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Usambar Violets By Svetlana Deryagina
Usambar Violets By Svetlana Deryagina

Video: Usambar Violets By Svetlana Deryagina

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Video: АФРИКАНСКИЕ ФИОЛЕТЫ | Руководство для начинающих по уходу, устранению неполадок и размножению Streptocarpus 2023, February
uzambara violets
uzambara violets

Collection of uzambar violets by Svetlana Deryagina

uzambara violets
uzambara violets

You can choose, order and buy violets, saintpaulias, streptocarpus, fuchsias, pelargoniums on my website

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E-mail: [email protected]

Collector Svetlana Konstantinovna Deryagina The

collection is constantly updated

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Purchase conditions

uzambara violets
uzambara violets

You can

order the plant varieties you like by phone or e-mail. You can order the plant varieties you like by phone or e-mail.

Minimum order 500 rubles

Prices in the catalog for fuchsias and pelargoniums are indicated for a rooted stalk, for violets - for a leaf and streptocarpus - for a leaf fragment. Prices for babies, starters or adult plants are negotiated separately. The presence of young and adult plants should be checked.

When placing an order, you must fully indicate the names of the varieties you have chosen, in what form - with a handle or a child you want to buy them, your full name, city, contact phone number.

uzambara violets
uzambara violets

Payment is preliminary. Cash on delivery is not sent. orders are executed in the order of receipt of postal or bank transfers.

Parcels are sent by mail only in the warm season, when the night temperature exceeds 10 degrees. For those living in St. Petersburg, the order is given in person.

The costs of sending parcels (on average, it is 250-300 rubles) must be added to the cost of the order.

Orders are executed after 100% payment.

Please do not pay for your order until the availability of plants and questions about their shipment has been fully agreed.

The order is sent by e-mail: [email protected] In the "Order" indicate the names of plants and their cost according to the catalog.

Our address will be indicated after the order has been agreed.

The parcel is formed and sent after receiving the money transfer. The "Customer" will receive a message about sending the parcel by e-mail or by phone.

If you want to purchase an "Order" on the spot, in the city of St. Petersburg, (in this case, a meeting at the metro is possible), then it must also be agreed by phone or by e -mail. At a personal meeting, planting material can be purchased year-round.

Growing and selling of uzambar violets

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