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Strawberries: Preparing The Garden, Planting And Caring For Seedlings
Strawberries: Preparing The Garden, Planting And Caring For Seedlings

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Rules for planting seedlings of garden strawberries

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When is the best time to plant strawberries?

strawberry seedlings
strawberry seedlings

For the future excellent harvest of berries, first of all, high-quality seedlings are needed, and the best whiskers and rosettes appear in early spring or late summer, when temperatures are low and moisture is abundant.

Therefore, the periods from April 15 to May 5 and from July 25 to September 5 are considered the optimal dates for planting strawberries in the Middle Lane. In the southern regions, spring planting begins in early March, and ends in autumn at the end of October.

When is it better to plant strawberries: in spring or autumn? In most areas and in most cases, the most successful option is the August planting of young strawberries.

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During this period, the gardener has more time, and there is a lot of planting material, and the weather, as a rule, is favorable for young bushes to take root, take root in a new place and safely endure the winter. But in open areas blown by all winds in areas with severe winters with little snow, it is better to be careful and postpone planting in the spring. Then the young bushes will have a whole summer to get stronger.

Preparing a bed for strawberries (strawberries)

strawberry seedlings
strawberry seedlings

Strawberries are recommended to be planted in well-lit areas where garlic, onion, root vegetables or legumes used to grow. It is very good if the strawberry bed was selected in advance and in the spring it was sown with green manure, which had already been mowed by August, and the bed was spilled with a solution of EM preparations. The best siderate for strawberries is lupine.

In any case, before planting seedlings, the site must be cleared of weeds and mixed with soil. Strawberries are a rather "gluttonous" berry, so in addition to soil, compost, rotted manure or vermicompost, ash will be required to prepare the soil.

The holes for strawberry seedlings are made deep and wide. The distance between the holes is 30-50 cm. The distance between the rows is 40 cm. The soil removed from the holes is mixed with the rest of the soil components in the following proportions: 1 bucket of soil, 1 bucket of manure, 1 bucket of compost, 2 glasses of ash. A small mound is made from the soil prepared in this way in the center of each hole.

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Strawberry (strawberry) planting technology

strawberry seedlings
strawberry seedlings

Like any other crop, it is preferable to plant strawberries on a cloudy day or in the evening.

An hour before planting, the seedlings need to be watered, it would be even better to soak the seedlings in water or a growth biostimulator for a couple of hours. Before planting, some gardeners keep the bushes in a garlic infusion (150 ml. Garlic infusion per 10 liters. Water) to prevent "attacks" by pests.

Roots of strawberry seedlings

A good strawberry seedling should have 3-4 healthy leaves (it is advisable to remove the rest) and well-spread roots 10 centimeters in length (extra centimeters must be cut off).

So, we have prepared young bushes, holes with "embankments" and the remains of the soil mixture. It remains only to set each bush on a mound so that the growth point (the so-called "heart") is on the same level with the surface of the garden, and the roots are spread along the slopes of the mound.

Landing on a mound

Then, holding the bush, you need to fill it with soil prepared in advance and at the same time spill it with water. This is done so that the contact between the roots and the ground is closer. Freshly planted strawberry bush It is imperative to ensure that the growing point is not too deep or too raised above the soil.

Care of a young bed of strawberries (strawberries)

strawberry seedlings
strawberry seedlings

Planting dates

If you planted strawberries in the spring, flower stalks and mustaches may appear on the young bed. Cut them off without pity! Now the main task of seedlings is rooting in a new place, and fruiting and reproduction can and should be postponed until next season.

Be sure to mulch freshly planted strawberries. The best mulching material for this berry is the needles - it prevents diseases from developing and repels pests. But straw, and dried grass, and foliage, and rotted sawdust, etc. are suitable.

Two weeks after planting, young berries are fed. As a top dressing, you can use an infusion of vermicompost


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