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Planting And Forming Grapes
Planting And Forming Grapes

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Shaping selection

Growing grapes
Growing grapes

In the Leningrad Region, you can get a good harvest of grapes with minimal maintenance. I was convinced of this from my own experience. In addition, all care for frost-resistant grape bushes in the open field is mainly reduced only to its correct pruning.

There are a great many forms of grapes, but many of them are not applicable in our region. A significant difference is that a bole is formed in the south, and all future brushes will go at a great height from the ground. If we used such a formation, then for wintering grapes in case of frosts down to -40 ° C, every autumn we would have to press the perennial whips to the ground. Of course, the first few years of the life of grapes is quite possible, but when the lashes become as thick as an arm, this is impossible to do. Therefore, stampless formations are used, there are also a large number of them.

I tried several and stopped, in my opinion, at the simplest formation in terms of understanding and care. This is a fan cut in four sleeves, on which I apply the formation of a fruit link with a knot and without a knot replacement. I did not notice much difference with or without a knot, I use both depending on the specific grape bush, I see which is more convenient.

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Formation of grapes in a knot-free manner

Growing grapes
Growing grapes

In this article we will look at the option of forming grapes without knot substitution, as it is easier to understand. All this is no more difficult than removing stepchildren from tomatoes. All these agrotechnical techniques have long been described, and they can be found in the literature, I will try to state everything in my own words, based on personal experience.

Consider the care and shaping of grapes starting from the first year. Seedlings with a closed root system are usually purchased (see photo 1) long before planting, just like any seedling. It is possible to plant grapes only at the beginning of June, when the threat of return frosts has passed. Until this moment, it is better to keep the seedlings on the windowsill, where the battery heats from below. Due to the dry air in city apartments, it is advisable to put on a transparent, thin plastic bag on the seedling, but it must be periodically removed for a while and the seedling must be ventilated so that it does not mace.

The most important thing is very careful watering, do not overfill the seedling! This is the only reason why he can die. If you see that the leaves suddenly start to wither, try to spray the seedling with a growth stimulant ("Epin", "Zircon" and others), and also treat ("Akarin", "Aktelik") from spider mites and other possible pests as a preventive measure. In no case should the soil be kept moist at all times. Watering should be top and only when the ground becomes completely dry.

Planting grapes

The choice of a landing site must be approached thoroughly. First, it should be the sunniest place on your site. It is desirable that the sun was there all daylight hours. If it is possible to plant vines next to the building, this is a big plus, because when grown in a wall culture, a wall heated during the day will give off warmth to the grapes at night. One bush will require two running meters of land from west to east. The width of the seat is half a meter.

At our latitude, when planting grapes in several rows, it is more convenient to place the whips from west to east so that the rows do not shade each other. If you are planting few bushes or just one grape bush, then arrange it as you like. It is advisable that the site be protected from cold prevailing winds. True, my site is located in an open place, the windproof trees planted to create a shelter have not yet grown to the height of the fence, and the neighboring village of Razmetelevo, alas, fully justifies its name.

Growing grapes
Growing grapes

Since you are planting grapes in a permanent place not for a year or two, but for many decades to come, it is necessary to prepare a cube pit with fertile soil. Of course, everyone's plots are different. And if you have fertile soil just on the bayonet of a shovel, and then there is clay or there is water, then in this case it is not worth digging such a deep hole, but drainage must be laid on the bottom. In addition to compost, humus, mineral fertilizers, it is necessary to add ash and dolomite flour, 1 kg is enough for a cube pit. In the Leningrad region, predominantly very acidic soils, and the grapes prefers slightly alkaline.

Since the volume of the soil is large, it is necessary to shed the earth very strongly and let it settle, it will take at least a day. After that, fill up the earth and plant the seedling so that the woody stalk is completely underground and only a small green shoot sticks out.

Forming a bush of grapes

In the first year of life, the grapes will grow the root system, so do not expect a large increase from it - 15-30 cm will be enough. If you have it before planting or in the summer it stretches out more - pin the top of your head. The vine does not require special care throughout the summer. Watering is only necessary in case of dry summers when all plants require watering. A light dry shelter will be required for the winter. It will be enough to cover the grape bush with a pair of spruce branches or a box.

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Sergey Sadov, experienced gardener, Severnaya Loza nursery

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