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Water-soluble Fertilizer Novofert For An Orchard
Water-soluble Fertilizer Novofert For An Orchard

Video: Water-soluble Fertilizer Novofert For An Orchard

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Video: the cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer was used for pear orchard as the base fertilizer 2023, February
Water-soluble fertilizer Novofert
Water-soluble fertilizer Novofert

Novofert, water-soluble fertilizer for garden plants

Company "NOVOFERT-KURSK", sales representative of LLC "Novofert" in the Russian Federation

Address: 305026, Kursk, st. Mendeleev, house 12, tel. +7 (910) 313-80-13


Phone in St. Petersburg: +7 (911) 237-03-76

Novofert (OOO Novofert, Ukraine) is a water-soluble complex (nitrogen phosphorus-potassium) physiologically balanced fertilizer containing meso- (magnesium, calcium, sulfur) and trace elements (copper, iron, zinc, manganese) in chelated form (chelating agent EDTA), as well as boron, molybdenum in mineral form.

What is a chelated form of fertilizer? Chelates are complex organic compounds. In nature, plants use metals in the form of chelates. Therefore, fertilizers containing metals in the form of chelates work several times better than fertilizers containing metals in the form of soluble salts.

Novofert enhances the immunity of plants, helps them adapt to adverse environmental conditions (drought, frost, etc.), has a high chemical purity and solubility, increases productivity and product quality.

The drug is intended for seed treatment, foliar treatment of plants and can be used at almost all stages of the growing season (from seed treatment to additional fertilizing after the stress of plants). Fertilizers Novofert are compatible with most pesticides in one working solution, subject to preliminary testing for the absence of sediment.

For amateur gardeners and gardeners

The NOVOFERT plant packs up an exclusively professional product for amateurs, that is, the same fertilizers that are used in agricultural production, in nurseries for growing planting material, in vegetable

growing.In the production of NOVOFERT, only highly effective drugs are used, since the economy does not allow spending money on an average product. The high NF effect is provided by high-quality expensive raw materials. In addition, some formulas do not contain nitrate nitrogen, which is the fault of other manufacturers. For different crops, depending on the requirements and characteristics, targeted formulas of balanced mineral nutrition are offered for foliar and root feeding.

There are many offers on the market for amateurs, but these are either liquid microelement fertilizers with organic matter, or organic fertilizers, in any case, the percentage of nutrients is low, which is done to form an affordable price. In addition, there are very few proposals with a target composition.

NOVOFERT is one of the very few manufacturers who offers compounds used in industrial production to amateurs (and only highly effective products are used in agriculture).

All features and instructions for use for each culture are reflected on the back of the package.

Fertilizers Novofert
Fertilizers Novofert


NPK 3.5-18-33.5 + 0.5B + ​​ME

package 250 grams

(Mn - 0.09% Zn - 0.3% Mo - 0.004%)


not contain nitrates

DOES NOT have phytotoxic effects on plants and fruits

NOVOFERT fertilizer "GRAPE" is recommended to be applied after the end of the flowering period in grapes.

The minimum number of treatments is three: end of flowering - budding; laying a bunch (berry and pea); the beginning of ripening.

The best result is achieved by spraying the leaf surface of the grapes every 12-14 days, from the end of flowering to full maturity.

Prevents shedding of inflorescences, promotes the laying of fruit buds, which will form the next year's harvest. Promotes uniform formation and ripening of the grape cluster. Increases productivity (from 20 to 30%), promotes the accumulation of sugar and accelerated ripening of the crop. Prepares the plant for wintering. The fertilizer relieves stress from the use of plant protection products and adverse weather conditions.

From early spring to the beginning of flowering, it is necessary to carry out 2-3 fertilizing with NOVOFERT UNIVERSAL fertilizer (to stimulate the growth of young shoots of the vine and the development of the leaf surface).

Preparation of the solution: dissolve 4 measuring spoons of fertilizer into 10 liters of water without chlorine (settled) (1 measuring spoon corresponds to 10 grams).

Application methods:spraying the leaf surface, watering at the root, drip irrigation.

