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Indoor Plants Decorate The Interior, Purify And Heal The Air
Indoor Plants Decorate The Interior, Purify And Heal The Air

Video: Indoor Plants Decorate The Interior, Purify And Heal The Air

Video: Indoor Plants Decorate The Interior, Purify And Heal The Air
Video: The BEST Air Purifying Houseplants in 2021 | Top Indoor Plants for Home 2023, March

Indoor plants decorate the interior, purify and heal the air

The air of apartments and offices contains a huge amount of microorganisms and harmful substances. We breathe varnishes, paints, fumes from furniture and working equipment, nicotine, plastic and the like. Useful indoor plants will help to correct this situation.

They will decorate the interior and bring a piece of nature, with them you will enjoy clean fragrant air. Thanks to them, autumn depressions and impending colds will not be able to get into your house. In the kitchen, for example, the well-known chlorophytum will be in place - it cleans the room of harmful gases and odors in just a few hours. Monstera, ivy, asparagus, spurge, aloe, spathiphyllum will also help to improve the air. Clivia, zonal and fragrant pelargonium, aspidistra live and purify the air in a room where people smoke a lot. Periodically, these plants need to be taken out into fresh air in order for them to recover.

If your apartment is stuffy, and in winter it's also dry, grow a sansevier. This is a real oxygen production factory. It also protects against harmful substances emitted by linoleum or furniture. Cyperus, Benjamin's ficus, asparagus, monstera, arrowroot, all plants with large leaves will help humidify the air and saturate it with oxygen. If you work at a computer, next to an air conditioner, a printer, or a copier, then for sure by the end of the day you will feel very tired, and sometimes weak and have a headache. Dead air, processed by technology, does not contain negative ions, phytoncides and live aromas. Place a small conifer next to you. It can be araucaria, cryptomeria, juniper, cypress, cypress - and enjoy the freshness. Cereus and croton (codiaum) will also help restore the ionic composition of the air. A bush of pelargonium will save from a headache. In addition, it lowers blood pressure and promotes sound sleep.

Protect from germs with strong aromas of myrtle, citrus plants, rosemary, eucalyptus, azalea. Dieffenbachia, anthurium, begonias, tradescantia, ruella, aglaonema, lavender, mint, sage will also disinfect the air. Antibacterial phytoncides secrete amaryllis, agapanthus, zephyranthes, hippeastrum. The aroma of scented pelargonium will prevent colds. Various types of radiation will be filtered by cacti. Asparagus absorb heavy metal salts. Dracaena, chlorophytum, aloe, philodendron, shefflera, spathiphyllum, dieffenbachia will get rid of formaldehydes and phenols emitted from new furniture. In every house there are places in which after a while the state of health worsens, depression appears. These are geopathogenic zones, a person cannot stay in such zones for a long time. Dogs avoid them, but cats, on the contrary, sleep only in these places.

In geopathogenic zones and places of stagnation of energy (corners), you need to place a plant that will take on negative energy: a palm tree, ficus, myrtle, as well as any plant with an erect stem and a rounded crown. Negative bioradiation will help neutralize vines and plants with hanging shoots: ivy, cissus, tradescantia. They are used to decorate the sharp corners of furniture. Plants for the bedroom are especially carefully selected. Here monstera, dracaena, cordilina, plants with an oval crown or falling branches will be appropriate. They will soothe, relax, relieve fatigue and relieve the alien energy brought into the house. Mosquitoes, mosquitoes, flies cannot stand the peculiar scent of eucalyptus. With him, there will always be fresh and clean air in the room. Be sure to find your favorite houseplant - it will be a pleasure for you to look at at any time of the year or day.

If you have not yet had such a favorite, pay attention to some beautiful decorative leaf or flowering plant. Flowers with a bright red or yellow-orange color in the morning will drive away sleep and give a good mood for the whole day. They are indispensable for monotonous work. If you communicate a lot with people, work at a computer, then arrange a rest area for yourself, where there will be plants with foliage of different shades of green (ficus, aglaonema, dieffenbachia). They will help you calm down, relax your eyes, and soon you will be able to continue your work with renewed vigor. If you provide indoor plants with the best living conditions, they will certainly thank you and show all their useful properties.

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