Give Flowers All Year Round - What To Give In August
Give Flowers All Year Round - What To Give In August

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Agusta flowers
Agusta flowers

The last month of summer has come. It is named so in honor of the Roman emperor Octavian, who received the honorary title of August from the Senate, which means great, sacred, elevated to the rank of noble. The original Slavic names of this month are dawn, serpen, stubble, that is, the time of ripening of fields, cornfields, the time of harvest.

In August, summer is before lunch, autumn in the afternoon. The first yellow leaves are already visible in the crowns of trees, the plants associated with autumn are blooming. For example, few people can remain indifferent to the luxurious bloom of gladioli.

Due to their qualities, they are ideal plants for cutting, and thanks to breeders, we have the opportunity to choose the color of the flowers, the size of the spiky inflorescences, the degree of corrugation of the petals. They are often used in "masculine" bouquets, but they are great for other options for floral gifts.

Annual asters, or callistephus and dahlias, bloom this month. Their numerous varieties differ in plant height, color, size and structure of inflorescences. Bouquets from them are beautiful and long standing in the water. In August, their close relative, echinacea, blooms, the inflorescences of which are painted in pink, purple, white or yellow.

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Throughout August, most varieties of phlox, beloved in Russia, bloom, the apical paniculate inflorescences of which are painted in watercolor pink, blue, white and other tones.

August is especially rich in holidays: All-Russian Day of the Collector (August 1), Day of the Airborne Forces (August 2), Day of the Railway Troops (August 6), International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples (August 9), International Youth Day and Air Force Day (August 12), International Left-Handed Day (August 13), Archaeologist Day (August 15), Trader's Day (August 17), Transfiguration of the Lord (August 19), Russian National Flag Day (August 22), Russian Cinema Day (August 27), Assumption of the Virgin (August 28), Railwayman's Day (first Sunday of the month), Athlete's Day (second Saturday in August), Builder's Day (second Sunday of the month), Air Fleet Day, or Aviation Day (third Sunday of the month), Miner's Day (last Sunday August).

Agusta flowers
Agusta flowers

The Orthodox Church celebrates three Savior in August: Savior of Honey (August 14, timed to coincide with the beginning of the collection of honey, its consecration and meal), Apple Savior (August 19, timed to the beginning of the collection of apples, grapes and other fruits), Nut Savior (August 29, he is Khlebny, or the Third Savior, is timed to the beginning of the ripening of hazelnuts (hazel) and the end of the harvesting of bread).

The atmosphere of these holidays can be supported by compositions of apples, grapes and other fruits, tied in sheaves with ripe cereals (rye, oats, wheat), sprigs of hazel or hazelnuts with fruits (including purple-leaved varieties).

On National Flag Day, compositions that combine the Russian tricolor - white, blue, red - will be in favor. The composition made in the shape and colors of the Russian flag will also be interesting.

The day of touching meetings is one of the youngest holidays in our country. So far, he is known only in narrow circles, in small close and very friendly companies, but I want to believe that many will soon find out about him, because this holiday is worthy of it. Each company (former classmates, classmates or just friends) determines the time of celebration of this day independently.

As a rule, this is any Saturday in August (less often in September), after the last of the friends of the company returns from vacation. Traditions of the holiday have not yet developed, but it always begins with loud joyful friendly greetings, hugs and kisses, the first toast "to the meeting" and is accompanied by conversations about a recent vacation with the freshest impressions about it.

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