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Junipers In Your Garden
Junipers In Your Garden

Video: Junipers In Your Garden

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Juniper Aurea
Juniper Aurea

Dwarf and ground cover junipers are especially popular now. These plants are extremely frost-resistant, they are not afraid of cold winds in open places, they are not demanding on the soil, and calcareous, acidic, and stony soil are quite suitable for them. In addition, they are much more drought-resistant than most conifers, prefer dry and sunny places. These plants tolerate pruning well.

In the middle of summer, live fences are cut and creeping forms are trimmed. Junipers are not only unpretentious, but also have attractive leaves and crown. In creeping junipers, foliage can be green, gray, blue, golden and bronze. In addition, there are upright junipers with a crown in the form of a cone, wide column, knoll, pencil or neat pyramid. Interesting and their leaves, which are of two types: there are small leaves (0.5-1 cm), narrow, subulate - they are called young, or juvenile, and there are scaly leaves, even smaller, they are called mature, or old.

In some junipers, young leaves are quickly replaced by mature ones, but in other species, even on mature trees, young leaves predominate. The pea-sized cones are formed by coalesced fleshy scales.

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Types and varieties of junipers

Juniper Aurea

It has been known in Europe since 1937. Its height is 2.5-3.5 meters, the crown diameter is from 3.5 to 7 meters, the crown is widely spreading, the needles are partly scaly and partly acicular, pointed, at a young age golden-yellow, then yellow-green, growing rapidly … Photophilous plant, but can grow in partial shade. It is undemanding to the soil, the color of the needles is more intense on loamy soil, it tolerates shearing well, and is frost-resistant. This juniper is used in single plantings, in groups, and also planted on rocky hills.

Juniper Chinese Blue Alps A

vigorous plant, reaching 3 meters in height and 2.5 meters in diameter, its needles are silvery-blue, the ends of the shoots are hanging down. Prefers sunny locations. Recommended for different types of garden compositions.

Rocky Juniper - Blue Arrow
Rocky Juniper - Blue Arrow

Rocky juniper Blue Arrow

Plant height 3-8 meters, crown diameter up to 1 meter, grows rapidly. Narrow pyramidal, dense plant. Loves the sun or partial shade, the plant is not very demanding on soil fertility. Does not tolerate waterlogging. The foliage is scaly, bluish-gray, small, with a bluish bloom. Best applied in a live fence or composition.

Juniper scaly Blue Carpet A

dwarf mutant of the Meyeri juniper. Creeping shrub. Height 30 cm, width - up to 2.5 meters. The crown is completely flat. Needles are needle-shaped, bluish-white. Propagated by cuttings (48%). The variety was bred in a nursery in Holland in 1972. In 1976 he received a gold medal for high decorative qualities. Recommended for planting in sunny and semi-shady places, the soil needs a well-drained, sufficiently moisturized soil. The foliage is short, needle-like, grayish-blue. This plant looks good in groups, on curbs and rocky hills.

Juniper Chinese Blue Moon

Dwarf plant. Dense form with vertically growing branches, needles are gray-green in summer, bronze in winter. The maximum height is up to 40 cm, the maximum diameter is 0.6-0.9 meters. Prefers sunny places, frost-resistant plant. Recommended for planting on rocky hills, slopes, can also be used as a ground cover plant.

Juniper scaly Blue star

Dwarf plant. Its height is up to 1 m, and the crown diameter is 1.5-2 m. It grows slowly. Annual growth is 3 cm in height, 6-8 cm spread. Crohn is dense, almost globular at a young age. Needles, sharp, silver-blue, 0.5-1 cm long. Used in groups, rock gardens, less often in single plantings. Prefers fertile soils, does not tolerate waterlogging. This juniper is light-requiring, frost-resistant. Recommended for single and group plantings, as well as for planting on curbs, rocky hills and slopes.

Juniper Cossack Danube

Dwarf plant. The shape of the crown of this plant is spreading, the needles are bluish-green. The maximum height at the age of 10 reaches 0.8-1 meter, and the maximum diameter at the age of 10 reaches 1.5 meters. Prefers sunny places, but tolerates some shading. This plant is undemanding to the soil, frost-resistant. Recommended for a variety of single and group plantings, as well as for rocky slides.

Juniper Cossack Erecta. Shrub more than 2 meters high with branches ascending obliquely upward, forming a pyramidal shape. The needles are mainly scaly, dark green. Easily propagated by cuttings. Resistant to heat. It tolerates dry air well. Recommended for group plantings, as well as for decorating rocky slopes and rocky gardens.

Juniper Virginia Gray Owl

Typical undersized juniper. Its crown is wide-spread. The needles are gray-green or gray-blue. It grows rapidly: it is 10 cm in height, and its diameter increases by 10-20 cm per year. Loves sunny or semi-shady places. Gray Owl translates as "gray owl". New variety obtained by crossing between Virginia Glauca juniper and Pfizeriana medium juniper. A fast growing shrub with a wide spreading crown shape. The bark is reddish-gray, the shoots are dark green, the ends of thin branches hang down. At the age of 10, it reaches a height of 1.5 meters and 5 meters in diameter. Scaly needles, needle-like inside the crown, 0.5-0.7 cm long. It is undemanding to soils, but does not tolerate strong salinity and stagnant moisture. Grows well on light loam. Easily transfers the haircut. Smoke and gas resistant. Used in single landings,in groups and living fences. To seal the crown, it is advisable to trim.

