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Microbiological Fertilizer Baikal EM1
Microbiological Fertilizer Baikal EM1

Video: Microbiological Fertilizer Baikal EM1

Video: Microbiological Fertilizer Baikal EM1
Video: Байкал-ЭМ1: РАЗОБЛАЧЕНИЕ биопрепарата микробиологом 2023, March
Agro-Em company, goods for the garden and suburban area
Agro-Em company, goods for the garden and suburban area
microbiological fertilizer Baikal EM1
microbiological fertilizer Baikal EM1

"Baikal EM1" is a ready-made microbiological fertilizer containing a symbiotic complex of specially selected microorganisms: lactic acid and photosynthetic bacteria, bacteria fixing nitrogen, saccharomycetes, their metabolic products and culture liquid.

Does not contain genetically modified microorganisms.

• Increases the biological (nitrogen-fixing) activity of the soil by 15-40%, improves its physicochemical parameters;

• Converts bound organic and mineral chemical elements into soluble forms, assimilated by plants and sharply reduces the rate of application of mineral fertilizers (from 50%);

• Stimulates physiological processes in the plant cell, significantly increasing the yield:

• Reduces the incidence of plants (especially bacterial and viral diseases) by 19-65%;

• Prevents soil compaction at zero tillage system

• Improves product quality, significantly reduces the content of nitrates in agricultural products.

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"Baikal EM1" is intended for:

• pre-sowing treatment of seeds and seedlings;

• autumn and spring soil preparation;

• watering or spraying of plants on irrigated areas, in open and protected ground;

• preparation of bioorganomineral fertilizer based on defecate;

• preparation of EM compost from organic raw materials;

• preparation of EM-urgas - a product of processing household food waste;

• preparation of EM extract;

• rehabilitation of urban soils in gardens and parks;

The important advantages of this drug are its multicomponent, versatility in application and high efficiency.

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"Gorkovskaya" pl. Sytninskaya, 3/5 "Sytny market" pav. "Seeds"

metro station "Ladozhskaya" 26/24 Industrialny Ave. "Gardener"

metro station "Ladozhskaya" st. Kosygina, 21, magician "Narodny" Pav. "Seeds"

m. "Prospect Bolshevikov" st. Kollontai, 28 "Gardener" (from 11:00 to 20:00)

metro station "Dybenko Street" st. Dybenko, d. 16, letter B, pavilion "Gardener" - next to the Right Bank market



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