Dichorizandra Or Golden Mustache Is A Valuable Medicinal Plant
Dichorizandra Or Golden Mustache Is A Valuable Medicinal Plant

Video: Dichorizandra Or Golden Mustache Is A Valuable Medicinal Plant

Video: Dichorizandra Or Golden Mustache Is A Valuable Medicinal Plant
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Someone gets sick more often, someone less often. But sooner or later each person begins to think about his health and realizes that treatment with chemical drugs brings not so much benefit as harm. They are good as ambulances, but not good for long-term use. Therefore, more and more people prefer to use preparations based on medicinal plants.

For many, "green healers" have firmly settled on their windowsills, such as, for example,



Kalanchoe, laurel, calendula, mint, etc. Recently, interest in dichorizandra, a plant also known as the

golden mustache, has been steadily growing


live hair, Far Eastern mustache, Venus hair, homemade ginseng, corn.

The last name is not accidental. With its narrow, elongated leaves 5-7 centimeters long and 2.5-3 centimeters wide, dichorizandra really resembles young corn (its growth under indoor conditions usually does not exceed 120 centimeters, while in nature it can reach several meters). An adult plant has liana-like processes extending from the lower nodes of the stem - the so-called whiskers (hence the most popular name for dichorizandra - golden mustache). These whiskers consist of violet joints, at the ends of which a leaf panicle is formed. As soon as the number of joints reaches nine, the plant can be used not only for decorative and medicinal purposes.

There are many indications for the use of a golden mustache - from

cleansing the body before

cancer treatment. Most often, both the media and the Internet give the following information: "Dichorizandra has high medicinal properties. It is the best plant for the treatment of

chronic pancreatitis.… It suppresses pathogenic microflora well, relieves pain, restores the function of the pancreas, spleen, adrenal cortex. Relieves inflammation of the gallbladder and biliary tract, stomach, small intestine. Normalizes the acid-base composition of the digestive tract, removes toxins from the body. It dilutes sputum, reduces hypersecretion and edema of the bronchial mucosa in asthmatics, which dramatically improves the general condition of patients and often leads to a complete cure of bronchial asthma. The sap of the plant has wound healing properties. It treats well skin diseases: lichens, ulcers, cystic neoplasms (daily applications with a cotton swab soaked in juice from the plant's whiskers). The following fact speaks about the high disinfecting properties of plants: the decoction of the leaves does not sour for months in a room."

Homeopath Vladimir Ogarkov from Voronezh, whose articles on golden whisker treatment can be found on the aforementioned website, offers the following recipes.

1. With

diabetes mellitus, pancreatitis, gastrointestinal inflammation. Grind one sheet of at least 20 centimeters in size and pour one liter of boiling water in a glass jar, wrap it up, insist for a day, take 3-4 times a day 40 minutes before meals, 50 grams in a warm form.

When using this recipe for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, it is necessary to follow a strict diet: carbohydrates are excluded, the amount of proteins is not allowed to decrease, as this can cause a negative nitrogen balance in the patient and lead to complications. The amount of protein in the diet must correspond to the physiological need, of which 75 percent are proteins of animal origin, 25 percent are vegetable. It is necessary to exclude grapes, raisins and carbonated drinks from the diet. It is useful to drink the juice of a baked pumpkin, cucumber, pomegranate, plum, decoction of beans. It is very good to include jam, 2-3 peeled eggs and eggs soaked in apple cider vinegar for a day.

This recipe also helps to heal many internal diseases, to remove toxins from the body, small stones and sand from the kidneys and bladder; the general well-being of a person improves; this tool can be used as a prophylactic for a long time.

2. With

bronchial asthma. Grind 35-50 joints, leave for 9 days in a dark place in 1.5 liters of vodka. The vodka liqueur takes on a lilac color. Take one dessert spoon 40 minutes before meals, be sure to 3 times a day; under no circumstances drink or eat. In the initial period, the patient may experience increased symptoms of the disease; this should not be feared - the unpleasant symptoms will soon pass. The patient will feel a surge of energy, he will have a good sleep and appetite.

Additionally, you can prepare a different composition: squeeze the juice of 6 lemons in 0.5 tablespoons of honey, peel and chop 5 heads of garlic in a garlic bowl. Mix all the components obtained in a glass jar and put in a dark place for 7 days. Take the resulting medication every day for a month, once a day (at 15-16 hours), four teaspoons with an interval of 10 minutes between doses of each spoon.

This recipe has shown itself well in the treatment of numbness of the extremities, blockage of veins (thrombophlebitis), polyarthritis, stomach ulcers, acute respiratory infections.

3. With

leukemia … Insist the plant on honey with Cahors in the following weight ratio: mix one part of the crushed plant with one part of buckwheat honey and fill with two parts of Cahors, leave for 40 days. Take a tablespoon three times a day 40 minutes before meals and drink 0.5 cups of a decoction of dried horse chestnut flowers (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water).

4. With

postoperative adhesions, polyps, fibromas, myomas, ovarian cysts … Cut 50 joints and leave for 10 days in 0.5 liters of vodka, strain. In the morning (on an empty stomach), 40 minutes before meals, drip 10 drops of tincture into 30 milliliters of water and take inside. In the evening, 40 minutes before meals, repeat the intake at the same dosage. The second day - 11 drops per appointment, the third - 12. And so for 25 days, bring up to 35 drops per appointment. Then begin your decline by subtracting one drop per dose per day. Return to the original dosage 25 days in advance - 10 drops per dose. Starting from the third course, switch to a three-time reception according to the same scheme. Usually you need to take no more than five courses. After the first and second courses, you should take a break for one week; after the third (and all subsequent) breaks should be 10 days.


