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The Use Of Amaranth In Cooking
The Use Of Amaranth In Cooking

Video: The Use Of Amaranth In Cooking

Video: The Use Of Amaranth In Cooking
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Healthy and delicious recipes from amaranth


Since amaranth is both an ornamental plant, a medicinal plant and a vegetable, there are many recipes for its preparation.

For medicinal purposes, young amaranth leaves are used as a vegetable. Both cultivated and wild-growing varieties of amaranth, such as shiritsa (a weed in our gardens), are suitable for food.

Young leaves are used to prepare salads, mashed potatoes, soups, all kinds of additives to the first and second courses. Young leaves can be harvested for future use by natural drying in the shade or in drying cabinets at a temperature of + 30 … + 35 ° C.

In adult plants, young shoots and leaves are cut off many times throughout the summer.

The Japanese compare amaranth greens with squid meat and recommend consuming it regularly.

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Amaranth leaf soup dressing

Dry and chop young amaranth leaves. Use for dressing soups at the rate of: 1 teaspoon of dressing for 1 serving of soup.

Fresh amaranth leaf salad

Rinse with 200 g of young amaranth leaves, cut into strips, put in a salad bowl, add 30 g of finely chopped green onions and 20 g of finely chopped parsley. Season 1 tbsp. a spoonful of vegetable oil.

Omelet with amaranth

Mix two eggs with finely chopped young amaranth leaves. Pour into a frying pan and cook until tender.

Amaranth leaf and seed tea

From fresh or dried leaves, you can brew tea in a thermos, like rose hips.

The seeds are used like this

A tablespoon of panicles with seeds is crushed and poured with a glass of boiling water, after 20 minutes, filter and drink a quarter of a glass three times a day half an hour before meals and before bedtime. Also, amaranth seeds are used in confectionery. I add the lightly toasted seeds to the baking dough. If you add amaranth flour to the wheat flour dough, then the baking does not stale for a long time.

Amaranth Seed Porridge

It is prepared in the same way as semolina. Salt and sugar are added to half a glass of boiling water to taste, half a glass of seeds are poured and boiled for 8-10 minutes.

Amaranth flour is used for baking, making omelets, as a thickener in sauces.

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