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Compositions Of Bulbous Crops In Tall Pots
Compositions Of Bulbous Crops In Tall Pots

Video: Compositions Of Bulbous Crops In Tall Pots

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Compositions in vases

And the flock of pansies

velvety keeps the silhouette -

These are butterflies, flying away,

They left their portrait …

Anna Akhmatova. June 3, 1961, Komarovo

tulips and daffodils
tulips and daffodils

Narcissus varieties Tet-a-tete in composition with whistles

More than once I have come across information about the "multilayer planting" of plants. And this year I decided to try to put it into practice.

And since I was very impatient to see the result, I decided to make my compositions, probably, on the most grateful and easy-to-care flowers, on early flowering ones: tulips, daffodils, muscari.

To create "bouquets" I chose plants by flowering time and color scale. I decided to make one of the "bouquets" yellow and named it "Sunny" so that in winter, regardless of the weather, the "sun" of my flowers would greet me on the balcony and give me warmth with its bright yellow petals.

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I really like to plant all the plants in pots, since they can then be put in a sunny place or, conversely, transferred to the shade. To create my composition, I purchased a tall yellow pot with a diameter of 30 cm, short (dwarf) daffodils of the Tet-a-Tet variety - they got this name because they form two flowers on one stem. This flowering bulbous plant is perhaps the favorite variety among those who grow dwarf daffodils. I also bought tulips of the Pomponette variety and pansies with yellow-blue petals.

Information about flowers for the "bouquet" "Sunny":

The flowers of daffodils Tet-a-Tet are tubular, of a very bright yellow hue, it seems that their petals are glowing. Two flowers appear on one tall peduncle. They bloom for a very long time, for the whole time they did not hurt anything and were not affected by any parasites. This daffodil is diminutive in shape and does not grow taller than 30 centimeters.

Tulips Pomponette. Very beautiful yellow double tulips. They resemble miniature peonies.

Their leaves are green-turquoise in color, the height of the peduncle is 35-40 cm. Flowering is very long, resistant to diseases.

Drawing up "bouquets"

tulips and daffodils
tulips and daffodils

Tulips varieties Violet and Pomponette

At the bottom of the pot, for good drainage, I poured pebbles with a layer of about 5 cm, then filled it to the middle with ready-made earthen mixture. About 15 cm from the top edge of the vase, lightly tamping the earthen mixture, placed the tulip bulbs of the Pomponette variety, then carefully so as not to turn the bulbs, I sprinkled them with soil with a layer of about 5 cm and planted the daffodil bulbs. Also, carefully so that they did not turn over, covered them with soil and planted bushes of violets or pansies on top, as they are called in Russia. Thus, since November, my multi-layered "bunch" has delighted me with the "flirtatious" flowering of the first cheerful, lovely and very delicate violet flowers.

And in February strong, long xiphoid leaves began to break through there. But, obviously, I planted too many daffodil bulbs, and their leaves and flower stalks, sprouting, began to raise pansy bushes. To prevent my violets from dying and the daffodils to germinate, I planted the interfering bushes in other pots.

Daffodils in gratitude for the freedom they received immediately took the vacant place, decorating the "bouquet" with their graceful, brightly burning flower heads on thin peduncles.

When I planted the bulbs, I didn’t make sure that some of them were not on top of others. However, unlike daffodils, tulips easily found their way to the sun and revealed their lush, double-shaped large yellow flowers, the bright shade of which was further emphasized by the long black stamens. This composition looked like a luxurious festive bouquet, shimmering with all shades of yellow, sunny color, justifying the name of the composition.

And even after the daffodils and tulips had faded, the "bunch" did not lose its decorative effect and continued to decorate the balcony with beautiful green leaves of tulips, daffodils, among which the beautiful viola "eyes" continued to bloom.

The "sea" bouquet was made of blue-white flowers. For this I used muscari and white tulips. The landing technique was exactly the same. I placed the tulip bulbs at a depth of about 15 cm, but I buried the small muscari bulbs only 5 cm. Literally 10 days later, thin arrows appeared - muscari leaves.

Since this year our winter was very warm, or rather, there was almost none of it at all, and the autumn-spring weather was all the time, the Muscari, apparently, made a mistake with the season. In January, touching flower-stalks with tiny blue bells began to appear.

Planting care

Caring for my "bouquets" was not at all difficult and did not require any special expenses. It consisted of timely watering and regular fertilizing every two weeks with fertilizer for flowering plants. And also in the removal of faded flowers.

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Tulips pleased

tulips and daffodils
tulips and daffodils

Tulip varieties Dream (Deydream)

I also want to tell you a little about other tulips that made me happy last spring. One of the "pearls" of my garden this year was the Daydream tulip. It belongs to the class of Darwin tulip hybrids. Darwin's hybrids were identified as a class of tulips in 1960.

He literally bloomed the garden with his beautiful, exquisite, huge flowers with petals ranging from hot yellow to orange. This tulip has the special ability to change color during the entire flowering period. The shades of the flowers literally changed every day, I took a lot of photos, but the shades were different every day, it seemed that more and more flowers were blooming in the same place.