Anti-cancer balm … Pour 40 milliliters of unrefined sunflower oil and 30 milliliters of an alcohol extract of the golden mustache plant (see the recipe for treating bronchial asthma) into a jar, tightly close it with a lid, shake it vigorously for 7 minutes and immediately drink it in one gulp. You can't hesitate, as the mixture will separate, which is unacceptable! You need to take this medicine three times a day. The course of treatment is three decades with five-day breaks between them. Do not eat anything for two hours before your appointment. Take 20 minutes before meals. The medicine should not be washed down or seized with anything. You need to eat something no later than 30 minutes after taking it. You can drink only after meals - after 30 minutes. The balm is best taken at regular intervals. Drink for 10 days in a row. Then take a break for 5 days. After the third ten days of admission, a break is 10 days. This is the first cycle. It is followed by the second,the third and so on until complete recovery.

Attention! The exact dosage of the components of the drug is important: exactly 40 and 30 milliliters, and it is necessary to measure not by eye or with spoons, but with an accurate measure - an error in the dosage can have unpleasant consequences!

When treating with balm V. Ogarkov does not advise eating fried, spicy, salty, animal fats, sugar-containing foods. During treatment and for at least a year afterwards, it is strictly forbidden to smoke, consume alcoholic beverages (drugs do not count) and at the same time use other methods of treatment - chemotherapy, radiation therapy, herbs with anti-cancer properties, charged water, urine. Also, do not drink large quantities of fruit and vegetable juices. On the days of taking the product, it is necessary to exclude meat and dairy products, sugar, salt, potatoes and yeast bread. Eat only vegetable oil. You cannot starve, but before starting the course of treatment, it is advisable to completely cleanse the body. The balm is not recommended for liver cancer.

Of course, the recipes based on the golden mustache are not limited to the above. For example, Ninel Chervinskaya recommends that people suffering from joint pains do rubbing and compresses from the infusion of golden mustache on bischofite at night. Moreover, any part of the plant can be used for treatment.

And here are the tips from N. Nikonova.

1. For

bronchial asthma, stomach ulcers, acute respiratory infections, prepare a tincture from a golden mustache - pour 15-17 joints with 0.5 liters of vodka, leave for two weeks in a dark place. Take a teaspoon one hour before breakfast. This tincture can be used to gargle with sore throat and rub sore joints.

2. With a

sick stomach and intestines, with an ulcerN. Nikonova advises simply to chew in the morning or at night the joint or the stem of the golden mustache (the whole plant has healing properties).

3. In

case of heart disease and

angina pectoris, cut off the trunk with leaves, pass through a meat grinder, squeeze out the juice and mix with honey. Drink a tablespoon in the morning and evening. The last recipe was also used by Ms. Yatsevich from the city of Spassk - she was diagnosed with angina pectoris - she began to feel much better. Moreover, when she was diagnosed with glaucoma, she began to instill two drops of fresh leaf juice into her eyes - her vision improved.

VC. Latokhin from Volgograd writes about how he defeated an allergic rhinitis with the help of a golden mustach

: "The allergy bothered especially strongly from July to October. We identified seven plants to which the body reacted especially actively. I was injected with anti-allergens, but it did not help. On the advice of my doctor, I moved to live in the Far North. The runny nose passed, but when after 17 years I returned, the allergy seized so that I could not breathe. Medicines only weakened the body. One day my daughter brought home a plant a golden mustache. A tincture was prepared from it. The whole plant was used. I cut the leaves, stem, mustache into pieces and put everything into a three-liter I poured everything in two liters of vodka. Put it in a dark place, covered with a cloth. He insisted for a month. I started taking the tincture at the time of the next attack of allergies. It helped. If I was suffering from suffocation, I drank two sips. Then it was released, but only for two hours. I began to take the tincture all year round, one sip in the morning, an hour before meals, and after three years I forgot about my illness."

Anna Dotsenko, an experienced gardener, recommends the following: "if you put Tentorium cream on a piece of leaf and apply it to a flux tooth, the inflammation and swelling disappear by morning." And with the help of tincture from a golden mustache, she fights against colds, headaches and toothaches, and inflammation of the gums.

Those who decide to purchase a golden mustache will be pleased to know that this is a rather unpretentious plant. It loves light and warmth, but direct sunlight for it, as for most colors, is destructive. It is necessary to water the golden mustache sparingly, especially in winter, but it is impossible to bring the earthen lump to dryness - the plant will lose its leaves. Spraying is helpful, but not necessary.

During the growing period of the mustache, it needs to be fed once every two weeks. Since the stem of the plant is long and thin enough (no thicker than two centimeters), it needs support or suspension.

The golden mustache reproduces by rooting in the water the cut off top of an adult plant or the top of one of the mustaches (2-3 joints). The roots appear in 2-3 weeks, after which the shoot must be planted in the ground.

Certain requirements are imposed on the soil mixture: it must be dense, rough and consist of sod land, greenhouse humus and coarse river sand (about a third of the mixture) - the plant needs it to accumulate silicon.

The most favorable time for breeding is March and April.

You can buy a golden mustache in flower shops, in the markets, by calling the advertisements found in the newspapers, or simply by asking friends for a scion. Of course, herbal medicine is becoming more and more popular. However, it should be remembered that although medications from plants are milder, do not cause addiction, and even more so - side effects, they can only be used after consulting a doctor.

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