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Treatment And Prevention Of Influenza With Herbal Preparations And Infusions
Treatment And Prevention Of Influenza With Herbal Preparations And Infusions

Video: Treatment And Prevention Of Influenza With Herbal Preparations And Infusions

Video: Treatment And Prevention Of Influenza With Herbal Preparations And Infusions
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Prevention and first steps at the onset of the disease

Medicine refers to influenza as an acute respiratory illness. From the moment of infection to the first manifestations of the disease, it can take from several hours to a day. The best way to avoid this disease is prevention. But still, if you feel a painful condition, then the first thing to do is to stop any food and prepare a healing solution. You need to take 1.5 liters of boiled water, 1 tbsp. l. coarse salt, juice of one lemon and you can add 1 g of ascorbic acid, but it is better to drink this solution along with a decoction of aspen or willow bark. This solution should be drunk in small portions within 1.5 hours. If you start taking the solution in the evening, then in the morning you will wake up healthy.

You can use spruce needles or pine buds, or fir branches. You can use them as a teapot. Or, collect twigs, cut and place in a jar with layers of sugar or honey in a 2: 1 ratio. If you have stocked up with raspberry roots, then you can add them to the mixture. Add a glass of boiling water to the jar and let it brew for one day, then boil on low heat for 2-3 hours. And again you need to let it brew. Take 1 tbsp. l. 4-5 times a day.

A very good remedy for the treatment of the onset of the flu is an infusion of onions in milk or coniferous twigs. Grate a medium onion, pour in 1/2 liter of boiling milk and let it brew for 20 minutes. in a warm place (wrapped). Then strain and drink before bed as much as you can. Leftovers to drink in the morning. This drink should be drunk for 3-4 days, and the flu will pass without complications.

With the onset of the flu, the resorption of vegetable oil can help, if this is done for 15-20 minutes. 2-3 times a day. After that, spit out the oil, and then rinse your mouth with hot water.

It is useful to drink fruit and vegetable juices, mixtures thereof. For example, such a mixture: apple and tomato juice 1/2 cup each and add 3-4 tbsp beet juice. l. and 1 tbsp. l lemon juice. It is also good to drink apple juice with pumpkin juice.

Grain or oat straw should be boiled and boiled with milk and drunk with honey. A decoction of elecampane roots has a good antiseptic effect in influenza infection. Brew 1/2 l of boiling water 2 tbsp. l. crushed elecampane roots, insist in a warm (in a thermos) for 2 hours and drink with honey to taste, 1/2 cup 3-4 times a day. A mixture of honey (0.5 glass) with the juice of 1 lemon in four glasses of warm water is drunk during the day.

Tincture of eucalyptus leaves has a strong anti-influenza effect. For 20 g of leaves, take 1/2 cup of 70% alcohol, insist for a week and drink 25 drops in 1/4 cup of warm water 2-3 times a day.

Propolis has high healing properties. Propolis tincture can be given to children 10-20 drops 3 times a day before meals mixed with honey, milk, warm tea.

Freshly prepared garlic juice is highly effectiv

- 8-10 drops per 1 tbsp. l. warm milk 3-4 times a day. You can also inhale the volatile secretions of freshly prepared garlic gruel (10-15 minutes) 2-3 times a day. Garlic can be used crushed for a lotion, a tampon in the nose, or you can take garlic drops one at a time on your tongue, smear it all over your mouth, and then swallow. When preparing drops, add a glass of water to 100 g of crushed garlic and shake well. Take 3-4 days.

For the treatment of influenza, especially when accompanied by a cough, it is useful to rub fir oil into the chest area, neck area of the back, biologically active points along the nose and under it. You can prepare a mixture of fir oil with sea buckthorn or sunflower in a ratio of 1: 1.5 and bury it in the nose. A drop in each nostril. After that, drink diaphoretic tea.

When you get the flu, your need for quantity and quality of drink increases. Viral intoxication and high fever are accompanied by intense thirst. The total amount of liquid you drink should be 2-3 liters. Vegetable and fruit juices are best prepared at home to ensure they are natural and avoid additives. In addition, freshly made juices contain phytoncides, and this is their strength. It's easy to make carrot, cabbage, pumpkin, or beetroot juice and mix it with apple or cranberry juice. If you drink 3-4 glasses of juice a day, then recovery can come in 2-3 days and without complications.

When recovering, light, fresh, fortified food containing trace elements is required. Honey, as well as pollen and mummy, speed up the healing process. Flower pollen is taken in 1 tsp. three times a day for 5-7 days. Shilajit is enough to take 0.2 g 1 time per day in the morning on an empty stomach for 7-10 days.

In case of flu, a special tea is prepared in the form of an infusion of rose hips with honey. It has disinfecting properties, acts as a diaphoretic and diuretic, increases the body's immunity and resistance to infection. At the beginning of the disease, take 5-7 tablespoons of chopped fruits and brew 1 liter of boiling water, insist for 4-6 hours in a thermos and drink during the day. After 2-3 days, the dose of rose hips is reduced by 2 times. The infusion must be filtered through 4-6 layers of gauze. It is contraindicated for use with increased blood clotting, as well as with thrombophlebitis.

Cold treatment

A runny nose is the most common symptom of influenza. With a runny nose, nasal congestion with difficulty in nasal breathing is unpleasant, as well as headache. To alleviate this condition, you need to prepare a strong infusion of some antiviral plant, such as lemon balm or eucalyptus, and add 1-2 drops of fir oil to a glass of infusion. It is necessary to carefully rinse the nose with this solution, instilling it into each nostril, without tilting the head back, in order to exclude the ingress of rinsing fluid and nasal mucus into the auditory tubes and middle ear. With proper washing, some of the liquid will flow into the mouth, some will pour out through the nose. Rinse twice a day, and in between, instill garlic oil in the nose.

The nose is better free of mucus if you drink a glass of hot herbal tea before rinsing. To do this, you need to stock up on mother and stepmother, marshmallow root, oregano, nettle, yarrow, chamomile flowers, calendula, linden, viburnum fruits, plantain leaves, licorice root extract or its roots, raspberry fruits, pine buds, St. John's wort, elecampane roots, sage leaves, mint. It is better to prepare tea from 2-3 available herbs, but more variety is acceptable.

We wish you success and be healthy!

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