Fertilizers Novofert
Fertilizers Novofert


NPK 18-18-18 + 3MgO + ME

packing 250 and 500 grams

(Fe - 0.07% Cu - 0.05% Mn - 0.029% Zn - 0.023% Mo - 0.0028% B - 0.029%)

Applied from the beginning flowering and until the berries are fully ripe every 12-14 days by spraying or watering, for feeding all berry crops such as garden strawberries, black and red currants, raspberries, cherries, apple trees, etc., to increase productivity, accelerate ripening and increase size berries.

Due to the balanced composition, the accumulation of monosaccharides (glucose, fructose), pectins, folic acid and vitamins useful for human life is more intensive, gives the berry more aroma: increases the plant's immunity to fungal and bacterial diseases, eliminates stress from the use of plant protection products and adverse weather conditions, gives elasticity and safety during transportation and storage.

At the initial stage of the growing season, to stimulate growth, as well as for the development of the root system, it is necessary to make 1-2 additional fertilizing with Novofert "Universal" fertilizer (NPK 20-20-20 + 1MgO + 1S + ME or "Novofert-Kornevin" NPK 13-40-13 + 1MgO + 1S + ME.

After harvesting, in order to compensate for the nutrients expended by plants during the fruiting period, we recommend treating with the Universal fertilizer NPK 20-20-20 + 1MgO + 1S + ME, but no later than 20-30 days before frost.

Solution preparation: dissolve 2 scoops of fertilizer in 10 liters of water without chlorine (settled) (1 scoop corresponds to 10 grams). Application methods: drip irrigation, watering, spraying of the leaf surface.

Consumption: when watering, 10 liters of solution is enough to process 5 sq. m of area (when spraying, consumption is 10 liters per 200 sq. m of area).

Fertilizers Novofert
Fertilizers Novofert


NPK 20-20-20 + 1MgO + ME

packing 250 and 500 grams

(Fe -0.0700% Cu - 0.0500% Mn - 0.0290%

Zn -0.0230% Mo - 0.0028% B - 0, 0290%)

Recommended for use from early spring to late autumn for all types of crops. Due to the presence of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium in equal parts and a balanced content of magnesium and trace elements, the fertilizer is used from the moment the seed is soaked until the beginning of flowering. This ensures the correct formation of the root and leaf systems, especially necessary at an early stage of growth and, as a result, guarantees a high yield. "Wintering" plants (garden strawberries, shrubs, fruits and berries, etc.), in order to strengthen the immune system, must be processed in autumn, which will protect them from adverse weather conditions.

Method of application: for seed - 10 grams of fertilizer (1 measuring bed) for 2 liters of water. Soak seeds for 4-5 hours before sowing. By spraying or watering (fertigation) - 20 grams of fertilizer (2 scoops) per 10 liters of water.

The formula contains the maximum possible ratio of the main elements, at the initial stage of plant development, this allows proportional development. Therefore, experts recommend doing the first treatment with a universal formula, they call it STARTING.

Fertilizers Novofert
Fertilizers Novofert


NPK 13-40-13 + 1MgO + 1S + ME

Packing 250 grams

(Fe - 0.07%, Cu - 0.05%, Mn - 0.0290% Zn - 0.0230% Mo - 0.0028% B - 0.0290%) It is

used for the rapid development of a powerful root system, rooting of seedlings of fruit, berry, ornamental and flower crops, promotes the acceleration of root formation during cuttings. Contains phosphorus in a form available to the plant.

Application methods: drip irrigation, watering, spraying both the root system and the leaf surface, soaking cuttings and plant roots before planting in a solution (for 4-6 hours), as well as preliminary germination of cuttings in solution.

note- when sprouting cuttings on parts immersed in a solution, mucus is formed after 7-10 days. In this case, washing the cuttings with water and replacing the solution is required.

Solution preparation (for all methods of application): dissolve 2 scoops of fertilizer in 10 liters of chlorine-free water (settled) (1 scoop corresponds to 10 grams).

The composition of Novofert-Kornevoy has proven itself well in growing tomato seedlings: foliar feeding is recommended at the stage of the first two true leaves, then after picking and planting in the ground (you can water it at the root). The seedlings are strong and healthy. Further processing can be carried out with NOVOFERT for PASLENOVS (before budding, package No. 1, after budding, package No. 2)

Fertilizers Novofert
Fertilizers Novofert


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