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Treatment Of Dysbiosis With Folk Remedies
Treatment Of Dysbiosis With Folk Remedies

Video: Treatment Of Dysbiosis With Folk Remedies

Video: Treatment Of Dysbiosis With Folk Remedies
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Antibiotics, or how they lose immunity and find dysbiosis

dysbiosis treatment
dysbiosis treatment

Many people, in childhood, had been ill with certain diseases for which they were treated with antibiotics. And some people still believe that there is nothing to do without antibiotics.

Perhaps this would be true if, in the instructions for the use of these drugs, manufacturers also indicated how to get rid of their side effects, in particular, from loss of immunity.

This is what happened in the family of one of our readers: as soon as her son was six months old, in the fall in a nursery he was chilled, and he was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. In the hospital, he was treated with IVs and antibiotics. The powerful drug effect and care of the mother, who was constantly on duty at the bedside of the dying child, made it possible to stop the acute course of the disease.

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dysbiosis treatment
dysbiosis treatment


But after that, an exacerbation of the disease occurred annually in autumn and spring. Due to a sluggish illness, he did not attend school for several months. He was treated annually in sanatoriums or in children's health centers. But this recovery was short-lived.

And suddenly, after the 10th grade, everything disappeared like a hand. What happened? But just during the summer holidays, he lived for one month in a village where there was a river, fishing, fresh air and, most importantly, fresh milk.

Every day I ate bread, vegetables, cereals and, of course, fresh milk, there simply was nowhere to put it, so the children were soldered off. And now a miracle - the relapses of the disease went away along with the antibiotics that filled the children's body in the hospital ten years ago, saving it from death.

Antibiotics suppress the acute course of the disease and undermine the immune system, and after a while everything starts again. This system does not take into account the fact that the body is clogged with accumulating antibiotics, which are addictive, so they are changed, thereby aggravating the drop in immunity.

The question is how to remove antibiotics accumulated in the body. It is known that milk is good at freeing the body from harmful substances; fresh, fresh milk does it even better.

Meanwhile, traditional medicine uses means that heal the entire body without causing harmful side effects. If Nature "created" a disease in a given area, it means that an antidote to this disease grows in the area where the patient lives. There is no plant that is not medicinal, and there is no disease that cannot be cured by plants.

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Folk remedies to increase immunity

dysbiosis treatment
dysbiosis treatment

Aralia Manchu

To increase immunity, it is necessary, first of all, to pay attention to the condition of the liver, to prevent it from slagging. Constantly aching pains in the right hypochondrium, which are often associated with the manifestation of cholecystitis, destroy any, even the strongest, nervous system.

In addition, slagging of the liver and gallbladder can cause impairment of the cardiovascular system and even the heart muscle. Cholecystitis and gallstone disease provoke a rapid heartbeat, arrhythmia and extrasystole. Cleansing the spleen and pancreas using fees and infusions.

It is best to boost immunity with herbs that grow in your area; be sure to do so that your tea contains anti-inflammatory and tonic herbs. Be sure to add licorice root, calendula flowers to tea.

Manchurian aralia root in the form of a tincture (10% on vodka or 70% alcohol) in a teaspoon or powder on the tip of a knife 2-3 times a day before meals. Eat Siberian cedar nuts every day at least a handful, and make a vodka tincture from the shell, pour it 1: 1 with vodka, and after 14 days of infusion, take with tea. Gnaw on sunflower seeds as much as you can after breakfast, lunch and dinner. The roots and rhizomes of the golden root, safflower leuzea in the form of tincture or powder, take in the morning. Royal (royal) jelly in pure form or mixed with honey, vodka, take up to 10 g per day. Take honey regularly at 100-150 g per day in three doses with tea.

It is very useful to use the flowering herb of oats in the form of a tincture from a fresh plant in case of nervous, mental and physical exhaustion. Oat grains (cereals) in the form of a decoction with honey to taste without limitation 3-5 times a day. Tincture 25% on vodka or alcohol - a teaspoon each.

dysbiosis treatment
dysbiosis treatment

Black currant

Black currant leaves in the form of an infusion - 2 tablespoons in 0.5 liters of boiling water are drunk (with honey), half a glass during the day. Green tea, better with honey to taste for physical and mental fatigue. Peony root or maral root in powder form, take on the tip of a knife or teaspoon at night.

Herb knotweed (knotweed) in the form of an infusion (1 tablespoon per glass of boiling water) after two hours of infusion. Drink half a glass 3-4 times a day. Calamus root powder should be taken 0.2 g once a day.

The most accessible means of increasing immunity in the cold off-season are seedlings of cereal crops - wheat, rye. They are eaten without seasoning, raw. You can dry and grind into flour on a coffee grinder, adding to salads, sauces. Better to use for breakfast 50-100 g per day.

Treatment of dysbiosis with folk remedies

dysbiosis treatment
dysbiosis treatment

Knotweed, bird highlander, (re-chipped)

Dysbacteriosis affects about 90% of children and adults, and often those who do not even know about it. If you or your child constantly catches a cold, then you should not hide from drafts, but start treating dysbiosis. This disease occurs as the cause of the death of a favorable intestinal microflora, which promotes the breakdown and assimilation of the food eaten. If food is not digested, then it rots in the intestines and poisons the blood with toxins. Poisoning of the body is manifested in a gradual disease of dysbiosis, diathesis, allergy, and then colitis.

With dysbiosis, conditions are created for the intensive development of putrefactive or fermentative processes in the small intestine, the bactericidal function of gastric juice decreases and the balance of lactic acid and pathogenic microorganisms is disturbed.

The mucous membrane of chicken stomachs has always been popularly used to treat dysbiosis. Our hostesses usually remove the inner wall of chicken stomachs and throw it away. And you need to dry it, grind it into powder and take it on an empty stomach in the morning with water (a week). The dose of this powder is a small pinch (on the tip of a teaspoon or knife).

dysbiosis treatment
dysbiosis treatment


Eating raw vegetables on a regular basis will cleanse your body of antibiotics, and the beneficial microflora that is present in the intestines of a healthy person will help you process food.

It helps to cleanse the body of toxins well, using Jerusalem artichoke tubers (earthen pear) in food in the form of salads, it is possible with any greens. They are also used fried and boiled.

The infusion of birch leaves, mint leaves, lemon balm will surely help you. In a glass of boiling water, you need to take a tablespoon of dry leaves (6 times more fresh), leave for 30 minutes and drink during the day.

If you take a pinch of bitter wormwood before lunch for a week, and then the next week also take aspen or willow bark, then it helps to cure dysbiosis well.

Use herbal teas more often, it is especially useful to brew calendula inflorescences (10-15 pcs.) Together with tea.

Decoction of dandelion and burdock roots. Take the roots of these plants, grind, pour a tablespoon of the mixture with a glass of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes. Drink in the morning or evening.

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