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Ideas For Changing The Look Of Your Garden
Ideas For Changing The Look Of Your Garden

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A little imagination, a little work - and your garden will be transformed

beautiful garden
beautiful garden

A favorite garden is perhaps the only place where gardener's whimsical fantasies can come true even in our cool and capricious climate.

Of course, now that the garden has prepared for the long and cold winter, there is no time for fantasies. But after all, warmth will come, nature will come to life - then, at the beginning of summer, and the most appropriate time will come to start something unusual, to the delight of your neighbors, to your surprise.

By this time, usually not all the seedlings of summer plants and perennials have been planted, so you can afford non-traditional options for decorating the site.

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Old tree

beautiful garden
beautiful garden

It happens that an old fruit tree grows in the garden, which it is time to replace it with a new one, but hands do not reach. It is such a tree that can serve an unusual service: it can become a living support for climbing plants.

If there is enough light in front of the tree on the south side, even a climbing rose can be planted in the near-trunk circle, which during the summer, with good care, will rise to the skeletal branches, decorating them with its wonderful flowers. In the fall, of course, the whips will need to be lowered from the branches of the apple tree and covered for the winter according to all the rules.

This is an option for experienced gardeners. The simplest option is to plant summer lianas seedlings near an old tree. Morning glory, sweet peas, ornamental beans, echinocystis, Japanese hops, kobea and other climbing plants will gladly spend the summer in the arms of an apple tree.

The only condition for flowering is good lighting, for which you can remove excess tree branches (it must be borne in mind that any fruit tree requires regular thinning of the crown). Only with good internal illumination are fruit twigs formed, on which fruiting occurs). Adequate food is also needed. Lianas can be perennial, for example, species clematis (Tangut, grape-leaved, fargesioides, etc.), ordinary hops.

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beautiful garden
beautiful garden

Even the field bindweed, with which gardeners are so diligently fighting, can be planted near an old tree, which will transform and become a local landmark. Hanging pots with blooming ampel petunias of various varieties and colors, lobelia with alissum, climbing nasturtium, fragrant and multi-colored verbena, phacelia, etc. can be placed on the branches of the apple tree.

Instead of pots, you can use old wicker baskets, which are lined with foil with cut holes for water drainage. An apple tree in such an unusual outfit will give everyone great pleasure. If you plant a decorative pumpkin at the foot of a tree in the southern heat, attaching its lashes to the branches, then its fruits of bizarre shapes and bright colors, hanging from the branches, will turn an ordinary apple tree into a fabulous "miracle tree".

Old tree stump

beautiful garden
beautiful garden

Sometimes unrooted stumps remain on the site. They can also become a garden decoration. Choosing wood from the center of the stump and drilling several holes at its base for water drainage, they pour fertile compost soil inside and plant their favorite annual flowers: Drummond's phlox, ever-flowering and ampelous begonias, lavatera, cornflowers, marigolds, zinnias, salvia, summer dahlias, diastia, lobelia, gypsophila, etc.

It is better to place ampelous species and varieties along the outer edge, in the center - low erect ones. Indoor potted plants that spend the summer in the fresh air will also look great in a stump vase: variegated coleus and chlorophytum, fuchsias (if the stump is in partial shade), roses, pelargoniums, etc.

Cuts of trunks without a core

Trunks are necessarily formed in the garden during the sanitary pruning of fruit trees. They need to be cut into pieces 25-40 cm high. Several of these blocks can turn any corner of the garden into an elegant flower garden.

Fertile soil is poured into the cuts and the seedlings of summer and biennials are planted. Violas with their expressive "portrait-faces" of various colors are especially good at such cuts. These improvised flower beds are very mobile - they can be placed at the right time in the place where a bright floral accent is required or you just need to decorate fading bulbous, etc.

Wire mesh ball

An original way of placing summer people in the garden. From the inside, it is lined with sphagnum, gradually filled with fertile soil. A hole is made in the mesh cells with a peg, into which seedlings of petunia, lobelia, salvia, coleus, ageratum and other plants that are suitable for habit and color are carefully planted. Row by row the ball is filled with earth and plants.

beautiful garden
beautiful garden

For the convenience of watering, a funnel or the cut off top of a plastic bottle is inserted into the top of the ball, where water is poured. The ball itself is attached to a post or high stump. You can use a wire food basket in the same way. Old garden, children's plastic carts, tidied up, may well become attributes of garden design for placing suitable plants in them for the summer season.

You can effectively decorate the entrance to the garden house with summer and biennials, and perennials, too, planted in large flower pots. The container culture in recent years has become very popular in the design of not only balconies, loggias and terraces, but also the garden. Here, the designer's fantasies can be embodied in all their diversity.

Methods of vertical design will diversify the garden landscape, especially when there is not enough space. A pyramid of large ceramic pots of different diameters, fastened with wire or slightly dug into each other, can become a miniature alpine slide for sedums of different species and other ground cover sun-loving plants (only they should winter in a garden bed or flower garden under a snow cover).

Finally, you can make yourself a vegetable bed. It can be of any shape: round, oval, square, triangular, curvilinear - as you like.

beautiful garden
beautiful garden

With the help of a peg and a cord, segments, squares, triangles, etc. are marked on this site. - symmetrical (or vice versa) cells in which green crops of contrasting colors and texture of leaves are planted or sown. You can fill such a flower bed with different varieties of salads with green, red, brown, yellowish leaves, leafy and cabbage leaves; basil green and violet-leaved; dill, mint and lemon balm, parsley, celery and fennel.

Edging this piece of garden art is appropriate with curly parsley, and marigolds and nasturtium with edible flowers will add brightness and piquant taste. An annual vegetable chrysanthemum (crowned chrysanthemum and keeled chrysanthemum) will look good in the center. Young leaves and stalks of chrysanthemums are used for food in fresh, boiled and dried form (they are added to salads, soups and vegetable dishes). They have a pleasant spicy smell and taste, and the flowers serve as a table decoration.

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