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How To Achieve Annual Flowering Of Amaryllis
How To Achieve Annual Flowering Of Amaryllis

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In the Leningrad region, amaryllis is grown, as a rule, in containers, which are exposed for the summer in the garden, in the open air, and for the winter they are transferred to the basement or stored in any cool room.

Most amaryllis bulbs form flowers every year if conditions are right and properly stored.

Amaryllis are sun-loving plants. Place them on the sunniest windowsill in your apartment. Young peduncles are initially soft and yellow. With age, as a result of photosynthesis, they turn green, the accumulation of nutrition accelerates.

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When the cold weather passes, and in the Leningrad region it is about June 10, place the plant in the garden first in a wandering shade. Move it to full sunlight soon.

If the soil in the garden is well-drained, place the container in the ground. If the place is damp, place the container on the surface of the ground and sprinkle with soil on top. The rain will penetrate freely, it is not terrible. The sun and wind will quickly dry out the container if it is simply left outdoors. Therefore, periodically check the moisture content of the soil in the containers. The soil must be constantly moist.

Fertilize amaryllis in early spring and summer using a liquid fertilizer specifically recommended for flowering plants. Before the onset of the first autumn cold weather, transfer the plants to a warm, cool room, to a basement or semi-basement.

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Stop watering. The leaves will turn brown and die. After a few months, the bulbs will wake up and start growing again. Water them periodically and transfer to a sunny place. If they do not wake up, then wait another two months and then plant in fertile soil.

In amaryllis, bulbs are dug out for a dormant period, planted in pots in spring, young plants in larger pots. The soil for amaryllis should consist of several parts: turf, leaf, and humus soil mixed with sand (1 part of sand and two parts of each type of land). Drainage is required. Water periodically to stimulate their growth.

Do not burrow the bulb during planting. During growth, home amaryllis needs bright light, warmth. Watering is required during the dormant period, rare, and during the growing season - moderate. Try to water so that the water does not get on the bulb. They are fed every two weeks with full mineral fertilizer. The most lush flowering of amaryllis occurs at the beginning of spring.

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