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Flowers Mascots Of The Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Flowers Mascots Of The Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Video: Flowers Mascots Of The Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Video: Flowers Mascots Of The Zodiac Sign Scorpio
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Calendar of mascot plants of the zodiac sign Scorpio

From October 24 to November 23 inclusive, the Sun passes through the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Individuals born under this sign have a strong emotional character, but it is difficult for them to express their feelings. It is necessary to get rid of anger: learn to give account of your own emotions and learn to express them in words. It is difficult to act openly and fairly. And hidden experiences can cause somatic diseases. Therefore, such a person must learn to laugh at his failures. And through laughter, inner tension will come out.


Scorpio flowers can serve as talismans for the development of unusual abilities, including creative ones, for the development of commercial abilities when working with other people's money; talismans against betrayal, a strong decline of strength; talismans for protection from violence, including the occult; talismans for maintaining mutual obligations.

In professional and social activities, Scorpio flowers are important for counseling psychologists, biochemists, security guards, tax collectors, investigators, loan campaigners, budget planners, retirees, psychics, as well as rescue workers to stay strong in the face of disasters and emergencies.

Desert cacti

They come from the hot, semi-desert regions of America. The main secret of caring for cacti is that they have long been adapted to indoor maintenance. Like most southern flowers, they are unaccustomed to direct sunlight. The optimal condition for them is bright, but diffused sunlight and moderate temperatures from spring to autumn. In winter - not lower than + 15 ° С.

In the emotional and psychological terms, desert cacti protect a person from resentment and rancor, develop tolerance in him for what he does not like. It helps people who are overly emotional to break out of the maelstrom of experiences.

Desert cacti are useful in homes where hosts and guests experience bouts of rage and anger. In this case, cacti, as it were, play the role of lightning rods, absorbing the energy of violent emotions, and, thereby, preserve the atmosphere of the house.

The presence of cacti softens the sharp pains associated with inflammatory processes of the genital organs, they protect against tissue erosion, protect against a sharp decline in strength caused by astral aggression.

Dracaena dragon

Dracaena dragon
Dracaena dragon

Looks like a false palm tree. In indoor conditions it grows up to one and a half meters high. Loves diffused light, withstands partial shade. Air humidity: in summer - normal, in winter - low. Air temperature +12, + 19 ° С.

Emotionally, the dragon dracaena gives a person confidence: the voice becomes stronger, and the right words are found faster, and thoughts are formed more clearly. Under the influence of dracaena dragon, the complex of loneliness passes, the fear of novelty disappears.

When we speak badly or think about ourselves, the energy of thoughts and words inhibits our development. But the dragon dracaena absorbs the energy of an individual's thoughts and feelings about the shortcomings of his character, saving him from "self-criticism", clearing the atmosphere of the house.

The presence of dragon dracaena in the house helps its owner maintain body flexibility, which is beneficial for athletes and artists. It is able to inhibit salt deposits and relieve rheumatic pains.

Ginura wicker

It is often kept as an ampelous plant. The velvety leaves are covered with purple hairs and give off a purple tint in the light. Ginura needs bright diffused light and occasionally spraying. It is growing rapidly. In spring, flower buds are cut off, as they smell unpleasant. The tops of the stems are pinched so that the plant bushes better. Easily propagated by stem cuttings.

For people who tend to raise their voices, ginura helps to be softer and more calm in speech. A long stay in the house of a ginura makes a person less demanding for comfort.

When the atmosphere of the house is negatively affected by television programs and horror films, the ginura cleans the room of dangerous energy and prevents the breakdown caused by nightmares.

For health, the presence of ginura is beneficial in that it alleviates diseases of the colon and genitals. It also speeds up metabolism in the body.

Flowers-talismans of the signs of the zodiac:

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

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