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Harvest Varieties Of Black Currant With Large Fruits
Harvest Varieties Of Black Currant With Large Fruits

Video: Harvest Varieties Of Black Currant With Large Fruits

Video: Harvest Varieties Of Black Currant With Large Fruits
Video: Red & Black Currant Harvest - MaVeBo Lewedorp | SFM Technology Harvester 2023, December

Abundant currant


I believe that in order to provide a family with black currants from their garden, three bushes of this culture, which give wonderful berries, will be enough.

Large-fruited varieties of currants

But here it is very important to guess with the varieties that you plant on your site, and which will guarantee a good harvest. For example, I selected for myself three elite varieties from a great variety of varieties. These are the varieties Lazy, Chereshneva, Treasure. I have been growing the first two of them for eight years. Variety Treasure in the garden for the third year. All of them form such an abundance of berries on their branches that it is difficult to harvest from these three bushes alone. Moreover, their berries are very large - the size of a modern ruble coin.

These varieties differ only in the ripening period. The Chereshneva variety is medium late, and the Lazy and Sokrovische varieties are late. These varieties differ in that their berries do not fall off. They do not fall off even when they are already ripe, but only more and more are filled with juices under the August and September sun.

I did not observe any diseases that could harm the future harvest of black currant. For the prevention of powdery mildew in mid-June, I spray the bushes with Bordeaux liquid or other honey-containing solution.

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Breeding varieties

As you know, black currant propagation is very easy. In the fall, you need to cut a small twig and plant it obliquely in the garden, leaving two or three buds above the soil surface. By the beginning of next summer, you will have a ready-made seedling for planting. It can be transplanted to a place convenient for you or left in the same place.

Fertilizers and feeding currants

Black currant is responsive, of course, within reasonable limits to fertilizers.

Of the mineral fertilizers, I use nitroammophoska. I put a small handful of this fertilizer under each bush.

And organic fertilizers - manure or bird droppings - will not interfere with any cultivated plant. The main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise instead of berries you can get a huge lush bush with fatty foliage.

Those who wish to have these fruitful varieties on their garden plot, write. I can also offer the keen gardener remontant varieties of raspberries and strawberries. Please enclose a self-addressed envelope to reply. Write to: Kostenko Igor Viktorovich - 356240, Stavropol Territory, Mikhailovsk, st. Konstantinov, 4/2.

Igor Kostenko, experienced gardener

Photo by Natalia Butyagina