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How To Treat A Herniated Disc
How To Treat A Herniated Disc

Video: How To Treat A Herniated Disc

Video: How To Treat A Herniated Disc
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How to treat a herniated disc with alternative methods

Modern medicine believes that the treatment of an intervertebral hernia can only be effective by surgery. Doctors consider this verdict to be final. Traditional medicine testifies to the successful use of many other means.

One such method is the use of cast iron shavings. Pour 4 glasses of shavings into a working mitten, and pour 1 tablespoon of vinegar into the center of it (you can either 9% or 32%), tie the mitten. Spread a sheet of paper on the bed, a cotton napkin on top and then put a mitten. It is necessary to lie on the mitten with a sore spot and warm up. After half an hour, the mitten will become so hot that it will become difficult to endure, after that it is necessary to cover the mitten with several layers of fabrics and continue the treatment. The mitten will start to cool down in 50 minutes. The next day, you can take a rest, and then repeat the procedure for 5-6 days. After seven days of procedures, the shavings rust and lose their healing properties. We must replace it with a new one. Rusty liquid can spill onto the sheet, so you need to provide for this and make the bed so as not to spoil good linen.

With a spinal hernia, it is recommended to do physiotherapy exercises, and a special therapeutic massage is also useful if there is no exacerbation. Sleep on a firm surface with a low pillow under the neck. It is useful to take baths with sea salt or a decoction of pine needles, spruce, thuja, and also take decoctions:

  1. Parsley root - 1 tbsp l. in a glass of boiling water. Drink after meals in two doses.
  2. Lingonberry leaves - 2 tbsp. l. pour 1/2 liter of boiling water, boil for 10-15 minutes, leave for 1 hour, add 2 tbsp. l. honey and drink during the day for 3-4 doses.

It helps well with vertebral hernia rubbing into the sore spot with a mixture of ground onion together with the leaves of Indian onions (poultry) and honey in equal volumes.

You can take 2 tablespoons of honey, mix with 5 g of mummy, dilute the mixture with a tablespoon of water and rub into the hernia area overnight. After that, you need to take good cover and sleep.

Recently, the marsh cinquefoil has become very popular in the treatment of various diseases. Lyubov Ivanovna Belova from Shadrinsk told us about the possibility of its effective use for spinal hernia. She did not follow any diet, did not use massage and special physical exercises, but regularly drank tincture of cinquefoil throughout the year. In addition, she rubbed the sore spot and sore leg with this tincture. She did not notice any side effects from such treatment.

Do not be upset if you cannot find a cinquefoil in the swamp or purchase it from a thrifty neighbor. If not in your garden, then in the neighboring abandoned area you will always dig up burdock roots. It is imperative to take the roots of the second year. It is necessary to rinse them roots, peel them well, cut and boil them. The roots of one large plant, and this is about 50 g, is enough to insist in 1/2 liter of boiling water for two hours, well wrapped or in a thermos. After each meal, drink half a glass. One glass of drink is enough for one day. You need to drink for 7 days. Then, judging by the state of health, after a week's break, the treatment is continued or repeated six months later, if there are no special reasons for long-term treatment.

You don't have to dig for the roots, you can also use burdock seeds. But the prickly heads, also about 50 g, must be boiled for 20 minutes and taken inside the decoction in the same way as the infusion of the roots for 7 days. Do not hesitate or fear to diversify your treatment system. Together with ingestion, an infusion or decoction can be used in the form of compresses, rubbing, or even using a bath procedure. Try to find the most comfortable way of treatment for yourself. One more herb should be put in a good word in connection with the treatment of spinal hernia. This herb is called Kupena medicinal (see Fig.), It is not for nothing that the people call it the Solomon seal because of the powerful power of healing. The roots of kupena have the greatest healing power. The simplest recipe for using kupena is as follows: take 2 tablespoons of chopped roots,pour 3 liters of milk and evaporate in the oven until the volume is reduced to 1 liter. Take hot or warm in 1-2 tbsp. l. 1/2 hour after meals three times a day. Take until the broth ends. Store it in the refrigerator. Plants are poisonous, but with heat treatment, its toxicity decreases.

According to the testimony of those who used this remedy, the course of treatment is sufficient even when there were severe pains, and the patient could neither walk nor lie down because of them. To consolidate the effect of treatment, it is useful to repeat the course of treatment twice more.

Herbs help us if we do not show laziness, they themselves tell us how they can help. Healing herbs grow around us, just do not be lazy to collect them and do not treat them like harmful weeds. They do not harm us, they help us. Therefore, do not throw away those weeds that you remove by weeding the garden, but cut, dry, and then use for tea. Thus, you will prevent many diseases.

We wish you good luck and stay healthy.

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