About Growing Flowers In A Bad Summer
About Growing Flowers In A Bad Summer

Video: About Growing Flowers In A Bad Summer

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flowers near Kolpino
flowers near Kolpino


I am not very happy with the past summer. It was good for the city dweller, but for the gardener it was quite difficult.

There were many days without the sun, the plants so lacked its bright rays streaming on our land.

True, fortunately, in the spring frosts bypassed us, but the beginning of summer was cold, then it seemed to catch on, the weather improved in July, and nasty drizzling rains started in August. They greatly spoiled the beauty of flowers and ornamental plants on the site.

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We are preparing seriously for each season, already since autumn, we are preparing thoroughly so that no weather and no accident will disrupt the summer season and allow us to grow and harvest a rich harvest. The most exciting day for me in spring is the first day of meeting my garden after a long winter.

I breathe in the smell that comes from the ground, it captivates, excites, excites. I love spring. The days are getting longer and brighter. You walk around the site, bend over to the beds, watch how your pets survived the winter, and the first thing I do when I come in spring is trying to loosen all the soil in the beds and flower beds. I examine all the bushes where necessary - I cut their branches, correcting their beautiful "hairstyles".

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flowers near Kolpino
flowers near Kolpino


Last spring, I discovered that Potentilla bushes were badly damaged. Many branches were broken under the weight of the snow, and I had to start pruning right away. The ground under the bushes was covered with horse bedding. The rest of the ornamental shrubs survived the winter well.

On April 24, we took all the seedlings to the dacha, placed them on the veranda. During the day, in warm weather, the plants were taken outside for hardening. The end of April and May, like all gardeners, is a very hot time for me - I sow all the vegetables and herbs on the ridges, and I also need to manage to plant all the seedlings in greenhouses, plant and transplant all the bushes and herbaceous perennials. I try to improve the soil not only under garden plants.

Be sure to add nutrient soil taken from under cucumbers, melons, watermelons, under all ornamental plants, and under some I also add horse bedding. I also add ash for all crops, not a single bed can do without it. After fertilizing the crops and planting with ash, I calm down: all the plants received potassium, the soil has improved, the excess acid has left it. Good and calm at heart. I will definitely loosen the soil again. There is a lot of work, I seem to be tired, but the earth feeds with its spirit - both fatigue and sores all quickly pass.

flowers near Kolpino
flowers near Kolpino

A riot of tulips

Spring pleases and amazes with a riot of flowering tulips on the site. Last fall, I planted 1,500 bulbs of these beautiful plants on the site. Every year I think that now I dig up tulip bulbs for the last time after flowering. And then let them remain in the ground, but the time comes, I dig it up again, dry it, process the bulbs and plant them in the fall. It's just some kind of witchcraft!

The primrose bloomed beautifully that early spring in the flower beds. For three years I have grown a lot of primroses from seeds, added to their assortment on the site. There are a lot of aquilegia and delphiniums on the site. I also grow these plants from seeds. Every year in the fall I make a vow not to grow many summer plants, but the time is coming for spring indoor sowing, and my hands are already sowing and sowing by heart.

flowers near Kolpino
flowers near Kolpino

Montbrecia and phlox

I don't like the question that guests often ask about the number of plant species on my site. Unfortunately, there is simply no time to count them all! Sometimes they say: "Why do you need so many of them?" I explain that I not only grow shrubs and flowers to decorate the site, I study them because I am very interested in it.

Not everything works out at once, for another plant there is a long and painstaking work on its study and cultivation. The only thing I can say is that the flowers I have grown delight me with their beauty and health. The beginning of June is also a very busy time for me: all indoor and greenhouse flower crops in May must be relocated to open ground. The husband at this time is already calm, he has all his seedlings growing in the ground.

