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How To Use Elements Of Landscape Architecture: Arches, Trellises, Pergolas In The Garden Landscape
How To Use Elements Of Landscape Architecture: Arches, Trellises, Pergolas In The Garden Landscape

Video: How To Use Elements Of Landscape Architecture: Arches, Trellises, Pergolas In The Garden Landscape

Video: How To Use Elements Of Landscape Architecture: Arches, Trellises, Pergolas In The Garden Landscape
Video: Arches, pergolas, trellises in the garden/ Ландшафтный дизайн / АРКИ, ПЕРГОЛЫ, ШПАЛЕРЫ для вьющихся 2023, December

Elements of vertical garden decoration

The time has come when many owners of suburban areas have taken a fresh look at their traditional six acres. Growing potatoes is no longer relevant - I want to turn the site into a great place to relax. And no matter that the site is small, practice has shown that it is possible to create real beauty in small areas.


Professionals recommend using elements of landscape architecture when designing the design of their summer cottages. It is believed that the vertical design of the garden is of great importance, including in a small garden. It is not necessary to place all tall elements and plants along the borders, leaving the central part of the site flat and deserted. In vertical design, you can use low trees, shrubs planted against the walls and garden decorations such as pergolas, trellises and arches entwined with plants, which can give the flower garden a complete style.

Arches, trellises, pergolas made of PVC plastic have been produced for many years, and our clients, both gardeners and landscape designers, come to us with interesting options for gazebos and plant supports. The most successful products begin to be produced in series. This is how a whole line of small architectural forms for garden improvement appeared, created on the basis of real projects. We know the readers' interest in this topic in the annual Flora-Price competition "Envy, your neighbor!", Which we sponsor. We hope that the interesting findings of our clients will find practical application in you.

Let's start right at the entrance to the site: the gate can be decorated with an arch entwined with clematis, rose or grapes. The path to the house on both sides can be marked by flower baskets. Above the porch to the house, we will fix the semi-arches, entwined with maiden grapes, so that the porch and stairs are in the cool shade in summer, and blaze crimson in the fall. A pergola with a bench can be placed in a sunny meadow. Such designs look very nice and cozy when greenery wraps around them. We can recommend different options:

- openwork "shell" with a bench inside;

- an arch of the "Design-Constructor" series, in which a bench is installed, and a high straight trellis will serve as a back wall;

- quadrangular columns, back wall and top are assembled from the "Design-Constructor" series.

If space and resources permit, you can arrange a gazebo in the meadow. Four metal racks, lathing of the walls entirely or up to the middle, put benches and a table inside - in such a green house it will be possible to dine on hot days.

Often, when decorating a site, it is required to separate one

arch, landscape design, small architectural forms
arch, landscape design, small architectural forms

functional area from another, for example, a vegetable garden from a flower garden. For this purpose, you can use various trellises, creating an openwork wall entwined with flowers. From the sets of the "Design-Constructor" series, you can assemble a screen of any length, straight or set by corners or niches, and build an arch for the passage.

If you have an ugly pillar on your site, we can share an interesting recipe for turning it into an elegant garden composition. It is enough to collect three or four interconnected straight trellises around it and you get a nice column of the height you need. Plant clematis nearby - and the post will be entwined with flowers.

Our company often faced a problem: if the client is not rich, then usually there is no way to deliver a large non-separable structure to the dacha. Therefore, arches and pergolas often remained inaccessible to people. Last year, this problem finally found its solution in the Design-Constructor line. These are lightweight sets of different lengths that can be connected to each other using special connectors. The minimum that can be assembled from one set of "Design-Constructor" is one straight or one fan-shaped trellis, or a flower stand.

By connecting the sets together, you can assemble a pergola, a column, a screen, and a trellis.

Since the "Design-Constructor" kits are assembled by the buyers themselves, the prices for these durable products are relatively low, which means that summer residents have the opportunity to use a large number of trellises in the design of the garden without resorting to significant material costs. Trellis made of PVC plastic do not rust or dry out. PVC material is durable, resistant to heat, frost, moisture, ultraviolet.

PVC gratings, unlike metal ones, do not threaten plants with frost or sun burns. Plants do not need to be removed as the trellises do not need to be tinted. For winter, the grates with plants can be removed from the mountings, laid on the ground and covered, and reinstalled in spring. The wind does not swing the grates like a net or ropes, and does not break off tender shoots.

When buying tapestries or making individual orders, our clients often discuss their improvement plans with us. We hope that at the end of the season they will bring photos and new interesting and successful ideas that we will be happy to share with our readers.