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Growing Spruce Indoors
Growing Spruce Indoors

Video: Growing Spruce Indoors

Video: Growing Spruce Indoors
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Christmas tree

herringbone in a container
herringbone in a container

Tsar Peter borrowed the custom of decorating houses and streets with Christmas trees, pines and junipers on New Year's Eve from Protestant Germany. The ancient Germans revered the spruce as a sacred tree and believed that the forest spirit lived in its needles, protecting all life on earth. Ate was decorated with ribbons, amulets, candles were lit at the foot - in this way they appeased the forest spirit and prayed to the gods to grant them a happy year. In Russia, this tradition took root with difficulty, without coercion, trees began to decorate only at the end of the reign of Catherine II.

Nowadays, on New Year's Eve, live or artificial trees are decorated, as well as a variety of conifers in containers, which continue to live after the holidays. It is always a pity for the felled forest beauties who rule the winter ball for so long.

Christmas trees are increasingly used in containers that need to be properly prepared for home warmth.

A few weeks before the holiday, container spruces, junipers, pines from open ground are gradually accustomed to a higher temperature, keeping them in stages in a cold garage, on a glazed loggia, and, finally, they are placed in the coldest part of the room - at the balcony door, window, where the temperature is air does not exceed 10-12 ° C.

Decorations can be used only light and no candles, so as not to damage the needles.

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They are kept in the room for no more than a week, watering and sprinkling. Further, if they plan to plant a Christmas tree in the garden, they also gradually accustom it to low temperatures: they keep it in a cold room for several days, and transfer it to the balcony during the thaw.

On a frost-free day in March - April, you can plant a Christmas tree in the garden. It must be said that such a plant has little chance of surviving due to the high temperature contrast and coming out of dormancy.

You can do otherwise: for the winter holidays and other everyday life, grow coniferous plants in pots at home, taking them out to the balcony in the summer or adding them directly to the pots in the garden. For this purpose, various varieties and forms of thuja, cypress, cypress, juniper are suitable. It is very beneficial for health and mood. In winter, they need a bright place without drafts and an air temperature of 10-12 ° C, moderate watering and spraying.

Elegant greenery and resinous scent will always give a sense of celebration.