And at this time he always tries to help me: he prepares the earth on the ridges: he loosens it, levels it, and I am very grateful to him for this. I have already gained experience in growing flowers and ornamental plants, but they still need to be assembled and made some kind of composition. And in this direction I continue to work actively.

flowers near Kolpino
flowers near Kolpino

Snapdragon variety Madame Butterfly

My favorite annual is snapdragon - a miracle flower. Fifth year admiring Madame Butterfly hybrid. Tall bushes - up to 70 cm, graceful cluster of inflorescences, and the colors are breathtaking. And it blooms until the end of autumn. The antirrinum Russian size F1 of the firm "Russian Garden" also bloomed perfectly. The same flower of the La Bella Red and White variety of the same company "Russian Garden" struck by its unpretentiousness, resistance to natural whims and the duration of flowering of wide open crimson-red flowers, regardless of any weather.

Last season, I discovered a new salpiglossis flower. I admired him until mid-August. The boring rains came and he went limp. We must try to grow it in a container planting. The container can be removed to the greenhouse for periods of prolonged rains.

Of the asters, the Heart of France was the first to bloom, and the asters of the Gray Lady and Big Dipper varieties were also liked. Aster of the Beautyful Day variety bloomed with an unusual salmon color, and the Karambol variety struck with stable meter-long bushes with spectacular large flowers.

flowers near Kolpino
flowers near Kolpino

Astra grade Gray lady

Titonia Torch turned out to be like a tree. It stretched out more than one and a half meters, the plant turned out to be bushy. I cut off its branches constantly, because it was impossible to walk along the path without hitting it. Flowers at this height formed medium-sized, no more than 8 cm in diameter. I think this variety will work well for creating a hedge.

Limonium is interesting, it gives wonderful, curved, spike-shaped inflorescences of lilac-pink color. Next to him, I settled a xerantemum with double flowers: white, pink, lilac-pink. This unpretentious flower blooms for a very long time. It can be dried for winter bouquets.

I admired the White Dance bindweed last season. It has charming white flowers and sturdy stems up to 50 cm long. This season I will try to plant it in containers. Bindweed variety Mix of colors pleased me with compact bushes with gramophones of various colors, which have an amazingly beautiful bright yellow center. It has excellent vitality. I put him in containers made of hemp, very weak. The bushes grew beautifully and bloomed all season.

flowers near Kolpino
flowers near Kolpino

Scepter mullein

The mullein of the Tsarsky scepter variety had a truly royal appearance - two meters in height and powerful yellow spike-shaped inflorescences. I think I chose the wrong place for his landing. In the new season I will choose a better place.

Also, a milky-flowered bell, grown from seeds, appeared on my site. In the spring I planted bushes, and he gratefully bloomed with blue and white flowers. Strongly branched bushes form a real blooming carpet. The flowering was very abundant - from June to August.

I love the blooming sunflower (heliantemum), it has low bushes about 30 cm, it forms a continuous carpet of golden flowers - pink, white, red. This flower loves a sunny place, drainage is imperative, as it does not tolerate excess moisture. He is very handsome, but does not like to be photographed, it is difficult to convey all his beauty in the picture.

flowers near Kolpino
flowers near Kolpino

Peonies bloom

The curtains of peonies bloomed indescribably beautifully last summer. In June, the handsome multiflorous euphorbia also blooms, you can't take your eyes off the round spherical bushes. By the way, it reproduces well by self-seeding. In the same month, forget-me-not bushes bloom brightly in many places on our site. A subulate phlox falls in a blue stream.

Daylilies bloomed gorgeously last season, but in order to prolong this miracle of flowering, every morning they had to remove faded flowers on them. The bearded irises, the red poppy bushes, the groups of blooming phloxes, the airy panicles of astilbe were beautiful, and you can't list them all. And the beauty of a blooming garden cannot be conveyed in words.

Already six thousand years ago, man began to decorate the place where he lives, he began with a rose and a lotus, and what an assortment of ornamental plants is now - his head is spinning! In the summer, all the care of my ornamental garden consists in a garter to the twigs of those plants that need it, and in watering in hot weather and loosening. I don’t do any top dressing, all the food is laid for these pets in the soil, it is very fertile with us.

We are grateful to fate for bringing us to the earth, where we can show our capabilities, reveal our abilities, and for the fact that the earth has given us boundless spaces for creativity!

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