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Growing Rose Seedlings On The Windowsill
Growing Rose Seedlings On The Windowsill

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From the pots to the garden

beauty rose
beauty rose

For many years, I treated roses with great distrust: sissies, endlessly get sick, freeze out, vomit, do not open in a rainy summer, and the buds also rot. One trouble with them, no, I will grow anything - just not roses.

And then fate brought me together with an amazing, kind and enthusiastic person - a woman who has become a good friend to me - Irina. She has been practicing flowers with her husband for over twenty years. It was she who explained to me that here it is necessary to understand, because roses are different. That they are not only red, yellow and white, but they have different winter hardiness and resistance to diseases. And that modern roses are just a miracle, and you can grow them quite easily, one might say, with pleasure.

The first successes in the development of roses inspired me. And then I thought: a rose shows its power and beauty for 3-4 years after planting, if it is a seedling, and not a rose grown in a pot, and, alas, they are quite expensive. In addition, in the first year after planting, it is recommended to break out all the buds, preventing them from blooming, so that the bush gets stronger, and you really want to see the desired flower sooner.

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studios I began to study the peculiarities of the growing season of roses. I found out that their biological peace lasts about two months. In their homeland, in warmer regions, they bloom earlier and vegetate longer. And in the fall we are trying very hard to put them to "sleep" until frost.

Nevertheless, my desire to get more mature roses in a short time did not disappear, but, on the contrary, everything grew. From various sources, I found out that the best option is to buy seedlings immediately before planting in the ground, and specimens purchased in February-March should be stored in the refrigerator or, even better, buried in the snow. It is difficult to save them in another way. Plants will be weak or die.

But I still decided to take the risk.

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rose flower
rose flower

And so on March 9, I bought inexpensive seedlings in a supermarket. They had already started to grow when I took off the packaging, the plants already had white roots. This made me very happy. Arriving home, I soaked them in a solution that I prepared from one ampoule of Zircon and 10 liters of water.

Then she completely removed the soil in which they were packed and planted them in high 2-3 liter pots. I must say that it was very difficult to remove the soil so as not to break off the roots, some of the roots did break off, but this is not as scary as it might seem.

She took the soil that was purchased, moistened it to the thickness of good sour cream and planted the roses in pots, after putting a glass from a newspaper in two rows in them. Why do you need a glass? The thing is that the earth on the roots of roses does not hold well, and during transplantation it often falls off along with the roots. Therefore, sometimes you can hear from flower growers: a rose grew in a pot normally, but if it transplanted it, it died.

When the excess water from the pots was glass, I put the roses on a cold windowsill, as illuminated as possible by the sun. We live in our house in the country, and our bedroom is not heated. There is only that warmth that comes from the dining room. A few days later, she poured the roses with a solution of vitamin B12 (1 ampoule per glass of water). It turned out like regular watering. The plants grew well. A week later, when the soil dried up, she poured a solution on the roses, which consisted of 7.5 liters of water, three ampoules of Citovit and one ampoule of Zircon.

On sunny days, I must open the window so that the leaf mass does not grow much at high temperatures, but, on the contrary, the roots grow. This solution was watered three times a week later. Between these irrigations, as needed, I poured water with Fertika Lux (this is a water-soluble fertilizer with microelements) - it gave 1/4 of the norm. The roses developed well and looked like roses growing in the ground.

The success inspired me so much that I dared to buy an English Austin rose. And she raised her in a pot in the same way. In total, I bought and planted 36 pieces of rose seedlings of different manufacturers and varieties in pots. They all grew and developed well, and bloomed in May. However, I plucked the first buds as soon as they were colored, the rest - even earlier. In June, in cloudy weather, I put them in the shade of the greenhouse, and then planted them in the ground.

The whole earthy ball of roses in pots was entwined with roots, and thanks to the glass from the newspaper, not a single crumb of earth spilled out, although the newspaper itself was almost decomposed. All summer the roses from the pots bloomed and grew wonderfully. At the end of August, they already looked the same as the bushes planted a year before. What could not be said about the roses bought and planted in the ground at the end of May. They bloomed and grew, as befits roses of the first year of planting.

Of course, there are many skeptics who claim that all this is very difficult, that nothing will work out anyway, and therefore, they say, there is nothing to bother. But this is how someone likes it. And I like to experiment and share the results. In my experience, I will answer all questions by calling 8-921-424-19-26.

Elena Shesternina, amateur gardener

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