How To Create A Japanese-style Garden
How To Create A Japanese-style Garden

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Japanese garden
Japanese garden

An excellent rest in silence can be provided by a garden created in Japanese style. The fashion for oriental-style gardens has remained unchanged for many years. He always helps to achieve the desired peace. Bright colors of flowers are present here in limited quantities. Decorative flowers, stones and water are harmoniously combined. Ornamental grasses, flowering shrubs - lilac, mock orange, spirea, rhododendrons are appropriate here. On the shore, among the stones, there are ground cover and creeping forms of plants (ferns, conifers).

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Such a garden is appropriate for rocky areas on the Karelian Isthmus, where there are so many stones. They are often accompanied by humid places created by underground springs, springs and streams. An open mirror of water among the stones on the site is a gift from nature. You are in luck, as the reservoir always decorates any site. The banks of a reservoir or stream can be decorated with island beds, mostly simple or decorative.

But it is better to give preference to a few plants. Well-groomed and well-formed plants with lush growth and abundant flowering always delight gardeners. You can create beautiful designs from wild and cultivated plants. A judicious selection of plants that thrive in humid conditions will ensure consistent comfort. Plants like Japanese spiraea (Litl princess) in the foreground, geraniums and various ferns thrive here.

Some distance from the coast, there are rhododendrons with beautiful splashes of their bouquets and elegant irises, Japanese maple, mahonia, marsh calla, marigold, bright red steeple, arizema with luxurious leaves, lysimachia, monarda, hosts are irreplaceable. The correct selection, planting and placement of plants will ensure wonderful flowering from early spring to late autumn. For a lush planting company on the banks of a reservoir and a stream, you should prepare a soil of sand, clay and fertile land with a layer of at least 20-25 cm and provide an approach to plantings and water.

Japanese garden
Japanese garden

A comfortable path should be made of solid flat stones, sand, or turf. I suggest using the scheme of a rocky island with a flowing babbling brook. Stone is an important element in the construction of this garden. In rocky areas, there is no need to bring it from the quarry. The stream flows among the stones. It is only necessary to carefully decorate the banks with them, clean the bottom of the stream, arrange small waterfalls on the path of the stream, which enhance the murmur of water.

On the banks of the stones, there is also an important role - they keep the soil from crumbling, they act as mulch. Such a rocky garden looks not only due to the plants, but also thanks to the beautifully laid stones. The plants planted among the stones adapt to the harsh conditions. Planting holes with fertile soil are prepared in advance. Until the key plants grow, there will be many free places.

Ground cover crops can be planted on them: saxifrage, gentian, young, scilla, crocuses, styloid phlox, thyme, sedum and all kinds of mosses. In the center of the composition, you can install a vase with ampelous flowers, or place an armchair or bench that will allow you to enjoy the peace and murmur of running water. An integral element of oriental design is the bridge over the stream.

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Japanese garden
Japanese garden

Here are some of the plants that can help you create an oriental rocky garden.

1. Japanese Spirea Little Princess is a fast-growing shrub, unpretentious and blooms profusely with pink or red flowers in flat inflorescences.

- 2. Blood-red geranium forms lush compact bushes up to 50 cm high. Carmine-pink flowers appear in the middle of summer. Drought and frost-resistant plant.

- 3. Magonia is an evergreen shrub that blooms in spring with fragrant yellow flowers.

- 4. Japanese maple is a low tree with beautifully colored foliage.

- 5. Rooting euonymus. Evergreen shrub on a support. Very decorative. Frost resistant.

- 6. Rhododendron - an evergreen shrub with beautiful lilac-purple flowers, Katevbinsky variety.

- 7. Evergreen rhododendron - R. Smirnov's grade. The flowers are purple-pink. Winter-hardy.

- 8. Ledebour's rhododendron. Semi-evergreen. The flowers are purple-pink. Winter-hardy.

- 9. Female fern (kochedzhnik). Low grades create extremely beautiful almost spherical shapes or graceful feathery curtains.

- 10. Irises are moisture-loving (bristly, marsh, smooth) with violet-blue flowers with bright golden-yellow stripes. Frost resistant.

- 11. Kochedzhnik with light green graceful feathery leaves, collected in a spreading bunch up to 100 cm high. Shade-loving, hygrophilous. Winter-hardy without shelter.

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