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Oat Root Recipes
Oat Root Recipes

Video: Oat Root Recipes

Video: Oat Root Recipes
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Oat root properties

Oat root (Tragopogon Porrifolium L.)
Oat root (Tragopogon Porrifolium L.)

Regular consumption of products from root crops and oat root leaves contributes to the normal functioning of the human body, because they are rich in nutrients, vitamins, mineral salts, especially sugars - 2.5-3.0% in leaves and 13-15% in root crops, pectin substances, carotene (leaves).

Of particular value for diabetic patients is the polysaccharide inulin - about 1% in leaves and up to 6% in roots.

The root is used in the form of decoctions to improve digestion, appetite, as a choleretic. Considering the high nutritional and medicinal value of the leaves and root crops of the oat root, in developed countries it is widely used in food in raw and processed form.

For blanks, peeled and chopped root vegetables are stored dried or frozen if there is no cellar and there is nowhere to store fresh root vegetables.

Oat Root Recipes

Oat root adds piquancy to canned food and is used as a seasoning for soups. Salads are prepared from young leaves or leaves bleached in spring, adding vegetable oil, lemon juice, garlic to them.

Oat root leaf sandwich

Spread the bread (preferably black or with bran) with butter, put the leaves (preferably bleached), and half a hard-boiled egg on top. Salt, spices to taste.

Root vegetable salads

1. Peeled root vegetables are rubbed on a coarse grater, add the same amount of grated carrots, approximately 1/5 of this amount of grated root vegetables of parsley or celery. Mix everything, season with vegetable oil, sour cream, mayonnaise to taste. Salad is seasoned with lemon juice, garnished with dill, parsley, celery, basil, cilantro, etc.

2. Boil the washed root vegetables in water acidified with vinegar, cut into slices, season with mayonnaise, sprinkle with parsley and coriander.

3. Raw root vegetable peel, cut into strips or chop on a coarse grater, add cucumbers or cucumber herb (1: 1), which can be replaced with carrots or apples. Season the salad with vegetable oil, lemon juice, salt, sour cream, mayonnaise, kefir or yogurt.

Vegetable "oysters"

Peeled root vegetables are placed in acidified water for 10-15 minutes, and then transferred to an enamel pan, poured with boiling water, a pinch of sugar, salt to taste, and boiled until cooked in a sealed container. The boiled root vegetables are cut, put in a salad bowl, poured with vegetable oil and sprinkled with bread crumbs. Serve with fish or meat.

Root vegetable garnish with egg

Put the boiled and chopped root vegetables in a frying pan, pour over beaten eggs, sprinkle with chopped onions and bake in the oven. Salt, spices to taste. Garnish with finely chopped herbs.

Oat root soup

Wash the root vegetables, boil, rub more than half through a sieve. Cut the peeled potatoes into strips, put in a boiling broth, cook for 10 minutes. Then add the sautéed chopped carrots, and after another 10 minutes. - a mass of oat root, chopped celery. Salt. At the end of cooking, add the parsley and the remaining root vegetables cut into circles. 1.5 liters of water or broth, 300 g of oat root, 2 medium potatoes, 1 carrot, 1 celery stalk, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of butter, chopped parsley and salt - to taste.

Oat root puree soup

Boiled root vegetables are rubbed through a sieve, the mass is diluted with broth, seasoned with finely chopped dill, parsley, celery, basil, coriander. Salt, spices to taste.

Coffee surrogate

Cut the peeled root vegetables into circles, dry and fry until light brown, grind in a coffee grinder. Brewed like coffee. Sugar and cream to taste.

Enjoy your meal!

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