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Useful Properties Of Different Varieties Of Apples
Useful Properties Of Different Varieties Of Apples

Video: Useful Properties Of Different Varieties Of Apples

Video: Useful Properties Of Different Varieties Of Apples
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In the house visited by apples, the doctor has nothing to do

an Apple
an Apple

Apples are one of the richest sources of pectin substances (its high content is noted in the fruits of Antonovka ordinary, Pepin saffron, etc.). These substances are of great importance in our time, since they have the property of binding and neutralizing compounds of heavy and radioactive metals that enter the human body. In addition, pectin substances delay the development of harmful microorganisms in the intestines, normalize the digestion process, and contribute to the elimination of cholesterol from the body.

Apples are not considered to be a rich source of vitamin C, but the higher content of ascorbic acid is distinguished by the fruits of the varieties Antonovka ordinary, Welsey, Babushkino, Boyken and some others. Interesting in this respect is the multivitamin variety, which has a property rare for apples: it contains an increased amount of three vitamins - A, C and P.

250-300 g of fresh apples of such varieties can satisfy the daily requirement of an adult for vitamin C. When fruits are stored in winter, the content of ascorbic acid in them decreases. Its complete destruction occurs shortly before the appearance of visible symptoms: browning of the skin and pulp of the fruit.

When choosing varieties, one must also think over the possibility of using them in various kinds of homemade preparations. For example, for making jam, the fruits of the Cinnamon striped variety are irreplaceable, Bellefleur Chinese, Pepin saffron, Renet Kichunova, as well as Chinese and semi-crops are good. They are also widely used for making compotes.

Of the large-fruited varieties for compotes, the most suitable varieties are Antonovka ordinary, Papirovka, Korichnoe novoye, Melba, Renet Kichunova and others.

It is generally known that pickled apples are best from Antonovka vulgaris, but Pepin saffron, Cinnamon striped, Welsey varieties can also be used for this purpose.

For drying, the varieties Grushovka Moscow, Cinnamon striped, Antonovka ordinary, Anise are good.

Apples have a tonic effect and are very useful for people who have had a serious illness. With obesity, diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, it is recommended to systematically arrange fasting days 1-2 times a week (1.5-2 kg of peeled apples per day).

Apples and apple juice are beneficial for kidney, bladder, arthritis, dropsy, and edema.

In patients with diabetes mellitus, the fruits of the Antonovka ordinary variety are in special honor.

Infusion of apple leaves (1 tablespoon of crushed dry leaves in a glass of boiling water), taken 1/3 cup 4-5 times a day, is a good remedy for colds, coughs, hoarseness.

Not only fresh fruits have healing properties, but also products of their processing.

As the proverb says, "in the house where apples have been, the doctor has nothing to do."

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