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It Should Be Cozy In The Country
It Should Be Cozy In The Country

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A garden pleasing to the soul and the eye

landscaping the garden
landscaping the garden

We have been creating our own garden for the twelfth year. A lot of work has been invested, because once it was a slope of a forest with many huge trees, and its lower part turned out to be a swamp.

So they uprooted the trees and dragged the peat up the hill from the swamp, and down the sand from the top. But those difficult times are over, and now it is a blooming garden from early spring to late autumn.

My first assistant and master of concrete, stone and wood works is my husband. He hardly manages to implement, if not all, then at least the most acceptable of my ideas, and there are so many of them that will be enough for several years to come.

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Of course, our efforts are not in vain. The garden becomes more and more beautiful every year, and since its size is not small, besides lawns, alpine slides, flower beds and decorative pools (there are two of them), there is, of course, a vegetable garden with hotbeds and greenhouses, and a fruit and berry garden on the southern slope with many varietal plantings, and even a vineyard both in the open field and in a greenhouse special for it. So you have to work, as they say, from dawn to dusk.

landscaping the garden
landscaping the garden

And to relieve fatigue in our garden there are many beautiful corners pleasing the eyes and soul, cozy places to relax. The most favorite place of this kind is a bench by a decorative pond with fish. It is a pleasure to sit, even for a short time, by the water, admire the pale pink nymphs, and watch the frolicking fish.

Another resting place can be considered a spacious bench under a cherry tree, overlooking a coniferous garden and a lawn with a chic, very long flowering hydrangea paniculate bush and three globularly trimmed boxwoods.

If you then walk under a wooden arch with climbing roses past five spray roses, you will find yourself in the stone kingdom: there is a well, and a bench under the clematis, and a table, and even a bathtub for moving fish during cleaning the main puddle. Everything is made of stone and concrete, and three overgrown clematis on wooden supports delight everyone for a long time with an abundance of large flowers.

And on the other side of the garden, in its upper part, there is a modest little gazebo, to which several steps of granite fragments, brought by us from the dump of granite workshops, have been created. stones.

There are also dwarf forms of several conifers, three types of irises, a fan-shaped divine tree (wormwood).

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landscaping the garden
landscaping the garden

And this whole composition is completed by a huge natural arch made of bird cherry. During its flowering in spring, the beauty around is extraordinary, and the smell is dizzy. I just want to sit and relax in this place.

There is also one more, completely secluded corner in the country, behind three thick hazelnuts (by the way, there were a lot of nuts last year). There we have a small table with a bench, and on a hot day there, hiding from the sun, you can eat ice cream, drink tea, and men often hide there with cans of beer.

Well, if it's raining, then you can't work in the garden or relax in nature. Then you take a book in your hands - and onto the glassed-in balcony, we call it a home garden, since there are many flowers brought from a city apartment for the summer. They are light and warm there, rain does not pour and the wind does not blow. And we are comfortable.

This is how we work and rest in the beauty we have created.

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