In the fall, I planted the bulbs in a "bouquet", that is, in a circle. He bloomed like a "bouquet".

Daydream tulips have tall stalks, very firm, no props required. He has huge flowers with a diameter of 12-15 cm. Every day his goblet flowers opened, showing rounded petals with a unique range of shades from hot yellow to orange. Daydream blooms for a long time, about three weeks, while the flowers are not damaged by rain at all, but, on the contrary, become even more beautiful after it.

Recently I dug up the bulbs, and was pleasantly surprised that their number doubled by "adult" children, which are not inferior in size to their parents, who will delight with their flowers next year, and there were also a lot of children who, probably, will be just grow, gaining strength. For the entire growing season, they were not sick with anything and were not affected by any pests.

For the first time I had Parrot tulips from the so-called “parrot tulips”. These are incredibly extravagant flowers!

tulips and daffodils
tulips and daffodils

Blue Parrot tulip

With their bright colors and unusual flowers, parrot tulips amaze the imagination and fill the garden with charm and fun. Parrot tulips are undoubtedly the most spectacular tulip species. Their flower petals seem to be corrugated, curved and cut along the edge, like the plumage of exotic birds. A fully open flower can reach a diameter of up to 20 cm. Each peduncle is framed by lanceolate long leaves. Among the one-color varieties of parrot tulips, the purple variety Blue Parrot is especially beautiful.

Its silky petals are pale purple in color. The peduncle, under the weight of huge flowers, takes bizarre bends and literally lies on the ground, so a support is required for it. It blooms late and for a long time - about three weeks.

Extraordinary carmine red flowers with tall, showy black stamens in Red Parrot. Its peduncle is strong and does not require props. Blooms very early.

Black Parrot has purple-black pearl-porcelain petals, but the flowers are not very large, it blooms late.

Snow-white lace petals with light greenish stripes in the White Parrot tulip. Flowering early. I have planted White Parrot and Black Parrot tulips. But the expected unique spectacle did not work out, since by the time the Black Parrot blossomed, the White Parrot variety had almost faded.

The Fantasy pink tulip with green stripes looks very exotic. Flowering is very long, support is required.

An unforgettable impression is made by the two-tone tulip of the Estella Reijnveld variety with red and white flowers.

The flowers of Ancilla tulips are beautiful and elegant. They have wide light green leaves, on which, at the beginning of flowering, they seem to "sit", and then rise to a height of about 10 cm, goblet-shaped flowers, red with white edging along the edge of pointed petals.

This flower looks unique when it opens! (They close every evening and open every morning). The opened tulips resemble stars, while inside the petals are pale cream in color, and their middle is orange with an openwork red border. Stamens with black tips rise above it. The size of the flowers is no more than 6 cm, and they bloom for about two weeks. Feel very good when grown in vases.

I planted them in a pot where a peach grows. Surprisingly, the flowering of tulips and peach coincided. It turned out to be a very beautiful composition! Delicate quivering petals of pink peach in the morning surrounded by red "glasses", and in the afternoon - a starry round dance of cream flowers.

The same tulips, planted in the ground around the rose, were no different from those planted in vases; they adorned the spring corner of the garden with their beauty.

They reproduce very well. Around the mother's onion appears one as large as the mother, and two small ones. They dig out easily, as they grow very compactly, and the quantity is the same everywhere. If one small child is missing, it is easily found with a more thorough digging.

tulips and daffodils
tulips and daffodils

Cappucetto Rosso tulip

A fabulous tulip variety Red Riding Hood (Cappuccetto Rosso) no more than 15 cm high, as if by some magic, appears from the ground, carrying a large flower up to 9 cm on its strong peduncle.The petals of a bright red flower have a star-shaped shape with a small dark brown center … The flower is surrounded by original and very beautiful wide dark green leaves with purple stripes. I grew this tulip in a vase, it felt good there, the only drawback is that it is afraid of frost.

Another excellent tulip variety is Ice Age. The name speaks for itself. This flower reveals numerous snow-white petals, as a result it looks very much like a peony. And the tips of its silky petals are decorated with needle-like lace "frost". This tulip blooms wonderfully in vases. Long flowering - up to 14 days.

Beautiful tulips of the Flaming Flag variety. They belong to the Triumph tulip group. The flowers are tall, large, and goblet. The petals are beautiful purple in color with wide tongues of white flame. The variety is medium early, tulips bloom from 15 to 20 days, mainly in the second half of May.

Our winter is not very harsh. Where the frosts are strong, if possible, it is better to cover the pots and vases with tulips for the winter in an unheated greenhouse, on the balcony, that is, provide a shelter. If this is not possible, it is recommended to place containers with flowers in a larger container, and fill the space between the walls with earth. It will turn out to be something like a thermos.

I noticed that tulips are not afraid of frost at all, only the Capucetto rosso variety did not have a few bulbs. I planted tulips in the fall.

And all other flowers: dahlias, gladioli, freesia - in spring.

Elena Kulishenko, Italy.

Especially for the magazine "Flora Price"

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