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Chrysanthemum Maiden And Chrysanthemum Late
Chrysanthemum Maiden And Chrysanthemum Late

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Chrysanthemums - flowers that adorned the garden


Late chrysanthemum, levcantemella

I love chrysanthemums very much, I have been growing them for many years and I never cease to admire their spectacular flowering and special, recognizable aroma.

But one day, on occasion, two previously unknown flowers fell into my hands: one, having blossomed, resembled a huge chamomile, and the second I did not want to plant - a frail grass bush did not bode well for anything special.

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Imagine the amazement of all the household when by the beginning of summer the unknown plant got stronger, fluffed up and shone with stars of bright white flowers. Only later I learned that our garden was replenished with two more varieties of my favorite - the many-sided chrysanthemum: late chrysanthemum and maiden chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemum late

The perennial chrysanthemum is late, or, scientifically, levcantemella really very much resembles an ordinary chamomile, only unusually large and high (the height of the chrysanthemum is from 1.5 to 2 m, and the flower diameter is up to 7.5 cm). The peak of its flowering occurs at the end of summer - autumn, when the bulk of the flowers have almost bloomed, so huge sunny daisies will successfully prolong the summer for you, especially since the late chrysanthemum blooms until the very frost. If you plant a chamomile chrysanthemum, you will not have to experience any special difficulties in caring for it, you just need to remember some of the features of its cultivation.


Late chrysanthemum, levcantemella

Like all chrysanthemums, Levcantemella is very photophilous, it will show itself in all its glory only in a sunny place. In the shadows, only a faint resemblance will grow.

The late chrysanthemum hibernates well and without any shelter, but in the spring its young shoots appear uncommonly and even later than in other perennials, it may even seem that the flower has died. But late shoots are characteristic of this plant, late growth does not affect the timing of flowering.

Also, remember that the giant chrysanthemum evaporates a lot of moisture, and therefore requires regular watering. Chrysanthemum looks very sad without sufficient moisture in dry weather: the tops of its stems droop and leaves hang. But too much moisture will not do your plant any good.

Chrysanthemum plants can grow in one place for no more than 5 years, in plants growing in one place for several years, decorativeness decreases: inflorescences are crushed, shoots are strongly stretched, the color fades. Therefore, after a year or two, we divide large bushes of our favorite chrysanthemums, including late chrysanthemums. It is better to divide the bush at the beginning of summer, when the intensive growth of young shoots begins. To do this, we dig out well-regrown root shoots together with the remnants of the old bush and separate the young shoots with roots. Each such division gives rise to a new plant. We plant the plots in pre-prepared pits filled with humus and water abundantly.

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Chrysanthemum maiden


Chrysanthemum maiden, matrix

Another chrysanthemum that got into our garden, unlike its giant relative, is short, modest, with numerous miniature inflorescences resembling snow flakes.

Chrysanthemum maiden, feverfew maiden or exceptional matricaria has a strongly branching stem, varying in height from 20 to 80 cm. Its flowering is very abundant and long from early July to autumn frosts. Inflorescences are 1.5 to 3 cm in diameter.

Chrysanthemum maiden is a very unpretentious plant, I would say that it can grow without any care at all, but this flower is truly admirable, first of all, in a sunny place. It also blooms in the shade, but not so abundantly. And since the matrix has a very strong root system, it perfectly tolerates transplants and takes root even on the most infertile and untreated soils.

We grow maiden chrysanthemum in open ground through seedlings, since varieties of double forms have poor germination and practically do not germinate in open ground. We scatter small seeds in early spring, in March-April into boxes on the surface of fertile soil, lightly sprinkle with soil and cover with plastic wrap to keep the moisture necessary for the seeds to swell.

Seedlings appear at a temperature of 18 ° C in 1-2 weeks. We plant seedlings in open ground in May at a distance of 20-35 cm from each other. Late chrysanthemums and maiden chrysanthemums have significantly enriched our garden. Every guest will certainly pay attention to the "tall white daisy", and the white stars of the matrix adorn even the most unsuitable places. Our favorites are also great for cutting - their fully blooming flowers look great in any bouquet.

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