Give Flowers All Year Round - What To Give In April
Give Flowers All Year Round - What To Give In April

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April flowers
April flowers

With the onset of warm April days, the rapid development of nature begins. No wonder the name of the month comes from the Latin word "aperire" - "to open". The first spring flowers bloom in April. Therefore, the Slavs gave him the name pollen.

"The April flower breaks the snow." If you dig out the melted snow, you can see growing groups of snowdrops, forest trees, anemones, crested beetles, goose bows, cleaners. These plants are ephemeroids (their annual development cycle is only a couple of months). Their delicate small flowers are placed in clusters in small vases. In addition to ephemeroids, other primroses bloom in April: primroses, sleep-grass (lumbago), adonis, hellebores, fragrant violets.

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Among the rather large variety of early flowering plants, crocus occupies a special place. It can rightfully be called the messenger of spring. Even small groups of crocuses, flashing with bright colors on the still bare ground, are an unusually beautiful sight. Even a single flower that opens under the rays of the bright spring sun evokes extraordinary joy and delight: spring has come!

April starts with April Fool's Day and International Bird Day. The custom of joking merrily and arranging harmless pranks on the first of April exists among many peoples. As you know, the festive atmosphere can be expressed not only with laughter and smiles, but also with flowers. Give flowers to each other on this day and have fun with all the heart!

April flowers
April flowers

And on April 1, by the decision of the UN General Assembly, since 2007, they celebrate the International Day of the Florist. Unfortunately, not all heroes of the occasion know about this. But they can make a great gift for themselves and their colleagues, taking into account their personal preferences in color, technique of execution and composition of compositions.

April 2 is the Day of the Unity of Peoples and the International Day of Children's Book. The kids will be happy with a new book, decorated with a bunch of snowdrops, crocuses, bells, violets or various "daisies".

On April 7, the Christian world celebrates the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos (on this day, 9 months before the Nativity of Christ, the Virgin Mary learned from the Archangel Gabriel about the future birth of the baby Jesus).

Investigative Workers Day (April 6), World Health Day (April 7), Air Defense Forces Day (April 10), World Aviation and Space Day (April 12), International Day for Monuments and Historic Sites (April 18), International Day Earth and Tree Planting Day (April 22), World Book and Copyright Day (April 23), International Youth Solidarity Day (April 24), World Intellectual Property Day (April 26), International Day for Safety and Health at Work (April 28), International Day dance and Interior Designer Day (April 29), Firefighter's Day (April 30), as well as Geologist's Day (first Sunday of the month), Science Day (third Sunday in April), people involved will be very happy with a surprise in the form of a bouquet imbued with fresh spring mood.

A week before Easter, Christians celebrate the Lord's Entry into Jerusalem, or Palm Sunday. Many visit the temple on this day, holding in their hands the blossoming fluffy twigs of willow, boxwood shoots, palm leaves or flowers. At the same time, the willow personifies health, vitality and fertility.

April flowers
April flowers

Seven days later, the main Christian holiday begins - the Bright Resurrection of Christ - Easter. Its date is determined by the lunisolar calendar and, as a rule, falls on one of the April days. All Christians celebrate this great holiday. Christ is Risen!

Temples on Palm Sunday and Easter are decorated with flowers. Usually these are white roses, lilies and chrysanthemums. For home, you can do it yourself or order from florists a spring composition in the form of a ball or a nest of intertwining branches, filled with fluff, bark, bulbs, eggs and flowers, yellow like chickens (daffodils, buttercups, tulips).

The next Sunday after Easter, Orthodox Christians celebrate Krasnaya Gorka. By this day, florists receive numerous orders for wedding decoration and making bouquets for brides.

Nine days after Easter, Radonitsa comes - a special day of remembrance of the dead, when relatives and friends visit their graves and lay flowers on them, because the holidays are not only funny, but also sad.

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