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Interesting And Tasty Preparations From Experienced Gardeners - "Tasty" Season - 2
Interesting And Tasty Preparations From Experienced Gardeners - "Tasty" Season - 2

Video: Interesting And Tasty Preparations From Experienced Gardeners - "Tasty" Season - 2

Video: Interesting And Tasty Preparations From Experienced Gardeners - "Tasty" Season - 2
Video: How To Grow Vegetables in Containers-FULL INFORMATION 2023, March

Spicy and tasty. Recipes from Lyudmila Vasilievna Rybkina

Pumpkin puree soup with ginger

Once in one house I was treated to pumpkin soup. I didn't immediately understand what I was eating, as the taste of the soup was unusual. I guess I didn't even appreciate this soup. And when I got ready to cook it at home, then I could not tear myself away from the soup. I wanted to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, until my four-liter saucepan was empty. As it turned out, the soup is good both cold and hot.

Here is his recipe.

Cut 1 kg of pumpkin into cubes, place in a saucepan and cover with water 2 fingers above the pumpkin. Boil until half cooked, add to the pumpkin two large potatoes, grated on a coarse grater. Salt to taste and combine with cream 0.25-0.5 liters of 10 or 15% fat. Boil pumpkin and potatoes until tender. Mash the pumpkin with a crush or grind in a blender, turning the contents of the pan into a puree. Then grate a piece of fresh ginger. Choose the amount of ginger to taste. The soup is ready.

Purple Onion Salad

Cut a large onion into thin rings or half rings and sprinkle with the juice of half a lemon. Leave, stirring, for twenty minutes. Cut the hard cheese and egg into strips. Mix everything and season with mayonnaise. For a more satisfying salad, you can add salami-style semi-smoked sausage cut into strips to these ingredients.

Korean cabbage

For this dish, it is advisable to use cabbage of early and medium ripening periods. Cut the head of cabbage into halves or quarters over the stalk. Then soak in salted water for 3-4 days. Prepare a paste of minced garlic and red pepper (proportion to taste). Smear each leaf of the cabbage with this paste and put them in an enamel or glass dish. Put under oppression for three days in a cool place. This appetizer is for spicy food lovers.

Korean-style overgrown cucumbers

Cucumbers without peel and seeds - 2 kg, carrots - 200 g, onions - 200 g, garlic - 1 head, salt - 50 g, granulated sugar - 50 g, citric acid - 10 g, seasoning for Korean carrots, liquid or dry - 1 packet, vegetable oil - 10 tablespoons.

Wash cucumbers, peel, seed, weigh and cut into strips or cubes. This is a good opportunity to use overgrown cucumbers of any size. However, standard cucumbers also fit into this recipe.

Prepare carrots in the form of thin strips, chop the onion and garlic. Combine everything, add salt, granulated sugar, citric acid, seasoning, vegetable oil. Mix thoroughly and leave to extract juice for 2-3 hours. Then boil the mixture for 10-15 minutes, put it hot in sterile jars and roll up.

Canned green tomatoes (in Armenian)

Cooking the marinade: 1 liter of water, 1.5 tablespoons of salt, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 2 tablespoons of 9% vinegar, half a large head of garlic, minced in a meat grinder or garlic, half a bunch of parsley and dill, a quarter of a medium pod of hot pepper and one pod of sweet pepper. Add garlic and herbs to boiling water with salt, sugar and vinegar and boil for 3 minutes.

For this preparation, you need to prepare tomatoes. From well-washed green and strong brown tomatoes, you need to cut off the humps at the place of attachment of the stalk. Then put the tomatoes in sterile jars and pour the prepared marinade for 5 minutes and keep under the lid. Drain the marinade again into a saucepan, boil and pour two more times, roll up the third time. It turns out …

Zucchini salad "Mother-in-law's language"

Cut 3 kg of zucchini into strips, 1.5 liters of tomato juice (for 1 liter of water 400 g of tomato paste), 3 pieces of bell pepper (cut into strips), 1 piece of hot pepper (finely chop), 300 g of garlic - grind in a meat grinder, 500 g carrots - grate, 1 glass of granulated sugar, 2 tablespoons of salt, 150 g of 9% vinegar.

Mix all ingredients and cook for 20 minutes after a two-hour aging. Spread the salad hot in sterilized jars. Wrap on top. Lettuce yield - 5 liters. This is a very tasty salad, its pungency depends on the amount of hot pepper. Here you need to focus on your taste.

Canned tomatoes

Select dense medium-sized tomatoes, wash, prick with a toothpick from the side of the stalk and put in sterile liter jars. Pour boiling water twice and drain.

Then put in each jar about? a teaspoon of citric acid. Pour boiling fill. Roll up the banks.

Pouring: for 1 liter of water - 1 tablespoon of salt, 3 tablespoons of sugar.

These tomatoes are very tasty, And the filling is also very tasty, spicy, aromatic.

Nice breakfast in the vegetable garden

On the site, each gardener has places where it is pleasant to sit, relax, listen to the singing of morning birds.

Having prepared bread, or even better - bread and butter, a salt shaker, we go out into the garden. We tear off a bunch of leaves of young wild garlic, still wet with dew, and settle down in our favorite place. It can be a huge spruce, under which we sit on a stump, and on another stump we place the plucked greens, salt and bread, and begin to have breakfast. Extremely tasty and healthy. You can also sit near a juniper, then phytoncides are added to the vitamin greens.

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