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Basella White - Malabar Spinach
Basella White - Malabar Spinach

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Basella white - a novelty for your garden, loggia, balcony

Basella white
Basella white

The flora in our garden plots becomes truly inexhaustible. The world is opening up, and gardeners have new opportunities for testing and growing previously unknown plants, the description of which is practically not found in popular literature.

One of the less common vegetable crops is white basella (Basella alba) - a liana of the Basell family. It comes from India. In its historical homeland, Basella is also called "Malabar spinach" - after the Malabar coast of the Indian subcontinent. Basella white is a perennial plant, but in our country it is cultivated in an annual culture. Requires a light location and a lot of moisture. It is grown on trellises and in a creeping form.

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Plants are herbaceous, curly, up to 2 meters high or more, have a large vegetative mass, can grow up to four meters in width. Focusing on the weather conditions of the Moscow region, where my site is located, I can recommend not to allow an abundant growth of white basella, since the growing season is not very long here, and the seeds will not have time to ripen. It is better to grow it in one stem, and get rid of lateral shoots immediately when they appear. Although plants with left side shoots (stepchildren) are much more spectacular.

Basella white is very decorative with its shape, original colors and is a real lively airy composition when grown in vertical culture, whether in the front garden, greenhouse or on the balcony. Basella reproduces by seeds. Plants for planting in open ground should be grown in seedlings in pots and planted together with the ground in the ground after the threat of frost has disappeared. When grown under a film cover or on a balcony, seeds are immediately planted in the ground when the ground warms up to + 10 ° C.

The undoubted advantage of white basella is the nutritional value of its shoots and leaves, which are used as spinach for salads and soups. The leaves are dark green, juicy, and taste good. You should especially dwell on the flowers: the flowers are unusual, in huge racemes, small, bisexual, with fused white petals with a purple bloom. A real exotic from June to frost!

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Basella white
Basella white

Fruits are dark purple nuts, very decorative and organically complement the flowering picture: garlands of flowers gradually turn into beautiful garlands of fruits.

They are used as a food coloring in the preparation of pastries, jelly, jams, sweets. Of the medicinal properties of white basella, it should be noted that it normalizes the work of the stomach and intestines, and its leaves and juice are used to heal wounds and soften abscesses. In nature, only three types of basella are known. A less common species is red basella. Try to grow basella. Bon appetit and colorful contemplation!

I have been growing rare vegetables and varieties for a long time. I send to those who wish the seeds of rare tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, asparagus beans, cowpea with pods up to 1 m; lagenarii - zucchini up to 2 m long, lagenarii-pumpkins: jugs, bottles, flasks; trichozant - snake cucumber up to 1 m long, rough melotria - African cucumber; chufa - peanuts; very decorative and delicious liana malabar spinach - white basella and many other plants. Saplings of frost-resistant grapes, apple trees, pears …

Send an envelope with a return address: 140180, Moscow region, Zhukovsky, PO Box 135 - to Yu. V. Petrov.

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