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Flowers Mascots Of The Zodiac Sign Pisces
Flowers Mascots Of The Zodiac Sign Pisces

Video: Flowers Mascots Of The Zodiac Sign Pisces

Video: Flowers Mascots Of The Zodiac Sign Pisces
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Calendar of mascot plants for the zodiac sign Pisces

From February 20 to March 20, the Sun passes through the zodiacal constellation Pisces. People born under the sign of Pisces are very emotional. They tend to take everything to heart. It is difficult for them to be realistic and objectively relate to the world around them. They often have vivid imaginations and great creativity.

Let's consider the peculiarities of the influence of some mascot plants on the psychology and health of people born under the sign of Pisces and helping to solve their emotional problems.

It is useful to have flowers-mascots of Pisces in the house for employees of charitable organizations, poets, photographers, rescuers, social security workers.

Siderasis brownish

A herb from the Commeline family - the Tradescantia group. His homeland is South America. The stem of the plant is shortened, the leaves are collected in a socket. They are obovate green with a silvery stripe along the midvein, purple or red underneath, pubescent with brown hairs. Purple flowers up to 2.5 cm in diameter. The plant is demanding on air humidity. Better to keep it in a terrarium.

Psychologically, siderasis creates a calming background, which is especially useful for overly emotional individuals, helps to endure resentment more easily, resist a bad mood, gain self-confidence, not give up at the first difficulties and, ultimately, not become dependent on circumstances.

With its sedative effect, siderasis helps to overcome insomnia, helps to strengthen the lymphatic and endocrine systems of the body; instilling calm confidence, he helps to learn to walk after an injury of the musculoskeletal system, to develop a correct gait.

For the energy of the house, siderasis is useful in that it creates an atmosphere of cozy calm and helps to smooth out the conflict between a strong desire to do something and the inability to implement it. This is especially important for children who master handicrafts, music, when solving complex mathematical problems, when, having started a business, a person gets confused, upset and falls into a whiny state.

The fat woman is lyciform

A plant from the succulent family. Its erect branching stems are completely covered with small scales. Requires moderate watering. Loves fresh air. Prefers day and night temperatures to be significantly different. Easily rooted by cutting.

The lymphatic fat woman is interesting not only to flower growers born under the sign of Pisces, but also to many people suffering from emotional and physical stress. In addition, the fat woman helps to restrain irritability in dealing with children, and in children it relieves nervousness when learning.

The fat woman is useful in that it helps to neutralize physical stress for those people who are on their feet all day, it is also useful for antispasmodic pains. Thanks to the fat woman, a person begins to spend energy more economically and get tired less.

In the house and in the microcollective, the fat woman provides stress relief from both negative and positive emotions, and as a result, the atmosphere itself helps the individual to relax.

Papyrus (cyperus)

An evergreen plant from the sedge family. His homeland is tropical Africa. Stems are green, slender, up to 1.5 m tall. The leaves are collected with an umbrella, up to 20 cm long. Papyrus loves abundant watering and a warm room. Leaves need systematic spraying. Propagated by dividing the plant and apical stem cuttings.

The papyrus is primarily useful for those engaged in intense mental work. It will also help those who need to master a large amount of information in a short time. Papyrus is especially useful to its owner at the initial stage of acquiring any kind of knowledge, be it elementary school, first year of college or higher educational institution. It helps a person to take an interested step on one or another path of knowledge and at the same time protects from mental overwork, helps him to show sincerity and kindness.

It also helps its owner to relax, makes his sleep more efficient - it takes less time to get enough sleep; helps cleanse the lymphatic and endocrine systems.

Papyrus is of particular importance for the energy of the home and microcollective. He is good in those homes where people have to talk a lot. Cleans the atmosphere of the room from the energy of words and thoughts of liars and sly ones, protecting the house from empty, annoying sounds, and members of the team from energy depletion.

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Larisa Pavlova, astropsychologist

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