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Schisandra Chinensis - A Storehouse Of Biologically Active Compounds
Schisandra Chinensis - A Storehouse Of Biologically Active Compounds

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The life-giving power of the Far Eastern creeper

Ripe lemongrass berries have a juicy pulp and tender rind. Schisandra berry juice contains vitamin C (15-35 mg /%), tannins (0.15%), starch (about 1%), compounds of P-vitamin activity (up to 100 mg /%). The high acidity of Schisandra juice is due to the increased content of organic acids in it (5.7%), among which citric (24.4%), malic (24.4%) and tartaric (2.7%) are dominant. The average acidity of lemongrass berries is about 8.5% (for comparison: lemon - 5.83%, cranberries - 2.74%, red currants - 2.25%, raspberries and strawberries - 1.5%).

The greatest medicinal quality of lemongrass is characteristic of seeds. It is caused by a whole complex of biologically active substances (lignans), which determine the stimulating, tonic and adaptogenic effect of lemongrass preparations on the body. The seeds contain up to 33.8% essential oils (glycerides prevail, consisting of more than 90% of unsaturated fatty acids. Fruits accumulate macroelements: potassium, manganese, calcium, iron, etc. They also contain boron, titanium, molybdenum and silver.

An interesting fact is that in the fruits of lemongrass there is a purposeful accumulation of silver and molybdenum. Leaves, shoots, rhizomes and roots of lemongrass are also rich in essential oils and vitamins. Thus, the leaves contain five times more vitamin C than fruits (130 mg /%). The content of essential oils in the leaves and bark is 0.8% and 0.6%, respectively. Stimulating, tonic and adaptogenic substances are also found in the pulp, skin and fruits of berries, in the leaves, bark, shoots, rhizomes and roots of lemongrass. Thus, all parts of the vine serve as a source of biologically active compounds.

When cultivated in the garden, the valuable properties of this plant are preserved. In different regions of its cultivation, depending on local conditions, the chemical composition of Schisandra may vary somewhat in quantitative terms. The seeds and fruits of lemongrass, as well as preparations made from them, are among the stimulating and toning agents. The most widely known is the beneficial effect of alcohol tincture on mental and physical performance. This quality manifests itself after a single dose of the drug in 40-50 minutes. and lasts 6-8 hours. As a rule, the increase in performance occurs "gently", without perceptible arousal.

Taking dried berries increases endurance: a person gets tired less, does not suffer from cold; it increases visual acuity (including night vision), lowers blood sugar, dilates peripheral blood vessels, and increases blood pressure. In Korea, lemongrass juice is mixed with honey and used as a medicine. It is used in the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract and pulmonary diseases, and is recommended for patients with impaired vision and hearing impairment.

An alcoholic tincture of lemongrass fruit stimulates and tones the central nervous system, has a pronounced choleretic effect, stimulates the cardiovascular system (increases the strength of heart contractions) and respiration, regulates and evens out blood pressure. It significantly increases the light sensitivity of the eyes (it also speeds up their habituation to the dark), contributes to the long-term preservation and strengthening of strength in persons engaged in heavy physical and mental labor.

It is important that as a stimulant of the central nervous system, lemongrass does not deplete nerve cells. Medicines from this plant can be used to treat the elderly at a time when many other stimulants are contraindicated. Schizandra preparations increase the resistance of tissues to oxygen starvation, help during sports, in long transitions, with various serious diseases.

With long transitions, it is enough for an adult to chew and eat 6-7 lemongrass seeds to feel an increase in vitality, and the feeling of hunger dulls. Lemongrass is very useful for those who need to stay awake at night, completely replacing coffee and strong drinks. An aqueous solution of leaves and an infusion of lemongrass bark are used as a good vitamin, antiscorbutic agent; it has a thirst-quenching property.

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