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Common juniper Hibernica

Columnar, very common form of common juniper. Vigorous, at the age of 10 years it reaches a height of 2 meters. The needles are needle-like, pointed, short, soft, bluish-steel in color. Fruits are round - 0.6-0.9 cm in diameter, immature - green, ripe - bluish-black with a waxy bloom. The soil and moisture requirements are moderate. For winter, plants need to be tied to prevent branches from breaking under the weight of the snow. This juniper is frost and drought tolerant. Recommended for small backyards and heather gardens and cemeteries. It is undemanding to the soil. Prefers sunny places protected from dry winter winds, sometimes suffers from spring burns. Delivers light shading. Homeland - Ireland, it has been in culture since the 19th century. It is appreciated for its beautiful, regular columnar crown shape.

Scaly Juniper - Hunnetorp
Scaly Juniper - Hunnetorp

Juniper scaly Hunnetorp Plant

height up to 2 meters, diameter - 2 meters. It grows slowly, has an open crown. Loves sunny places. This plant is undemanding to the soil, but does not tolerate strong waterlogging. The foliage is bluish-green, acicular, prickly. They plant it in groups, in rock gardens, and in rockeries.

Common Juniper Meyer

One of the best columnar forms of common juniper. Vigorous, at the age of 10 it reaches three meters in height. Shoots are hard, vertical, needles are prickly, bluish, shiny. Undemanding to soil and moisture. Recommended for heather gardens, cemeteries.

Juniper horizontal Meyeri

Dwarf plant.. Ornamental form widely known and especially loved by gardeners. At a young age, it branches rather densely. In an adult state, it is a shrub 2-5 meters high. Shoots are straight, twigs are short. The color of the needles is bluish-white, it is most intensely expressed at the end of May and in July. Annual growth of up to 10 cm. Propagated by cuttings (65%), seeds. Only 30% of plants of seed origin have a more open crown and gray needles. Introduced to Europe in 1904. Recommended for rock gardens.

Juniper medium Mint Julep A

juniper characterized by a dense shrub shape and relatively strong growth. At the age of 10, it reaches a height of 1.5 meters with a diameter of 2-3 meters. Shoots are bright green. Requirements for soil and moisture are low. Due to its size, it is recommended for parks and large gardens.

Juniper Chinese Monarch

Tall, spreading shrub with an irregular columnar crown. It grows rather slowly, at the age of 10 it reaches a height of 2.5 meters. The needles are green-blue, prickly. This species is undemanding to soil and moisture, prefers sunny places. Harnessing for the winter is desirable. Looks good in both single and group plantings.

Common juniper Repanda

Creeping dwarf form 30-50 cm high with spread branches 1.5-2 meters long. Annual growth is 2–3 cm in height and 10–12 cm in width. The needles are soft, dense, green with silvery-green stripes on the upper side. The crown is rounded. Well resistant to diseases, pests, air pollution. Used as a groundcover and for growing in containers.

Juniper horizontal Saxatilis

A bush-shaped juniper, pea-sized fruits, bluish or black berries that are not poisonous when ripe. Needle-shaped needles 2 mm wide, 15 mm long, prickly, bluish. Deep root system, on heavy soils it is weakly branched, shallow, and therefore not resistant to strong winds. The sun is recommended; tolerates shade and high temperatures, the plant is winter-hardy, sensitive to snow pressure, wind-resistant. Grows well on any well-drained, not too fertile and not too heavy substrates.

Juniper Cossack Variegata

Plant up to 1 meter high and up to 1.5 meters wide with sprawled shoots. The tops of the shoots are curved. White-mottled color due to yellow-white tips of needles. The needles are predominantly scaly.

Juniper horizontal - Wiltonii
Juniper horizontal - Wiltonii

Juniper horizontal Wiltonii

Dwarf plant - up to 10 cm tall, slow-growing, densely branched. The needles are in subulate needles, small, silvery-blue. Propagated by cuttings (87-91%).

In 1914, this juniper was discovered by the breeder J. Van Heiningen in the USA. Due to its low growth and beautiful color, the needles are a very decorative plant.

Recommended for rooftop landscaping, container growing, rocky gardens where planting in large groups is preferred.

Juniper Cossack Tamariscifolia

Low-growing plant - up to one meter high and up to two meters wide with a decorative original evergreen crown, open or with ascending branches. They are dominated by needle-shaped needles of a bluish shade, bluntly pointed, dark green with a white stripe on top. This plant is winter-hardy, drought-resistant, photophilous.

The plant is undemanding to the soil, does not tolerate strong moisture. In culture, it lives up to 30 years. Propagated by cuttings. Recommended for rocky gardens, slope decoration. Can be planted on lawns, on loose sand, create wide curbs along roads. Single bushes are effective on rocky areas or lawns.

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