Nasturtium Seed Capers Recipe
Nasturtium Seed Capers Recipe

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To my great regret, I cannot take part in the competition about "curiosities" grown on the plots, since I never aspired to grow them, but now I will certainly be, if, of course, the magazine continues the competition next year.

But I can take part in the competition for the original culinary recipe. This year we planted nasturtium for the first time on the site, which, despite bad weather and a shady landing site, grew and bloomed well. We grew two varieties: Alaska and Inozemnaya.

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Naturally, by the autumn return "from the summer cottage" the bushes had not yet fully bloomed, so the seeds were collected "green", poured into a bag and thrown into the refrigerator "until better times."

They did not have to lie for a long time, because, while reading a book about spices, I came across a note on the nutritional value of nasturtium, including the use of seeds as a seasoning for various dishes. It was not possible to find any specific recipes in the book, so I decided to act simply: I prepared an ordinary marinade, however, in addition to pepper, vinegar, salt, sugar, I added tarragon and basil.

I poured some of the seeds with marinade and waited for an excuse to try this "dish". The reason was found quickly: his own birthday. To my surprise, the pickled nasturtium seeds were highly rated by the guests.

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Indeed, it turned out to be a rather spicy dish with a specific, but very pleasant taste, which we used both as an independent snack and as an addition to meat.

Pickled nasturtium seeds resemble capers, only, of course, like anything cooked with your own hands, it is tastier and spicier. Since there were no victims of pickled nasturtium, I decided to salt the second portion of seeds. The brine prepared the simplest: water and salt to taste. It turned out well and, most importantly, tasty, although, in my opinion and taste, pickled nasturtium seeds were more piquant, "more exotic".

I would have known that the magazine would announce a culinary competition, would have kept pickled and salted nasturtium seeds for the jury, but, alas, they ate everything, and therefore everyone will have to take my word for it that there were such pickles and pickles.

For this year, we have bought so many nasturtium seeds that it will be enough to sow the entire plot. This means that there is hope for a good harvest. This means, and to participate in the next culinary competition.

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