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Color Solution In Creating A Harmonious Garden
Color Solution In Creating A Harmonious Garden

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Celebration of color

flower garden
flower garden

Summer this season could not pick up colors for a long time - it was late. But by the last decade of July, the colors finally began to play.

But then the delphiniums flew up, the astilbe fluffed up, the roses began to delight with their bright beauty, the pearl yarrow dazzled with its whiteness.

Phloxes joined this holiday of flowers, Siberian irises were blooming, clematis actively climbed the supports, loosestrife of all kinds decorated the gardens with bright yellow color, carnation grass attracted attention with small cute flowers, loosestrife formed reverse cones of wonderful color, late peonies bloomed, jasmine smelled later than usual …

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To all this splendor, variegated shrubs were added, delighting the eyes with a palette of colors, interesting herbs rose, meadowsweet soared into the sky, forming pink and cream clouds. Added paints and burgundy plants. Indeed, a real celebration of color!

“Color affects the soul, can evoke feelings and excite thoughts that excite us, sadden and delight us …”, said Goethe in his treatise “The Teaching of Color”.

flower garden
flower garden

Each color has its beginning. Red - active, masculine. Blue - deep - feminine. Yellow - strong and balanced, represents the transition from masculine to feminine. Green is an intermediary, creates a balance between light (yellow) and darkness (blue).

I propose to deal with combinations, color combinations and the role of color solutions in creating a harmonious garden.

Everybody remembers the words from childhood: “Every hunter wants to know where the pheasants are sitting”. The phrase was born to memorize the solar spectrum. Remember when we talked about imitating nature?

What colors go together? Which ones contrast? What is the best way to arrange them in the garden space? Let's try to deal with these issues.

Red Pink Orange Purple White Yellow Blue Green Cyan

Good: Unfavorable:

After one or two. Combine in adjacent spectra.

By combining colors, you can get a wide variety of variations. The most effective and at the same time simple combinations of pure (primary) colors. At the same time, combinations of neighboring colors of the solar spectrum often give a disharmonious color effect.

Achromotic colors are especially distinguished: white - gray - black.

Primary colors: red, yellow, blue.

Additional: green, purple, ocher.

Shades of color (tones): there are many of them. Interesting contrasts create light and dark tones.

flower garden
flower garden

Let's take an example of the effect of color contrast. Viola (Pansies) dark blue looks like a night, like a "failure", especially in cloudy weather.

At the same time, yellow flowers look expressive in this situation. Have you presented? And now for the thoughtful creators of flower gardens, a lesson: to make the dark on a dark background more visible, you need to plant significantly more plants. Increase stocking density.

- In order for the brightness of blue and orange flowers to be the same against a dark background, the density of blue plants must be twice the density of orange ones.

- On a light background, the ratio is exactly the opposite, since blue and violet form a bright contrast with the background.

Color has the effect of zooming in and out. Here we must take into account the warm and cold tones. Warm - stand out. Cold ones move away. Example: blue is good where you need to create the illusion of depth in space.

Harmonious combinations are based on contrast, that is, on the use of complementary colors that are opposite in the circular spectrum. These are the following color pairs: yellow - violet, orange - blue, red - green, magenta - yellow-green, orange-yellow - blue-violet.

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flower garden
flower garden

You can paint many tones and arrange them in a circular spectrum. It should be chosen at the vertices of a regular triangle inscribed in a circle.

For those who value elegance and tranquility most of all, we recommend monochromaticity. Two or three tones of the same color. Better to use subtle tones. Such compositions are called "Flower Dreams". Monochrome flower beds look good against a brick wall or green coniferous trees. White-gray - can be varied with silvery leaves.

A few words about the meaning of achromotic colors. The main meaning of white is to shade brighter colors. White, gray are good for muffling compositions and help balance the color well. In monochrome flower beds, they will add a touch of variety without breaking the general harmony (soft pink plus light pink, plus hot pink, add white). In addition, white, gray colors work well when creating borders between colors so that the variegation does not turn into a "mess". At dusk, the white color is clearly visible and attracts attention: a beacon, the edge of the path. And the role of black is to enhance contrast.

About a sense of proportion

flower garden
flower garden

The inhabitants of the Northwest region lack light and colors. Therefore, we often see very oversaturated flower beds. I want to pay special attention to the wrong combination: pink - red. Avoid using these two colors side by side!

Pink will easily ruin any flower garden, and red will attract all the attention.

That's all for today, and next time we'll look at ways to change space.

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