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How I Grow Large-fruited Remontant Strawberries From Seeds
How I Grow Large-fruited Remontant Strawberries From Seeds

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These are strawberries! (Variety
These are strawberries! (Variety

These are strawberries! (Variety "Russian size")

I want to share with the readers my experience of growing strawberries from seeds. For some reason, most gardeners hesitate to take on this business, because it seems to them that it is very difficult and time-consuming. I will try to dispel this misconception. After all, this is the most economical and very inexpensive way to grow a healthy strawberry outlet of your favorite variety.

Any varieties are suitable for growing from seeds, but so that your work is not in vain, it is best to choose from proven, well-proven remontant varieties. These are the varieties that give two harvests per season (June-July and August-October).

For example, my favorite varieties are World Debut, Russian Size, Freska, Elizabeth II, Amtestar - their berries weigh from 20 to 60 grams, some specimens even weigh up to 100 grams!

I would like to remind you that only those seeds are suitable for planting that have been stratified within 1-3 months, i.e. were kept at low temperatures in the refrigerator or naturally outside in winter.

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To grow a strong, healthy seedling, you must have a good permeable, loose soil based on peat, sand and leaf humus. For sowing, the soil layer in the container should be no more than 10 cm, there should be holes at the bottom for the drain of excess moisture. Plastic boxes from under a convertible cake are very well suited for these purposes, in fact, a mini-greenhouse is obtained that allows you to provide suitable conditions - temperature and humidity for the development of seedlings.

So, we spill the soil well, carefully spread the seeds over the surface and slightly press down (but do not bury). We put the box in any place so that the temperature is within 25 ° C. Very small shoots appear after about 10-30 days.

Watering them during the entire growing period is advisable only from a sprayer. Sprinkling from, for example, a teapot may cause the seeds to rinse out of the spot. In this case, they usually do not sprout. When seedlings appear, the temperature must be lowered to 16 … 19 ° C.

And supplementary lighting is imperative. Energy-saving lamps are just right here: they provide the necessary light and will not hit the owner on the pocket. Control the airing of the mini-greenhouse yourself, avoiding overheating and hypothermia.

When two real leaves appear on the strawberry, do hilling, best of all with a match - this will allow the plant to develop adventitious roots faster. Depending on the weather conditions, when the threat of return frosts has passed, plant the seedlings in the ground according to a compacted 20x20 cm pattern.

In the fall, plant the matured bushes in a permanent place. And next summer you will get your first harvest. With good care - ensuring weeding, watering, fertilizing - the autumn harvest will be much higher.

When planting strawberries in the ground, add a pinch of superphosphate; bird droppings or manure are useful in a small amount. Cover the aisles of plantings with mown grass, straw, sawdust, newspapers - what you have at hand. This mulching of the soil is necessary to retain moisture and protect plants from weeds.

In the same way - by seeds - you can grow your favorite raspberry varieties.

For everyone who wants to start growing interesting varieties, I can offer the seeds of one of the best collections of vegetables and berries I have collected in southern Russia. In addition to strawberries, there is a huge selection of tomatoes of any color and size, remontant raspberries, cucumbers, garlic, potatoes, peppers and other plants. I will send a free catalog if I have a self-addressed envelope. Email: 356240, Stavropol Territory, Mikhailovsk. Teplichny settlement, Konstantinov st., 4-2 - Igor Viktorovich Kostenko.

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