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Flowers Mascots Of The Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Flowers Mascots Of The Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Video: Flowers Mascots Of The Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Video: Flowers Mascots Of The Zodiac Sign Capricorn
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Calendar of mascot plants of the zodiac sign Capricorn

From December 24 to January 20 inclusive, the Sun passes through the zodiac sign of Capricorn. For people born under this sign, plants such as rubber ficus, silver bastard, elephant yucca or deremskaya dracaena will feel good in the house.

These flowers will also be useful for professional success for administrators of all ranks, astronomers, economists, teachers, experts, inspectors, soil ecologists, conductors, trainers, managers - all those who have to make independent decisions.

Ficus rubber

Its elastic leaves can reach 33 cm in length. The presence of ficus in the room helps to overcome excessive sensitivity. He is good in those microcollects where people constantly talk about their troubles and ailments. Often after that, in a difficult atmosphere, decadent moods arise and it becomes difficult to do even the simplest things. With the advent of ficus, enthusiasm settles in the house.

The biological energy of rubber ficus helps us to redistribute our forces, to use time more rationally. It has been noticed that it helps a person control the words that fly off the tongue, and, conversely, find the words that are necessary at the right time.

For health, it is useful in that its mere presence accelerates the healing of fractures, the healing of skin and bones. In addition, it prevents the development of dropsy, tumors, and promotes the healing of abscesses.

Fat woman silver

A plant from the succulent family. It is also popularly called the money tree because of the resemblance to coins of its round leaves. The stalk of the bastard can reach 1 m in height, the color of the leaves varies from gray-green to reddish. Loves diffused light or partial shade. The optimum temperature is + 10 … + 25 ° С.

The fat woman is useful in those houses where the atmosphere is saturated with the oppressive weight of worries about material goods. Constant preoccupation leads to chronic diseases of family members. There is heaviness in the legs, it becomes difficult to walk. The fat woman absorbs negative energy, promotes the emergence of tranquility, helps a person economically allocate physical, mental and spiritual resources. Ease of gait returns!

It is good to have a fat woman in the house for merchants, accountants of large organizations, sports coaches, mountaineers, rock climbers.

Psychologically, the fat woman is useful in that it develops perseverance and hard work. In China, it is believed that the fat woman is able to prolong the youth of the musculoskeletal system, promotes the treatment of the spleen, rejuvenates the skin, joints, tendons, hair.

Yucca elephant

An ornamental-leaved houseplant, has a tree-like trunk up to one and a half meters high, looks like a false palm.

Yucca does not allow to disturb the harmony of the atmosphere at home, protects it from the energy of people who at a difficult moment cannot gather their strength. People begin to understand each other perfectly, avoiding quarrels and scandals.

Emotionally and mentally, yucca is useful in that it helps a person understand, without outside help, what he can do.

For physical health, elephant yucca is useful in that it protects us from the occurrence of rheumatic pains, muscle sprains, and promotes rapid healing of cuts on the skin.

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