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What Plants Can Be Used To Treat Hepatitis, Diabetes, Gout
What Plants Can Be Used To Treat Hepatitis, Diabetes, Gout

Video: What Plants Can Be Used To Treat Hepatitis, Diabetes, Gout

Video: What Plants Can Be Used To Treat Hepatitis, Diabetes, Gout
Video: Plants that can Treat GOUT. Must Watch! 2023, March

The medicine that grows next to us

In Western Europe, not everyone can afford to be treated with herbs, but only those who have a decent income. People who leave for Germany, France and other countries often turn to our Center for collecting herbs.


And yet there is no shortage of herbs anywhere. Note: Once the snow melts, your yard is filled with a variety of different plants, provided, of course, that the soil is not tainted by chemical fertilizers or poisons. Grasses make their way even on paved paths. Many of us view this situation as the emergence of weeds that need to be controlled. For example, not a single city courtyard, and even more so a garden or vegetable plot, is complete without such an extremely useful plant as burdock. The very name of this plant indicates its medicinal use - to treat tumors. The leaves and the root of the first year of life, when only a rosette of leaves, as well as inflorescences and fruits are formed, have medicinal use.

Traditional medicine uses burdock to treat many diseases, especially effective treatment with juice and burdock root oncological diseases. Patients often use it in the postoperative period as an additional agent and even a substitute for chemotherapy treatment used by doctors.

A decoction of burdock root (4-5 tbsp. L. Per 1 l of water) is used internally in the treatment of various skin diseases, with boils, furunculosis, rashes, with scrofula, rickets as a blood purifier. In addition, this broth is taken for various diseases of the genitourinary organs, including venereal, as a diuretic, cleansing the kidneys and ureters. Drink this broth and for chronic constipation.

Burdock root is used either in the form of a powder or in the form of a decoction as a diuretic for kidney stones, genitourinary diseases. Infusion and decoction of burdock roots and inflorescences are used for pulmonary tuberculosis, pediculosis, as an anti-inflammatory agent for pancreatitis, enteritis, colitis, colpitis, sinusitis, stomatitis, acne, as well as for cholelithiasis, gastric ulcer, cirrhosis of the liver, chronic constipation, osteochondrosis skin diseases, itching, dermatitis, urticaria, dry seborrhea (burdock oil), ascites, alcoholism (assembled); as a tonic for obesity.

For the treatment of malignant neoplasms, as well as for atherosclerosis, hemorrhages, tachycardia, hemorrhoids, gout, rickets; as a diaphoretic, antipyretic; with diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, with radiation injury - the roots and fruits of burdock are used;

Burdock leaves are used for syphilis, leprosy (assembled), respiratory infections; inflorescences - with erysipelas, liver diseases. For asthenia, leaves, inflorescences are used, as well as a means for strengthening hair, as a wound healing agent; with sunstroke.

Roots and leaves are used for hepatitis, herpes (collected), for arthritis, rheumatism. For headache and toothache, leaves, inflorescences are used; with jade - fruits (assembled). Burdock fruits have antioxidant properties, they help to stop the development of furunculosis within a day after eating them. The roots exhibit antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal activity, the essential oil obtained from burdock is antibacterial.

In case of sugar disease, drink a decoction of burdock roots or the following mixture: bean shells, burdock roots and blueberry leaves in equal doses. Take 50-60 g of the mixture per 1 liter of water, soak overnight, boil in the morning for 5-7 minutes, then insist a little more, filter, easily wringing out the remainder, and the whole broth is drunk in 6 doses per day.

For gout, tea is drunk from the following mixture: burdock roots - 25 g, wheatgrass rhizomes - 20 g, succession herbs - 20 g, tricolor violets - 30 g, Veronica officinalis - 20 g. Take 40 g of this mixture per 1 liter of water and boil on simmer for 15 minutes. They drink three glasses a day, the first time on an empty stomach.

Outwardly. For baths, people with rheumatism and arthritis make a decoction of burdock roots, heather grass, nettle, wild rosemary, tartar, lingonberry leaves - the dose is not limited.

Wounds that do not heal for a long time are treated with an ointment, which is prepared as follows: 75 g of chopped fresh burdock root is infused for a whole day in a warm place in 200 g of sunflower oil, then boiled for 15 minutes over low heat and filtered into a jar.

In case of hair loss and, in general, in case of skin diseases on the head, twice a week, they wash their heads in a decoction of burdock root - 20 g and marigold flowers - 10 g per 1 liter of water. Some add another 15 g of hop cones to these components. Burdock roots have nutritional value - boiled, fried, like a salad dish.

How many patients come to us with anemia? They probably do not realize that nettles, which grow on vacant lots and under fences in summer cottages, are the best cure for this disease. In folk medicine, nettle herb is used to treat gout, anemia, kidney, liver and bladder diseases, dropsy and hemorrhoids. Nettle is a generally recognized remedy for radiculitis, rheumatism: sore spots are rubbed with fresh grass or baths. Outwardly, nettle is used in the form of rubbing for paralysis, scabies, nettle fever, varicose ulcers are moistened with nettle juice. Most importantly, both burdock and nettle are plants that can be used from early spring to late fall.

Now let's think: maybe you and many people living in your house need this herb. In general, the selection of herbs growing around us in the most prominent places depends on who lives in this house, what herbs these people need for well-being, prevention and treatment of the most likely diseases. If there is a vulnerable spot in the body of any of the residents, then immediately or even a little earlier nearby, as if by magic, the corresponding herbs appear. Think, maybe this information contains the key to a completely new attitude to nature, and our connection with plants is closer than we think. Maybe plants are looking for us when we need it, just like cats do, who find a sore spot in us and lie down on it, curing headaches and other pains.

Therefore, do not pass by those plants that grow in your garden "like weeds", use them raw or dried in food or for tea. This cooking will be of the greatest help to your health. In addition, you will get real pleasure taking out fragrant seasonings from jars, boxes, bags. At any time, you will have at your fingertips small energy stations created by nature itself. Most importantly, you will prepare wonderful dishes that combine taste and health, and turn food into medicine.

We wish you good luck and stay healthy!

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