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Fertilizers AVA And Biohumus
Fertilizers AVA And Biohumus

Video: Fertilizers AVA And Biohumus

Video: Fertilizers AVA And Biohumus
Video: The VERMIGRAND Biohumus 2023, December

Everyone knows the current problems with manure. Therefore, biohumus is increasingly used in the garden and vegetable gardens. What is this fertilizer? "Biohumus" is a 100% natural organic natural fertilizer that gives an environmentally friendly harvest. Provides plants with a full range of nutrients, strengthens their immunity, has a high efficiency (10-15 times higher than any organic fertilizers), and is harmless on any soil. In "Biohumuses", unlike manure, there are no pathogenic microflora and helminth eggs, this fertilizer has a beneficial effect on the growth and development of plants at any time of the year, restores and improves soil fertility in the shortest possible time (in one season).

"Biohumus"does not contain any chemical, mineral or synthetic additives. It is a waste product of Californian red worms that recycle organic waste from crops and livestock. It contains: humic acids, humates, macro- and microelements, microflora and plant hormones, as well as soil antibiotics. "Biohumus" is effectively used as the main organic fertilizer for growing seedlings, for planting and for feeding all types of crops and in floriculture, as well as for resuscitation and soil reclamation. It is a crumbly, pleasantly smelling mass, similar to black soil. There is also a liquid concentrate "Biohumus" - an extract from it, which is recommended for watering or spraying seedlings of vegetables, flowers, houseplants, any growing plants,including seedlings. Diluted 100 times for spraying, 50 times for watering. This concentrate is contraindicated in coniferous crops.

Fertilizer AVA

It contains a full set of macro- and microelements: phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, silicon, iron, manganese, cobalt, molybdenum, zinc, copper, selenium.

AVA is the harmony of three principles. (A - Agro - earth; V - Vita - life; A - Aqva - water). The effectiveness of this fertilizer is that it does not dissolve with water, does not wash out during watering, rains, and melting snow, like other fertilizers, from the introduction of which the plants get only what they manage to absorb by the roots (about 10%), the rest is dissolved goes to groundwater. AVA dissolves by secretions of plant roots in a humid environment at temperatures from + 80C and above, when plants vegetate, therefore, fertilizer should be applied to the area of the root system at any time or under seeds sown for seedlings in spring, under winter crops, so that the seed germ touches AVA and begins dissolve the powder.

We feed the plants with what we consider necessary, and when applying AVA fertilizer, the seed, plant, corm, bush, tree, dissolving powder or granules, take what they need and how much they need at each moment of their development, growth, flowering, fruiting … AVA fertilizers are granules, powder, capsules of powder in a gelatinous shell, capsules "Universal with carbomide". Granules are applied when planting seedlings of trees, fruit and berry and ornamental shrubs, perennial flowers and corms of perennial plants, when laying lawns and are valid for three years. The powder is used for growing seedlings of vegetables, annual and perennial plants, as well as for feeding lawns and perennials. The powder works for one season. AVA capsules are suitable for pot crops, balcony boxes, flowerpots, hanging baskets, greenhouse plants. "Universal with carbomide "is recommended for growing seedlings and in the initial period of plant growth, as it contains 20% nitrogen. It is also important that the shelf life of AVA fertilizer is not limited, provided it is stored in a closed container in a dry place.


Plants are living things that need a balanced diet and water. Most gardeners come to the dacha on weekends and, leaving, feed and water the plants in reserve until the next arrival, that is, they overfill them with water, and there is no access to air to the roots, but it is necessary for the vital activity of the root system. The same thing happens with indoor plants in the city. Hence rot and other diseases. Caring owners used to use "Aquadon" (water-retaining fertilizer), but it is no longer released. Replacing it - hydrogel - a highly effective product containing potassium. It is good because it heals and loosens the soil, retains water and water-soluble fertilizers, preventing them from being washed out, prevents soil oxidation and erosion, ensures high survival rate and plant development,reduces the number of watering and fertilization by 3-4 times. Its crystals, having absorbed moisture, swell and then gradually give it to plants, keeping it from being absorbed by the soil and evaporation. Hydrogel is very effective for growing seedlings.