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Summer Soup Recipes
Summer Soup Recipes

Video: Summer Soup Recipes

Video: Summer Soup Recipes
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  • Gazpacho
  • Cold borsch
  • Sorrel cabbage soup
  • Okroshka

There is nothing better on a hot summer day in the country than pampering yourself with a cold soup. Believe me, in addition to okroshka - on kvass or kefir - there are countless cold soups - meat, fish and lean, vegetable, fruit and berry, as well as dairy and fermented milk and even cereals.

The simplest recipe, requiring a minimum of time and a minimum of ingredients, is cold tomato soup gazpacho, which originates from Spanish cuisine and is a close relative of the Russian tomato cooler.



For 5 kg of tomatoes, take 5-6 pieces of cucumbers (or young zucchini), 2 bell peppers, lemon, garlic, vegetable oil, salt, pepper (red and black), herbs.

Tomatoes should be chosen juicy and ripe, such that it seems: if you tear a thin skin, and their warm juice will sprinkle in all directions … They should be washed and scalded, peeled off and rubbed through a sieve or colander, salt a lot at once, add pureed garlic (more than you think - the soup should be very spicy - a large amount of garlic will keep it for several days), squeezed lemon juice, a spoonful of oil per liter of soup obtained (of course, olive oil is preferred), rub cucumbers and cut into small small cubes of Bulgarian pepper, add finely chopped herbs (dill, coriander, parsley, basil), ground black and red pepper. Chill before serving. Serve with garlic brown bread croutons.

Cold borscht (repetition is the mother of learning)

The main thing that confuses in common food cold borscht is a large amount of citric acid or vinegar as one of the components of the broth. It is much more beneficial for health to take advantage of the "acidity" from your own garden. A very interesting recipe for cold borscht made with fresh rhubarb broth.

For 5 liters of soup - three medium stalks of rhubarb. Rhubarb is placed in cold water with celery root (parsley or parsnip) and sweet peas. After boiling, it is boiled for 5-10 minutes, after which the vegetables-roots are removed and grated young beets (preferably with tops, pre-cut) are placed in the resulting broth, brought to a boil, turned off and cooled, to enhance the sour taste at this moment, you can squeeze into the broth half a lemon, but no more. Cucumbers and radishes are rubbed on a coarse grater or shredder, boiled beef (or boiled pork, or ham, or boiled poultry), greens, with a predominance of green onions, are cut into strips. Fresh vegetables are strongly salted to give juice, after which they are poured with beetroot broth with beets and everything is cooled. Before serving, put half a boiled egg and sour cream on a plate. There is an option "Lithuanian beetroot ", when vegetables are seasoned with yogurt or kefir (or sour cream in half with water)

Sorrel cabbage soup

The most common variant of green (sorrel) cabbage soup, which is cooked in broth and served with large pieces of meat. But such a soup can hardly be considered a summer one, so it is better to turn to its "lean variety".

Sorrel (can be with spinach) is boiled in salted water, rubbed, onion and potatoes, cut into thin slices, are added to the resulting broth. After the potatoes are ready, a bay leaf is added and finely chopped greens are added under the lid. Everything is cooled. Served in the same way as cold borscht - with sour cream and half a boiled egg. By the way, sorrel is exactly the kind of greenery that is one of the first to appear in your beds in the spring, but by the middle of June, sorrel becomes unsuitable for food. There are two options for preparing it for future use.

  1. Sorrel is ground with salt and can be stored in your refrigerator simply in a jar with a "screw cap".
  2. Sorrel, dill and green onions, coarsely chopped and brought to a boil (no salt!). After that, they are laid out in sterilized jars and rolled up.

It is very pleasant to cook thick sorrel cabbage soup from such blanks in winter or early spring, reminding that spring is just around the corner.

Finally we got to okroshka

"In the morning an onion with kvass, in the evening kvass with an onion - that's the whole change, you are not afraid to grow thin - you are welcome, live as long as you need."

In principle, there are an unlimited number of okroshka recipes, everyone can offer their own version. That is why the name "okroshka" - what is crumbled, then we eat. But the classic okroshka, more precisely, its classic components, is really "kvass with onion". This is mandatory, the rest is optional. And the kvass should be homemade, vigorous, flickering gas bubbles into the nose (but the options - who like sweetish dark kvass, and who - kvass with horseradish, clarified with lemon, with mint or caraway seeds - this is individual). For okroshka - dill greens (parsley, cucumber grass and other "tops" if desired) are ground with salt until juice and aroma appear, green onions, chopped or grated cucumber are added, radish is added, boiled beef is finely chopped, boiled eggs are removed yolk, which is ground with mustard,the protein is finely crumbled, everything is poured with kvass and sent to the cold. Served with sour cream.

Good appetite