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Azotovit® Microbiological Fertilizer
Azotovit® Microbiological Fertilizer

Video: Azotovit® Microbiological Fertilizer

Video: Azotovit® Microbiological Fertilizer
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Azotovit® is a microbiological fertilizer that increases nitrogen availability for plants

Nitrogen is the most important element not only in plant life, but also in the entire organic world. It is included in all simple and complex proteins, DNA and RNA, in a number of important biologically active substances (enzymes, hormones, vitamins). Unfortunately, only 1% of the total nitrogen content in the soil is available to plants, and plants are not at all able to absorb nitrogen from the air on their own.

The use of nitrogen fertilizers solves the problem of nitrogen deficiency, but:

- changes the acidity of the soil solution

- leads to losses of humus

- increases the migration of many elements.

At the same time, in the best case, the utilization rate of fertilizers by plants reaches 50%, which entails an increase in the rate of fertilizer consumption. And it's better not to think about where the unassimilated 50% end up (or where they stay).

How to solve the problem?

There is a solution. There are soil bacteria that have the ability to fix inaccessible nitrogen from the atmosphere. Therefore, instead of regularly introducing nitrogen-containing compounds into the soil, it is better to take care of increasing the utilization rate of the nitrogen that is already contained in the soil or in the

air. To

reduce or even completely abandon the use of mineral fertilizers, we recommend using

microbiological fertilizers Azotovit ®

Azotovit® contains nitrogen-fixing bacteria, which supply plants with an additional amount of easily assimilable nitrogen, which in turn can significantly increase yields. In addition, due to their fungicidal properties, microorganisms resist a wide range of pathogens, heal the soil, restore fertility, and maintain their viability in the presence of pesticides. In the process of vital activity, bacteria secrete vitamins, growth-stimulating substances, macro- and microelements.

Features of microbiological fertilizer Azotovit®

It has nitrogen-fixing properties, that is, it contributes to the conversion of nitrogen into a form suitable for feeding the plant organism

Ecological friendliness

Being natural in origin, microbiological fertilizers not only perfectly fit into the ecosystem without harming it, but also create it, contributing to the restoration of the normal structure of the microbiocenosis soil. Provide plants with natural nutrients and have a gentle yet powerful positive effect on their growth and development. Indispensable in nature protection and water protection zones where the use of chemicals is limited or prohibited. In greenhouses, the use of microbiological preparations is the only way to improve the microbiota, increase the efficiency and improve the health of crop production.


- Complex effect on the plant organism:

- Stimulating effect on the development of vegetative (Azotovit) and root (Phosphatovit) systems of the plant organism.

- Increase in yield up to 40%

- Suppressing effect on phytopathogenic microflora

- Fungicidal properties

- They have an anti-stress effect, which is expressed in better resistance of treated plants to unfavorable climatic conditions (drought, prolonged waterlogging, frost, temperature changes), as well as sun and chemical burns and mechanical damage to tissues.


One of the main advantages of microbiological fertilizer is its significantly lower consumption compared to traditional composts and vermicompost. The reason is that biological products are applied "targeted" - directly under the root system of the plant (possibly simultaneously with planting it in the ground), and not massively over the entire soil surface, including the aisles, and release nutrients gradually throughout the entire period of plant growth …


Long-term use of microbiological fertilizers confirms the increase in yield up to 40%.

The results of the use of drugs in decorative and indoor floriculture: increased survival rate during transplantation, color saturation of the leaf and inflorescence, the development of the root system.

Practical result

provides plants with nitrogen nutrition, significantly reduces the content of harmful nitrates in the soil and the toxic effect of fungicides on plant seedlings, suppresses phytopathogenic microflora, allows growing environmentally friendly products with a high content of vitamin and mineral substances useful for humans, contributes to the development of the vegetative system of plants (leaf, stem, inflorescence), increases productivity, restores soil fertility.

The active substance

(specific name of the microorganism, the name of the strain): living cells and spores of bacteria Azotobakter chroococcum


(titer of living or product of their vital activity): titer 5.0 9 CFU / g

Hazard class

4 (low hazardous product) - non-toxic, non-pathogenic. Fire and explosion proof

The guaranteed shelf life is

9 months from the date of manufacture at temperatures from −3 to +30 ° C, provided that the packaging is intact and tight.

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Azotovit, microbiological fertilizer
Azotovit, microbiological fertilizer


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Azotovit, microbiological fertilizer
Azotovit, microbiological fertilizer


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About Industrial Innovation

The company Industrial Innovations LLC was founded in 2004 with the aim of producing microbiological fertilizers of universal action, based on soil microorganisms. The production site is located in the Tula region, in Novomoskovsk. The production process is based on the full cycle of production of microbiological fertilizers: our own microbiological laboratory for the production of seed, a workshop for the production of cultures of microorganisms and bottling of drugs under aseptic conditions.

For the cultivation of inoculum, pure cultures of strains of microorganisms are used, cultivated without the use of genetic engineering. At all stages of production and storage of finished products, careful analytical control is carried out, which guarantees the supply of high-quality products to the consumer.

The company has a quality control department that carries out incoming quality control of raw materials and materials entering production, and also monitors the compliance of finished products with the requirements of technical specifications.

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