How To Create A Winter Garden In The Office
How To Create A Winter Garden In The Office

Video: How To Create A Winter Garden In The Office

Video: How To Create A Winter Garden In The Office
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In late autumn and winter, many people develop depressed mood, lethargy, and apathy. In such a "low season", floral design becomes especially important, and not only apartments, but also offices, where most of the working population spends almost all day.

Greening of office premises requires special attention. Here, more than anywhere else, you should take care of the style, to the extent laconic, individual, "working" on the image of the company. Not all indoor plants will be able to grow in large rooms, where there is a lot of office equipment and a dramatically reduced humidity - one of the determining factors for growing plants.

Those who want to carry out greening of the office should remember that adjusting the illumination or, for example, the humidity in the office space is not an easy task. But the office can afford a lot that housewives are unlikely to do, including the acquisition of temporary gardening crops, which after a certain time are simply thrown away. Such plants, as a rule, are inexpensive, retain their decorative effect for 1-3 months and fully "work off" the capital invested in their acquisition.

There is an even more utilitarian approach to office landscaping: renting plants. By the way, the latter option in Western Europe is considered a sign of good taste. Rolled flowers can be much more exotic, decorative, and expensive. As soon as you see the first signs of a plant not feeling well, you can return it to its true owners, who will take all the necessary measures to "reanimate".

So, in the dull autumn-winter season, you want to create a good mood among your office employees. The solution to such a problem is possible in several ways, the most common of which is coloristic, which consists in the selection of plants of a certain color range. Yellow and orange colors work best on a person. The list of plants that have a positive effect on the emotional state of a person due to color includes beautifully blooming flowers with corollas painted in orange or yellow and variegated.

Among variegated plants, codiaums are fairly well kept in offices. The shape of the leaves in different representatives of this genus is significantly different and allows you to keep a group of several codiaums without fear of uniformity. The main requirements of these plants are sufficient illumination and a temperature not lower than 16 ° C. During the period of active growth, as a rule, from the beginning of February, the codiaum plant needs abundant watering and monthly feeding with complex mineral fertilizer.

Aucuba Japanese will feel at home without any problems - a magnificent evergreen shrub with pointed ovoid leaves, painted in a bright green color with many yellow spots. With good care, the plant can delight you not only with its elegant foliage, but also with bright red berries. Aucuba should be placed in a cool and protected place from direct sunlight. If it is not possible to maintain low temperatures, then there is a risk of plant damage by aphids.

Variegated cacti- another plant, amazing in terms of its positive effect on humans. There are no variegated cacti in nature, they belong to the so-called cultivars. For the first time such a plant was obtained by the Japanese breeder Watanabe in 1941. Since then, a huge number of variegated cacti have been obtained, whose color can be white, purple, and orange; at the same time, there are cacti with bicolor and multi-colored stems. In order to achieve the therapeutic effect that we are talking about, it is necessary to have not one cactus, but a group of these wonderful plants. Even a person completely indifferent to cacti cannot but appreciate their bright unusual beauty. A selection of variegated-stemmed cacti can decorate any office corner, including the head's office. Their maintenance in culture does not present any particular difficulties. Cacti should be given a well-lit area. During late autumn and winter, they practically do not need moisture, so it is better not to water them, but to spray them.

Various types of columnea are quite expensive and laborious to maintain. These ampelous plants with long hanging shoots bear very bright flowers: cinnabar red or orange-yellow. Flowering continues in autumn and late winter for a long period of time. The most suitable option for the office is the glorious columnea (Columnea gloriosa) and its garden form Purpurea, least of all other members of the genus needing indirect (without spraying) air humidification. Columbus, like cacti, is best rented.

The blooming white-perone drip is very good in autumn - a small abundantly branching shrub, in which large and bright yellow-red bracts up to 10 cm in length are attractive. With skillful care, it blooms almost all year round. It can be purchased as a culture of temporary gardening, since in February the plant needs strong pruning and loses its decorative effect.

A very similar crop, belonging to the same acanthus family (Acantacea) and more than suitable for the role of "plant healer" for autumn mood swings, is pachystachis yellow. With sufficiently good lighting, this plant with large leaves, white flowers up to 5 cm long and for a long time not falling off, bright yellow bracts thrives. Pachystachis is easy to care for and can be kept as a temporary gardening crop and as a permanent "office plant".

Clivia cinnabar is often found on the windows of a wide variety of institutions - from company offices to savings banks and pharmacies. The leaves of the clivia are belt-shaped, dark green; the period of active growth occurs in spring and summer, flowering - in autumn-winter. Orange-red flowers 5-6 cm in size are collected 10-20 on a peduncle up to 50 cm in height. It prefers bright places and relative coolness in winter (12-14 ° C), but can live at normal temperatures.

Potted varieties of the Compositae family, which bloom profusely during this period, will help to solve the problem of autumn-winter despondency in the most wonderful way. These include both dahlias and large-flowered potted gerberas, which are distinguished by a good bush shape, beautiful rich green foliage and an abundance of flower stalks. Varietal chrysanthemums are extremely decorative. Placing a few pots of chrysanthemums among the permanent green inhabitants of your office, and thus creating luxurious color spots, is a very simple and pleasant solution to the problem.

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