Making Homemade Wine From Berries And Fruits
Making Homemade Wine From Berries And Fruits

Video: Making Homemade Wine From Berries And Fruits

Video: Making Homemade Wine From Berries And Fruits
Video: Homemade Blackberry Wine (fruit wine) 2023, November

The main and most important rule when

making homemade fruit and berry wines (not tinctures) is that when preparing berries, they cannot be washed, because it is on the surface of their skin that yeast is located, which causes the fermentation process. Accordingly, it is worth making wine only from those berries and fruits that grow in your garden, and in which you are sure (that they were not sprayed with chemicals, etc.).

So, currants, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, plums, apples, pears are suitable for us. In fact, strawberries are too difficult to extract juice, blackberry juice turns out to be too watery, with resinous tones, plums give cloudy juice with pulp - these berries are better left for making liqueurs and liqueurs.

We take raspberries for win

… This berry has its own secret. Despite their sweetness, raspberries are acidic and must be neutralized with water.

So, 5 kilograms of berries are sprinkled with sugar (1 kg) and left for one or two days until they give abundant juice. You don't need to crush raspberries, she will willingly give the juice herself. After that, 3 liters of clean and warm water (20-25 degrees) are added to the berries. The floating pulp can sour, so the fermenting liquid must be constantly stirred with a wooden stick. It is best to cover the container in which fermentation takes place with a piece of gauze or cotton wool, which will allow air to pass through, but will protect from midges, greedy for raspberry sweetness. Fermentation lasts about a week, after which the wine is filtered, bottled and sent to the cold (2-3 days). During this time, a grayish sediment forms at the bottom of the bottles, and the wine is filtered again (or simply drained from the sediment) and fixed with vodka or sugar.

Raspberry wine is very capricious - it is better to fix it so that it does not sour. For 10 liters of wine, 1 liter of vodka is taken. (Or a liter of sugar syrup 1: 1). Cherry wine is prepared in the same way from the prepared juice. For 10 liters of wine, 6 liters of juice, 2 liters of water and 2 kg of sugar are taken. It is alcoholized immediately after fermentation, kept for 5 days, and then filtered. The wine turns out to be bright, rich cherry color with no less intense taste and aroma.


from cherryalso a good tincture - cherry. In a bottle with a wide neck, berries are poured to the top, from which the seeds have been previously removed. The berries are sprinkled with sugar. The bottle is not sealed tightly and is left for 4 weeks (in the sun). The juice should cover the berries, for this the bottle should be shaken regularly. After this period, the resulting fermented juice is drained, and vodka is poured into the bottle - on top of the settled berries (as much as it will fit - to the very neck), corked and left for 6 weeks (in the shade). The drained juice at this time should be kept in the cold. After the expiration date, both liquids are mixed, filtered, bottled and sent to the cold for another two weeks.

Plum brandy is made in the same way. Only at the first stage the plums are filled with vodka, and at the second stage - with sugar. And the bones from them can not be removed.

A fragrant strong liqueur with the provocative name "spottykach" is obtained from black currant. To do this, 3 kilograms of berries are well dried in the sun or dried in the oven (oven). Then they are poured with a liter of sugar syrup (1: 1), brought to a boil and poured with three liters of vodka. When hot, everything is immediately sealed. This mixture is infused for 4-5 weeks, filtered and bottled.

Apple winemade from apple juice, which is diluted with water (depending on the acidity of apples, it is clear that for sweet apples such as pear or cinnamon water may not be used at all, but when making wine from Antonovka, acid neutralization with water is necessary). For 7 liters of apple juice (plus water) 2.5 kg of sugar are taken. After a week of vigorous fermentation, a water seal is installed and the quiet fermentation continues for about 3 weeks. After its completion (and also in order not to make mistakes and prevent the continuation of fermentation), the resulting wine can be fixed with a small amount of vodka. Then everything is filtered. Apple wine can be stored for quite a long time.