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An Ever-beautiful Snowberry In Your Garden
An Ever-beautiful Snowberry In Your Garden

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Symphoricarpus Albus - unpretentious ornamental shrub

snowberry white
snowberry white

Every time, going to the dacha, you think: which of the pets will please this time? After all, every plant has a time when it is especially attractive.

But what I am always sure of is that at the gate of the front garden I will be greeted by a beautiful at any time "ever-beautiful", as I call it, a bush of a snowberry.

It is more correct to say that it is a white snowberry (Symphoricarpus Albus) - a deciduous shrub of the honeysuckle family, about one and a half meters high. It is always decorative. Its branches with pink-red bark are beautiful. Beautiful pinkish-white flowers in racemose inflorescences. They bloom in June-July. But the berries are especially beautiful. Bunches of white berries adorn the bushes from autumn to spring. In the old gardening guides, the snowberry can be found under the names snow tree, snowfield.

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The birthplace of the snowberry is North America. The climatic conditions of this continent are close to those in our middle zone. Therefore, the snowberry feels at home in Russia and grows beautifully from the Kuban and up to Karelia and Arkhangelsk. The snowberry is an exceptionally frost-resistant, undemanding to soil, drought-resistant, shade-tolerant, gas-resistant shrub. Thanks to these qualities, it is promising in urban greening.

Snowberry is easily propagated by layering, green and lignified cuttings, seeds. Seeds are sown either before winter or in spring. When sowing in spring, they must be stratified: they must be kept for about one month in a moist substrate (sand, sawdust, peat) at a temperature close to zero (under snow or under a refrigerator freezer). In spring, sow in loose soil to a depth of 2 cm (large seeds) every 10 cm in a row and 25 cm between rows.

Do not allow the soil to dry out before sprouting, and with their appearance - shade for the first time. By autumn, the seedlings will grow up to 25-30 cm, and they can be planted in a permanent place. Snowberry is a fast-growing shrub. In the second year, it reaches a height of about 1 meter, and in the third year, it is an adult plant that begins to bear fruit. The snowberry does not require any special care. Hibernates without any shelter.

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snowberry white
snowberry white

In the garden, his bushes are good in single plantings. The high shoot-forming ability of the snowberry can be used to create hedges.

Snowberry bushes are planted around the perimeter of the site (you can alternate with bushes of rose hips, hawthorns, thorns, spiraea, vesicles, gordovina, etc.) after 80 cm.The branches growing inward and outward are cut, and the branches of neighboring bushes are intertwined with each other. It turns out a very beautiful and practical hedge with a height of about 1.2-1.5 m, completely impassable, strong and durable.

The snowberry is very beautiful in dried flowers compositions. Live berries enliven (excuse the tautology) winter bouquets, made from bright, but whatever you say, from inanimate flowers.

The gardens also produce varieties of snowberry with pink berries.

To everyone who is interested in this rare plant, I will gladly send seeds and seedlings of a snowberry and other shrubs (Kuril tea, black elderberry, bladderberry, golden currant, fragrant raspberry, Matsuda willow with spiral-shaped branches, white-bordered tree).

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