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Scorzonera Recipes
Scorzonera Recipes

Video: Scorzonera Recipes

Video: Scorzonera Recipes
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The use of scorzonera in cooking


Before eating scorzonera root vegetables, it is imperative to peel off the dark skin with which they are covered. In this case, the white pulp under the skin quickly darkens. To avoid this, you can use two methods for cleaning root vegetables:

- peel the root vegetables just before cooking and immediately immerse them in water acidified with vinegar;

- rinse the root vegetables and dip them unpeeled in boiling water, cook until almost cooked, then put them in cold water and remove the skin.

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Scorchonera soup

Peel the root vegetables, cut into pieces and cook until soft in salted water or broth. Remove half of them, rub through a sieve and put back in the pan. Add parsley, yolk and a little sour cream. Season with oil before serving.

Scorchonera salad

Scorchonera root vegetables - 100-150 g,

lettuce or mustard leaves - 5-10 pcs., A

small onion,

dill and parsley to taste.

Grate peeled root vegetables, mix with chopped onions, salad, mustard or any other vegetables, sprinkle with herbs and season with sour cream and mayonnaise. Young chopped leaves of scorzonera can also be added to salads.

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Fresh root vegetable salad

Root vegetables scorzonera and carrots (1: 1) wash, grate on a coarse grater with "straws", sprinkle with lemon juice, salt, add herbs, season with vegetable oil, sour cream or mayonnaise if desired.

Scorzonero stuffed omelet

Eggs - 8 pcs.,

Milk - 1/2 cup,

margarine - 1 tbsp. spoon,

flour - 2 tbsp. spoons,

salt to taste.

For minced meat: scorzonera root vegetables - 150 g, margarine - 1 tbsp. spoon, sour cream - 2 tbsp. spoons, for frying: butter or margarine - 1.5 tbsp. spoons.

Cut the root vegetables into slices and simmer, then season with sour cream and use as minced meat. Pour the omelet mixture into a portioned pan with fat and fry. When the mass thickens slightly, put the minced meat in the pan, giving the omelette the shape of a pie, and bring it to readiness. When serving, place the finished omelet on a plate seam side down, pour melted fat on top.

Fried scorzonera

… Scorzonera - 1 kg,

butter - 2 tbsp. spoons,

vinegar - 3 tbsp. spoons,

onion - 1 pc.,

bacon - 50 g,

salt - to taste.

Immerse the peeled root vegetables in water with a little vinegar, then rinse well, rinse. Cut into wedges and cook until softened in milk, about 15 minutes. Fry the onion and bacon in butter until golden brown. Add the boiled scorzonera slices there and continue to fry until the slices are browned. Garnish the finished dish with parsley.

Casserole with scorzonera

… 1 kg of frozen scorzonera, salt,

2 tbsp. l. lemon juice,

1 tsp. l. butter,

450 g frozen spinach,

ground pepper, grated nutmeg,

150 g sour cream,

250 ml vegetable broth,

2 eggs,

100 g grated gouda cheese,

3 tbsp. l. sesame seeds.

Dip scorzonera (black root) in boiling salted water with 1 tbsp. l. lemon juice. Bring to a boil and cook in a saucepan for 6-8 minutes. Drain the water. Put in a greased form. Put the spinach in water and thaw. Add salt, pepper, nutmeg and spread over the casserole. Stir the sour cream, vegetable broth, eggs and the remaining lemon juice and pour over the vegetables. Mix the cheese with the sesame seeds and sprinkle over the casserole. Bake in the oven at 200 ° C for 20-25 minutes.

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