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Jerusalem Artichoke Recipe
Jerusalem Artichoke Recipe

Video: Jerusalem Artichoke Recipe

Video: Jerusalem Artichoke Recipe
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"African graters" a new recipe for a vitamin dish

In our family this year, a clearly new (not yet published) recipe has appeared, if not sweet, then with a sweet taste of the dish.

A bit of history. Jerusalem artichoke (earthen pear) was planted on the site along the fence. In the early years, they ate his tubers with pleasure, but then, with the appearance of an abundance of familiar vegetables, they stopped eating them, and the plant itself was left in the country as flowers. And immediately mice appeared, which in winter ate Jerusalem artichoke, and at the same time lilies. I had to dig up the whole Jerusalem artichoke last autumn - they planted the trifle back, and the large tubers turned out to be a bucket "with a slide."

I must say that for several years we tried to grow root celery, but the harvest did not work out. And last season, luck finally came - celery was born. Also dug up a bucket "with a slide". Have tried all known recipes. In our opinion, they are designed for amateurs. But somehow we were not included in the list of these amateurs. Then my wife made us read the book "Vegetables and Fruits - the Key to Health and Longevity" before eating.

I do not advise impressionable people to read this book if you do not have root celery and Jerusalem artichoke at home. After all, it turns out that this is a storehouse of health and longevity, and it is not clear how you are still alive without these wonderful vegetables. As a result, we ate "slides" in both buckets, but then the book did not help either. Then my wife used our common love for potato pancakes (potatoes, brawlers, pancakes, graters).

Here's a recipe she came up with:

1 volume of raw potatoes, 1 volume of Jerusalem artichoke, 0.5 volume of root celery.

All the vegetables are washed, cleaned and minced (those who like difficulties can grate).

Add to taste: onion, garlic, salt, pepper. Add eggs depending on the volume. If the mixture is thin, then you can add flour or semolina (but it is better not, subtle connoisseurs will feel it, and extra calories are obtained). Their wife baked in a frying pan.

There is this new dish of Jerusalem artichoke should be hot - the wife and granddaughter love it with sour cream, I prefer with butter - then you can have more garlic and pepper in my part. These pancakes taste like potato pancakes, but they have a sweetish flavor.

The granddaughter called them "African graters" - according to her concepts, this should be the taste of pancakes made from African sweet potatoes - sweet potato. I have not tried the sweet potato, but both buckets of Jerusalem artichoke and celery were eaten with appetite, and the whole storehouse of vitamins and microelements of these vegetables was not wasted.