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Give Flowers All Year Round - What To Give In July
Give Flowers All Year Round - What To Give In July

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July flowers
July flowers

The ancient Romans named July after Julius Caesar, who was born that month. The Slavs called it linden (the period of linden flowering begins) and kosin (the time of hayfields).

July is the top of summer, does not know when tired, tidies everything up. The world of ornamental plants is extremely rich and varied. In the middle of summer, an extravaganza of flowering lilies is observed.

These are Asiatic lilies, tubular lilies, oriental lilies, long-flowered lilies, marchons, and intersectional hybrids.

The multicolored palette, the grace and variety of the flower shape, the duration of preservation in the cut (and in some species and varieties also the aroma) made the lily one of the most beloved plants in floristry. She is the pride of any garden.

To keep lilies longer in the cut, it is recommended to remove the anthers from their flowers. At the same time, the tepals (petals) will not get dirty with pollen and will be fresh for a long time. In addition, in an unblemished form, it is easier for them to maintain the image of a lily as a symbol of purity and nobility.

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Almost simultaneously with lilies, their close relatives bloom - daylilies (they are also beautiful, or hemerocallis). In July, water lilies also bloom profusely - nymphs, or water lilies. Their cut flowers and leaves can be floated in a wide container filled with water. Thanks to breeders, we have the opportunity to enjoy not only the snow-white petals of the nymphs, but also pink, red, burgundy, yellow and even blue. In the same month, luxurious hydrangeas bloom.

July pleases with meadow and wildflowers, colorful bouquets of which many women love. Among these herbs are St. John's wort, valerian, fireweed, oregano, resins, geraniums, cornflowers, chamomile, cornflowers, poppies, navel, bells, veronica, mullein, tansy and many others.

Besides the delightful flowers, florists use other valuable decorative materials. These are, for example, sprigs of berry bushes, bird cherry, small-fruited apple trees, rose hips, irgi, honeysuckle, sea buckthorn covered with fruits. Leaves of host, ferns, cereals, houseplants also add variety to bouquets and compositions.

growing hydrangea
growing hydrangea

The second month of summer begins with the World Day of Architecture and the Day of Workers of the Sea and River Fleet (July 1), followed by the Day of the Traffic Police, or the traffic police (July 3), the World Kissing Day (July 6), Ivan Kupala, aka Midsummer's Day, or John's Christmas Forerunners and Day of All Russian Saints (July 7), Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness (July 8), World Chocolate Day (July 11), Day of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul and Photographer's Day (July 12), Photography Day (July 19)), International Chess Day (July 20), Parachutist Day (July 26), PR Specialist Day (July 28), International Friendship Day (July 30), International Day of Cooperatives (first Saturday of the month), Day of Sea and River Fleet Workers (first Sunday in July), Day of Russian Post and Day of Fisherman (second Sunday in July), Day of Metallurgist (third Sunday of the month),System Administrator Day (last Friday of the month), Trade Workers Day, Navy Day, and Water Neptune Day (last Sunday of the month).

The holiday of Ivan Kupala, or Midsummer's Day, originally fell on June 24 - the birthday of John the Baptist, but many of his rituals that take place most of the night go back to the pagan celebration of the summer solstice and are associated with water, fire and herbs. With the transition to a new style, the date of this holiday moved to July 7 and lost its connection with the period of the longest days and shortest nights. It is believed that on the night of Ivan Kupala, the most courageous and happy can meet a blooming fern in the forest, which allows them to find treasures.

And although we know from the school course of botany that ferns never bloom, but reproduce by spores, on this day you can arrange a mystical composition that combines fern leaves (frond) and some exotic flowers. The flowers - the symbols of Ivan Kupala are the familiar bells and the herbaceous semi-parasite Ivan da Marya, whose contrasting yellow-purple inflorescences symbolize the union of fire and water. According to legend, the twins Ivan and Marya, who fell in love with each other and entered into a forbidden relationship, were turned into this plant.

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One of the new holidays for us is the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, established by the State Duma, which we will celebrate for the fifth time this year. Its date (July 8) falls on the Orthodox holiday Day of Saints Peter and Fevronia, who are the patrons of married life, an example of fidelity and family happiness.

According to legend, a Murom prince named Peter, contrary to the opinion of the "light", married a simple peasant woman Fevronia, with whom he lived a long and happy life. They died in 1228 on the same day and hour, but were buried separately. However, their bodies miraculously ended up in the same grave. A simple, modest daisy was chosen as the flower symbol of the Day of Love, Family and Loyalty.

But on World Chocolate Day, compositions of sweets for breakfast, chocolate fondue for lunch and chocolate roses for dinner will be appropriate.

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