroughly and let stand for 20-30 minutes. When scalded, the cabbage loses its color, but when vinegar is added, it restores it. The salad should be prepared 5-6 hours prior to consumption. It is served with meat, poultry, fish.

Bulgarian red cabbage salad

The cabbage is thinly chopped, poured with vinegar and set for 3-6 hours. Then add salt, sprinkle with black pepper and pour three tablespoons of vegetable oil. Sprinkle the prepared salad with parsley or chopped eggs. You can add fresh diced apples to the salad.

Red cabbage salad

Grate cabbage and apples, chop the onion into small cubes, chop the nuts or scalded and peeled almonds. Combine lemon juice with red wine, spices, soybean oil and mix thoroughly. Sprinkle the prepared salad with finely chopped parsley.

Red cabbage - 50 g, onions - 10 g, apples - 20 g, nuts (almonds) - 10 g, parsley leaves - 5 g, lemon - 10 g, dry red wine - 20 g, soybean oil - 5 g, salt …

Red cabbage, boiled with apples

Chop the cabbage, pour a little boiling water, add sugar and salt, and at the end of cooking - apples. Grind vegetable oil with flour, fried in a pan without fat until light golden brown, dilute with broth, add to cabbage, mix, bring to a boil. If necessary, add salt and sugar to taste.

Red cabbage - 100 g, apples - 20 g, soybean oil - 5 g, wheat flour - 2 g, salt, sugar.

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