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Nettle On Guard Of Women's Beauty And Health
Nettle On Guard Of Women's Beauty And Health

Video: Nettle On Guard Of Women's Beauty And Health

Video: Nettle On Guard Of Women's Beauty And Health
Video: Stinging Nettle — The Most Nutritious Plant On Earth? 2023, October

The most feminine …


After reading the title, I just want to say: "Rose!". But the speech in this fairy tale-fable is not about the rose, but about … nettles! Yes, this plant is the most feminine in my practice.

Don't believe me? Then let's start our story from early spring, when all nature awakens, and along with it, in the gardens and vegetable gardens, the first weeds break through the ground, which include nettles. And

here, on the clean beds tidied up last year, different weeds are breaking through - burning, prickly. Annoying! Enraged with terrible force! And you drag the nettles, and suddenly your hands, tired of endless work at the computer, stop hurting, and strength appears, and your nails, which have faded over the winter, become stronger.

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My great-grandmother forbade us to harass nettles, and even now I have a reserved corner for her at my dacha. From the very early spring, nettle has been the guardian of my family's health and my beauty. I use the first, most tender sprouts in nettle cabbage soup and fresh salad (instead of the usual lettuce, I put scalded nettle).

Nettle is one of the spring champions in vitamins, the content of vitamin C in it is comparable only to bell pepper and lemon. And what kind of cabbage soup comes out of it … I will gladly share the family recipe. So, we cook the broth on beef (for such soups I always take the fatter marrow and cook the broth in advance, but for a long time - 5-6 hours for the broth). Having prepared the broth, chopping the meat into it, I peel five or six large potatoes in a 4 liter pan, cut into strips and put them in the broth, cook until soft, and at this time I cook the nettle and, if there is already sorrel, the ratio of nettle to sorrel is approximately 3 to 1, chop them together, toss them into broth.

I cook eggs separately according to the number of people. In a plate, knead the boiled egg with a fork, add sour cream, mix. And then I pour the soup into the plate. Everything is simple, but absolutely everyone likes it - both old and small. This is how nettle replenishes the supply of vitamins in the spring for those who are not afraid of burning grass.


In the summer, the nettle grows to a terrible size if not weeded. But many have work, and they can't get out to the dacha, so thickets grow, which you so want to mow down and put in compost. Let us temper our righteous anger at the uninvited occupant of our flower beds and beds. We will rip it out entirely, we will impose brooms from one part, and chop and dry the other part. A favorite vacation for many in the country is a bathhouse, and this is where nettle brooms come in handy.

Women's skinextremely sensitive, with age, pigmentation spots appear on it, as well as all sorts of folds that are not very decorating it, and cellulite. And also, God forbid, arthritis of the joints. Of course, nettle alone will not cope here, but it can significantly help with these diseases. We soak a nettle broom for 10-15 minutes in boiling water (scald it) and actively steamed it. We do not pour out the water from the steamer, but put our feet with corns, cracks and calluses into it after the steam room (it will just cool down to an acceptable temperature).

The formic acid contained in nettles whitens the skin, softens it and works on the joints. We are actively being treated and looking younger together with nettles. But that's not all. The nettle that we dried will also be used to restore beauty. Hair and nails affected by frost, cold, poor water and malnutrition can be restored with a nettle bath and rinse.

For nailsI recommend making a bath based on vegetable oil (the simplest, aromatic, which retains the smell of sunflower and its seeds). In a water bath, a mayonnaise jar of oil should be boiled for 30-40 minutes, it should be 2/3 filled with nettles. We steam the nails in a hot bath and wipe with this oil, we repeat the procedure three to four times in the evening. How will it help? Removes flakiness, protects against burrs, strengthens nails.

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Hair for women, especially after pregnancy and lactation, suffer seriously, and if the winter is also frosty, brittleness, dryness and dullness cannot be avoided. Of course, you can, of course, support your curls in winter with the help of shampoos containing nettle extracts, for example, the solid shampoo "Nettle antidandruff" came up to me - and it takes up little space, and, oddly enough, it takes 10 times to wash your hair with long hair.

But in the summer I still brew natural nettle and rinse my hair with the broth. How to do it? Quite simple, but long. Chopped nettle (the more, the better) pour boiling water and leave to infuse for a day. Usually a liter can of this infusion is enough to rinse my head twice. For a five to seven liter bowl of water, I use about half a liter, and my hair is now below the waist.

What will this rinsing give us? Firstly, it will restore the structure of the hair, secondly, strengthen their roots, thirdly, it will help in the fight against dandruff, and, finally, it will increase hair growth. It is necessary to rinse more than once, and the effect will not be from the first day, but two to three weeks of active use of such hair baths will replace, at least, the intake of expensive vitamins for hair and nail growth. Just don't be lazy!

And the last thing I want to draw your attention to is autumn: both for women’s autumn and for autumn near nettles. Unfortunately, women's autumn is associated for us with the unpleasant phenomenon of menopause, although without it problems often arise. Many mothers note that the first menstruation after childbirth was long and with great blood loss, while menopausal bleeding is generally the most unpleasant phenomenon.

And here nettles stand guard over women's health. A decoction or infusion of nettle

stops uterine bleeding and promotes better discharge of waste tissues and cells. But here, before you start drinking the infusion, it is important to consult a doctor, because it is possible that your fear just has big eyes, this also happens.

So, dear ladies, I think when you read about the "best", you will have no doubt that the nettle is your faithful assistant and reliable guardian of health and beauty. And we will be charming and attractive, and most importantly - healthy at any age.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Yours faithfully, Irina Taits, hereditary herbalist